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    Guess what!!! GAMING, rugby, mountaineerig and hiking (some moutainbiking also), my wife and family, cats.
  1. Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway Both Operation Flashpoint
  2. Does someone know if there is gonna be another game of this fabulous saga? saludos
  3. Beautiful Chile, living now in Germany. Beautiful country too.
  4. I do not have good reaction time, and I left appart 1st person shooters a while ago, but when I play I really like to be support (medic). Pretty cool. Maybe it reflects my dream of being paramedic or war journalist
  5. I spricht Español and English, Francais und detusch, only a bischen
  6. yep, I read the same some days ago.
  7. Battlefield 2 and 3 (maybe 4 also)
  8. I damn proud of being 30 and played Raid Over Moscou and Salmon Run in Atari and the very first Prince of Persia and Gorilla in pc (DOS). Love rugby though and HAAAATE football (soccer) (I'm 30 and grumpy)
  9. dunno which anime is, but the badass look is pretty cool 9/10.
  10. Come on guys, there is a couple of indie games that are quite ok...maybe one. Watchmen is the worst game I have and I've played so far in Xbox360
  11. I am thinking on buy a next gen console when this game is out, but if they cherges monthly for playing it, they can stick it up their "culos". I barely play twice a month multiplayer. Hope they think things twice
  12. It's that true? If so I get a ps3 tomorrow mornig. I've been tempted also by using it as a blue ray player.
  13. Mario Bros 3 Hoops (NES) Rivercity Ransom Double dragon (snes) NBA jam Rugby Challenge 2006 (or something like that) Close Combat (Battle of the Bulge and Battle of Normandy) Spent a LOT of time playing (time I should have spent studying ) Macross Plus (PS1) and the battles for the universe between me and my brother Ace Combat series (till 6, assault horizon quite dissapoiting) GOOOOOOOOOOD MEMORIES
  14. Ohh that game was really good!
  15. I'll wait for the reviews of AJ and when ALL the fail updates are made are repaired, THEN I'll buy the damn thing (also waiting for the price to decreace).