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  1. Hey everyone at AJSA you all prolly already know but Youtube has been Flagging Angry Joes videos and lots of othere Youtubers out there. I want to hopefully help Joe and these people the best possible way we can. I made a video Ranting and talking about this BS and I want to encourage fellow AJSA members to do the same go make a video or go on Twitter or Facebook and message Youtube over this shit. And Lets help these people who work hard to make videos we all love to watch. Heres the link to the video in case anyone wants to watch: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0goQ_ESmKtg Please lets try to help all these people out the best we can with this Copywright BS.
  2. Its looks like it could be innovating but I cant say it will or will not as its just been announced but it looks very on rails at least from my POV .
  3. im enjoying xbox one as of now more just cus I'm enjoying the features with it and IMO Dr3 is the best launch exclusive between both consoles as its the most fun ive had with the exclusives at launch but all in all both good consoles
  4. Hey everyone my Name is Jesse DeVries I'm from Ontario Canada I'm a collage student currently and am 21 years old in 15 more days. I've been a gamer since i can remember with my first game ever being doom 2 on the PC. I Currently have Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and PC. I enjoying weight lighting been into bodybuilding for the past 7 years. I'm very easy going person who enjoys playing games with great people. I have watched Angryjoe and been apart of his community ever since his YouTube video of why Fable 2 will suck/kickass. "kick chickens you can kick chickens?!" "FUCK THE CHICKENS!" His been my favourite game reviewer and we even played and talked together in GW2.
  5. just have to say after following Joe for years and being apart of the AJSA. Seeing this community come together is awesome. From all the topics I have seen so far I'm glad that all gamers who are part of the AJSA can all get along and let gamers do what they do best. Play games with other gamers. I know this might sound silly but it's true, there's no topics of PS4 poops on Xbone or Xbone shits on PS4 same with PC. It just feels great being apart of a gaming community out there who all gets along and are great people to play with. So when I get my next pay coming in I'm going to try to do a donation if possible. So thanks Angry Joe and Thanks to everyone who is apart of a great gaming community. With all these AJSA members now I'm starting my own YouTube Channel for SWTOR videos just to do Let's plays and guides and tips for everyone out there including members of the AJSA out there who play SWTOR which from the topics I have seen that some do. So thanks a bunch again everyone and Glad to be a part of this community. Here's a Link to my First ever SWTOR video. I apologise for anything in the video as its my first time making a Video and editing one also. www.youtube.com/watch?v=gv4NV1TmCbY
  6. Been playing Since Launch I'm on the Ebon Hawk Server if anyone of you guys are on there Email my toons and ill add you Rosenchug for imperial Barky for Republic Never understood the butthurt towards this game played about 12 mmos in past 9 years this SWG and WoW have been only ones to keep me longer then a month or 2.
  7. Me and Arnold habe same breakfest

    From the album Random Pics of me

  8. Me being a idiot posing

    From the album Random Pics of me