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  1. I try to finish what I start..... (hells, I even finished Kingdoms of Amalur ffs) but the ones that come to mind: ANY elderscrolls game: Many hours spent on each game, A.D.D. kicks in and never actually get through the main plotline (probably 3 missions for the storyline max on any of the titles) Beasts and Bumpkins: one of those games that will forever sit there as I can't get it to work on most pc's nowadays... geh! Silent Hill (latest one?): literally 20mins and uninstalled.... hated how they destroyed it... Darksiders I: just lost interest.... dunno Freelancer: loved it! but preferred the multiplayer aspect more than the single player.... Turok: major crash at one point. never got around to it again. Populous - The Beginning: Lent my cd to a friend... never saw it again... I was 2 planets away! geh! just a few that I can think of atm
  2. After finishing Xcom: Enemy within (again), I was left with the question (...Again...) on the wrapping up of the story. SPOILERS. Do not read further After defeating Exalt, I don't know if anyone else got the impression, I felt that it was not yet finished... Even raiding their HQ you still have NO idea about them: why, how etc. Also with the items that you recover from it, ie the artwork that suggests that exalt has been operating for centuries... So I'm wondering if exalt is going to come in another DLC and rear it's duckfaced-lip pose at us again? Also, everyone has called this an expansion... I disagree as in the end, it has not furthered the "story", only fleshed out what they couldn't add in the original. On the forums there has been multiple debates on how a sequel would actually fit. Namely how would a base-restart ACTUALLY be justified, etc. This is what I would personally love to see: Story Instead of a single covert base, I think an operation center would be needed for construction. the hidden base could still be present (either default or brought from previous save files) which is the cornerstone of Xcom operations. As much as we would love to say that Xcom is a "war" with the aliens, well, quite frankly a war is not fought with a single drop ship and a handful of soldiers... However, what I would like to see that the point of Xcom in a sequel is to prepare the world for an actual war with aliens as most of the technology developed in Xcom:EU/EW is heavily dependent on alien materials which would not near be enough to arm battalions of troops. So, techonologies would have to be developed to make, for instance, laser weaponry available to troops and be able to have them mass produced etc. And this is where Xcom should really come in: your elite soldiers should go on special operations to aid in the war effort which aids skirmishes between the aliens and the nations of earth. Either assassinations, bombing key objectives, etc. this and raiding supply lines etc. each time you intervene you aid in the defence for that country and give it higher probabilities to successfully repel the attack. most of the strategic layer would involve building laboratories, factories etc. in the council countries and forming intracontinental to eventual intercontinental networks/assembly lines for relevant bonuses to tech and production etc. of course these facilities would need protection blah blah blah. Would love to see a tie in with the Ethereals from Xcom: Declassified to the ones we face (have my own theory.. but that's not for here) basically in a nutshell Additional things to add: A steam workshop. personally I would love to see what the community could create! basically you could get different armors, tattoos, clan emblems (mutons) etc that you could be randomly assigned per map to give a feeling if individuality for the aliens (yes yes they are all clones... but some differences would be awesome). Anyways... that was my random text vomit... what does anyone else think?
  3. Add Dubstep track... will seem legit
  4. Rebellion... best thing for the franchise
  5. Love this game waiting to see what else they are going to do with the franchise, especially that Endless Dungeon and Endless Legends all exist within the same universe. I love the battle scenes as they're quick and visually awesome love the idea for the battle card system. The only thing that needs adjusting is the balancing between the races, for instance Sowers are ridiculously underpowered and the AI makes... well... interesting diplomatic decisions which usually has ally-friendly-ally-friendly-war ping-pongs that don't make sense.... There is talk about having ground battles on the planet with the card system as well... but we'll have to see.
  6. Sins is amazing! just got Rebellion the other day looks amazing... Just wonder if Stardock will ever have a game where the 3 primary races can see or fight against the coming "darkness"... that would be epic If you try Reus... just be mindful that the gfx are not wonderful, but the game itself is wonderfully complex.
  7. Hey guys/gals Just curious on what the community thinks about the re-emergence of the God game Genre with titles like "War for the Overworld" (Dungeon Keeper updated) and Godus (Basically populous revamped). Even though these are basically reteching old games with new technologies, but looking at the recent success of the indie God game Reus (Fantastically addictive.... many hours have been lost marching Giants around). I'm just wondering what everyone's view on God-Game genre (which by definition is rather broad)...
  8. Game Dev Tycoon... Basically sums up that whole debate depends on the game... most FPS's it is VERY nb while most RPG's not so... but there is a strong need for good gfx in games for an initial hook and whether the gfx ties in well with the artwork...