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    texas/ Conroe
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    like sonic games and content. I love this channel and want to support by joining the angry army.
  1. sonic 06. Just redo it all!
  2. welcome barnes143. Hope you have a great time here
  3. I think this is the scariest game ever. And I wanted to see everyone's opinion.
  4. Dang. I used to have a great time on the wii multiplayer. I never had a DS though.
  5. I really would like this to pass because my computer can't run planetside 2 and tf2 would be a great substitute for that.
  6. I like this idea.I would definitely support this.
  7. Welcome. I hope this community can support you against the YouTube copyright.
  8. Just want to know if anybody is still playing.
  9. Welcome hope you have a good time here.
  10. I would vote for this. This could be a epic leuge of super heros. This would be my only current way to help the angry army.
  11. These sound like a lot of good inprovements. But it will take forever to do all this.
  12. Cool, I think the site could benefit from this.
  13. This sounds like a good idea.