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  1. Thanks for the welcome mate, i added ya on steam, aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi! Yea it will be summer on Sunday, though it feels like it already. Thanks for the welcome! Thanks for the welcome mate! At the moment, online on 360 is mostly GTA Online, with a bit of Halo (3/Reach). On PC, I used to play SWTOR, but recently got out of it, apart from that, its mostly CS (1.6, Source, GO) and used to play TF2 a bit. Thanks for the welcome, and I'll aim to be an active member as much as I can. UPDATE Just to let you all know, I now have my PS3 (I know there is the PS4 now, though can't get one here till next year unless I import one) and have posted my PSN name up on my profile. Only game i've got atm that's got online is The Last Of Us, so I might be playing a bit of that from time to time. I aim to have GTA V after christmas to play GTA Online on PS3.
  2. G'day to the AJSA! I thought that I would introduce myself. My gaming is mostly on PC and 360, most of my online play is on the PC. Soon, I will also be getting a PS3 (I know the PS4 is out, but I got no intentions of going next gen until mid-late next year), so when I get my PSN set up, i'll post my gamertag on the profile. As a big fan of the AJS, I want to be as active as I can, be it playing online or simply having a chat, I'm all for it!