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  1. Gone liked a post in a topic by Geist in Female MC's   
    I like you, and now want you in my harem. Tell your father I will give him 10 goats and a gopher.
  2. Ornlu Wolfjarl liked a post in a topic by Gone in Playing Pirate Games is Wrong?   
    I grew up in a time before the internet (well, the internet was around just not available as it is now, dial up was still a few years away). We copied games off cassette and floppy for our friends and they did the same for us. 
    Piracy isn't a new thing.
    As such I can't purge people that pirate games now with cleansing fire because it would be hypocritical. I did it a lot in my youth.
    I won't do it myself now because I have kids and don't want them growing up with the mindset that they can just take what they want. I want them to know they have to earn things. Aside from that, i'm a PC gamer and with Steam sales and GoG I can get games so cheap that piracy is a waste of time.
    But on topic, people can do whatever the hell they want. Piracy won't crash the gaming market anytime soon and it's not going to go away so each to their own.
  3. XSDevastation liked a post in a topic by Gone in One sense must be given up   
    I'll go with smell.
    We have 3 kids and my wife has 6 cats ..... There are some smells I can do without ever entering my nostrils again.
  4. Game liked a post in a topic by Gone in I want to know which gaming platform is the best?   
    You won't get which one is best, we all have different views on that, all you will get is which one people prefer.
    For me, it's PC. Massive games library, cheap games and mods.
    Not really a fan of consoles but that's just personal preference.
  5. Game liked a post in a topic by Gone in STEAM OS   
    People will probably be more inclined to give a serious answer if you didn't ask a silly question.
    PC gaming is going nowhere. People have been saying it will die since the 90's and *insert shocked face here* it's still around and stronger than it ever was.
    To put it into a fun perspective, PC gaming has outlasted SEGA consoles, Ninetendo consoles, PS1, Xbox, PS2, Xbox 360 and PS3. PC gaming will still be dancing a little jig when PS4 and Xbox one are gathering dust, forgotten and obsolete. 
    Now, onto serious answers.....
    I don't think the Steam box thingy will sell as well as consoles. A lot of PC gamers already have gaming rigs that surpass it. It's not bringing anything new to the table really.
    Console gamers aren't very likely to drop their PS4's and Xbox one's for it. 
  6. TheRogueMonk liked a post in a topic by Gone in Angry Joe nightmare   
    I once had a dream I was playing Gran Turismo 3. Brought it on myself by trying to do a 24 hour race session and "fell asleep at the wheel" so to speak.
    That's about it.
  7. Hoffinator 222 liked a post in a topic by Gone in Anyone else annoyed by DLC?   
    I can give you one.
    Fallout 3.
    Before Broken Steel it was a mess. Ended on a sour note and a feeling of "is that it".
    Oh, and horse armour for Oblivion. My game was incomplete without it. I saw how much I was missing and very nearly broke my own "no DLC" rule to buy it. Imagine my joy when it became free ... my horse has never looked better.
    Sadly, I play on PC and ended up with a mod Lion mount so my horse is never used now but for a brief moment, horse armour completed me.
  8. Gone liked a post in a topic by Zordan_Grey in Will you be supporting The Mandate?   
    I do not support unfinished products or products that are not even started.If the game gets funded...comes out ...and is actualy good than i will support it by buying a copy.
  9. Halavo liked a post in a topic by Gone in Skyrim: Empire or Stormcloaks   
    Not quite the same but there is a mod to make him look similar .... just minus the eye patch.

    Edit - Forgot to answer the question ....
    I usually play Dunmer so went with Empire seeing as the Stormcloaks hated Dark Elves.
  10. jojobubba liked a post in a topic by Gone in Its that time of the year.What games do you hope to receive this holiday season?   
    We do Christmas for our kids so I don't really get gifts. Our Christmas budget goes on them.
    That said, my wife does usually let me loose on the Steam sale. She's not a gamer as such (she only plays WoW and Sims) so I buy her whatever movies she's been looking forward to watching.
  11. Gone liked a post in a topic by ViralBunny in The perfect gaming sandwich experience   
    Simple can be unbeatable to some of us
  12. Gone liked a post in a topic by osator12 in Vaas Montenegro   
    I think Vaas gets the same kind of "love" as Joker in Dark Knight did. Bad character that stole all the thunder! Let`s be honest, while playing FC3, the only thing I was waiting for, was to finally kill that guy!
    And that kind of personal engagement in story line makes games so much more fun!
  13. osator12 liked a post in a topic by Gone in Vaas Montenegro   
    As far as Far Cry 3 goes, he was the best character in it.
    Didn't come across as insane to me though, more like he was desperate for people to think he was insane. They tried too hard.
    Good character though.
  14. Gone liked a post in a topic by DarthCuddly in COD Ghosts Was Meant For Next Gen   
    You lost me at 'console'
  15. Laelais liked a post in a topic by Gone in Former Dark Age of Camelot Players Report!   
    I've been watching this game since I heard about it.
    If it brings back even a fraction of the joy I felt in DAoC i'll be a happy bunny and shower my monitor in love fluid......
    Which i'm sure my wife will love.
  16. Kcdmgirl liked a post in a topic by Gone in Are females being used as fake props in the Gaming Industry?   
    Genocide, mass murder, torture and Sonic/Mario still getting games even though they have been shit for years.
    All these are accepted.
    Put a girl in a game and slap a bikini on her ..... 

  17. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by Gone in Best Free2Play other games   
    As far as F2P goes, i've just started playing Warframe and so far it seems pretty good.
    I suck giant hairy monkey balls at it but the game itself is pretty good.
  18. Sonny liked a post in a topic by Gone in What are you scared of?   
    I have arachnophobia.
    Spiders scare the living crap out of me, even the tiny ones.
    It's not fun when you're a 6 foot, well built bloke and start screaming for your 5 foot rake thin wife to come save you from the tiny money spider that has you cornered in the living room.
    Edit - suppose i'll tell the tale.
    Anyone that's served or took a holiday to "desert" type areas may have met one too.
    Typical hot holiday until we went on a walk and I came face to face with a Camel Spider. Ignore the "myths" they aren't huge man eating monsters but they are the ugliest damn creatures i've ever had the misfortune to witness.
    Shit myself indeed. I think they heard me scream back home in the UK.
  19. darkone778 liked a post in a topic by Gone in Never give up guys.   
    I never give up .... I rage quit with style.
  20. darkone778 liked a post in a topic by Gone in Never give up guys.   
    I never give up .... I rage quit with style.
  21. darkone778 liked a post in a topic by Gone in Never give up guys.   
    I never give up .... I rage quit with style.
  22. vanhoe liked a post in a topic by Gone in Am I The Only One Around Here Who Doesn't Like Anime?   
    I see anime is just as bad as b-movies.
    Sharks on legs, giant spiders and other bizarre creatures that were created with the "what could possibly go wrong" mind set.
  23. vanhoe liked a post in a topic by Gone in Am I The Only One Around Here Who Doesn't Like Anime?   
    Not a fan myself but I do love cheesy b-movies so I can't judge anyone.
    Convinced my wife to watch Sharktopus with me ..... she was not amused.