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Everything posted by ShadowSteps

  1. I think the best action we can do is just show support to Joe and ignore the trolls and nintendon’t fanboys who are just there to show how brain dead they are. Well apart from what I think is correct, something that creates more chaos in Joe's twitter (and I had seen these kind of replies in topics that create a lot of controversy around them) he is trying to respond every single one of the people (or not every single one but you get the point) who are just being dicks l:l I kind of understand the need to make people understand your point of view or defend your opinion... but god damn when people are just clueless and ignorant to the different factors and evidence that people like Joe can provide. Anyway, just give Joe support and that's it I guess
  2. Well for as long as I can recall, I started when I was 6 years old when my grandfather got me my first console that was a Sega Genesis for my birthday. (I still play with my old Sega Genesis each time I want to recall good memories when I was a little boy).
  3. Well my personal 10 suggestions are: (Not in particular order, well just the first one is my number one in everything) 1.- Dota 2 (I have a problem… Dotka is 2 addictive) 2.- Binding of Isaac Rebirth (Fun to play, very challenging) 3.- Witcher series (1-2, I’m still waiting for Wild Hunt) 4.-Transistor (Very beautiful graphics and gameplay owo) 5.- Super Meat Boy (Die and live ) 6.- Guild Wars 2 7.- Rock of Ages 8.- Metro: Redux 9.- GTA 5 10.- Shadow of Mordor (Nemesis system... sooooooooooooooo good )
  4. Well according to Windows: "Win32/Sality is a family of malware that target Windows files with the extensions .scr or .exe. They may delete files with certain extensions and end or close antivirus and other security-related processes and services."
  5. I always loved Joe's reviews, they saved me a lot of money in so many occasions... especially when I was about to buy that trash...Order 1886, a friend told me to wait for a review from Joe about the game, because people were saying so many things about it. I waited for the review and yeah, I saved money and time.
  6. Welcome to the AJSA, hope you have fun
  7. Hummm, such a long time since I come to the forums (so nice to be back ) Well I have my own personal opinion about FNAF games, despite they have an interesting lore... they suck... any game that uses jumpscares as the primary way to scare the player is just cheap and dumb. I have to say that the new FNAF looks good but still has the freaking weakness of all the other ones... jumpscares, I mean it sure has atmosphere (like the other ones)… BUT, all ends in a jumpscare and turns into a frustration simulator and makes you feel so fucking annoyed. It's like if you wanted to decide between a hot girl with zero personality and dumb with an average girl with personality and smart. Even better example, a comparison between gourmet feast and a happy meal. People are sadly forgetting what a good horror game is and what it has to offer, plus the FNAF is just an example of how massive media can actually make a huge difference in things, from what could had been an overlooked game, became a freaking overhyped sensation when it came to YouTube because of some people got scared with the sudden jumpscares.
  8. I think I had the chance to see one of the streams that was in twitch you are doing a very nice job guys, I wish you guys the best of lucks xD P.D The videos are good
  9. God... Lich is going to be scary and I think about it a often mid laner I guess, KoL is funny and Abbadon is going to be a very scary enemy to fight as well (at least if you grab him muehehe)... thought... there is always AXE! AXE BREAKS THEM ALL!!!! GOOD DAY SIR!
  10. I couldn't agree more with that statement...wtf Gamestop? You drunk?
  11. Nice, congratz and remmember to have fun as well
  12. Inferior: I was meaning that it was lower in difficulty, mechanics, less tactic related and complexity of learning comparing it to DOTA 2 (Plus LoL is like the son of DOTA) Yeah you misunderstood me. .-. Ok on the point, LoL is a very less reliant on tactics because the factor that makes the game fun is the action it offers, its like 85% action and 15% tactics. LoL is a good game (If you want a fast phased game), but it's community and some selling tactics that Riot take are the only thing that cuts my excitement to play it again.
  13. Not really, Everyone is still learning a lot (Including the pro players are in constant training) .-. I don't think myself as an expert or very good player, because the game is extremely tactic orientated and everything counts. Skills are developed, its not something you get in 1 week or 2 weeks and LoL is an inferior MOBA that helps you understand a bit of how mechanics work. People who usually say that they are the best and just blame everyone for everything, are the novices, one must admit their mistakes (at the moment or later) or at least try to forgive others (hard part) cant advance, will always stay in the dirt. Master race? Funny indeed.
  14. I agree, we would like to know what did you mean with "Elitist"? I think you are using the wrong words to describe something .-.
  15. Well for me Invoker is a very complex and hard hero to play, learning the combinations are very easy but knowing how to explode the potential of Invoker is hard as hell. Only had seen one of the best Invokers of all time an its Grimorum (Urgomirm at the moment) and underestimating a player like him, is putting a feet on a grave. He plays godlike with Invoker, shows how a good Invoker should play him and shows how to play it. Guide And again for the questions: Is invoker easy to play? No, it needs a lot of practice and not knowing what is your role you can mess up hard (take in mind Invoker is a semi-carry but he can take any role). Is it OP? Yes.
  16. Well I saw that stream, it was funny thought, but I think if you wanted to become better at DOTA 2 he should be playing more with the army. If not, he will not do as well but maybe a hell of a fun stream or video
  17. It's sad indeed, but as you know Sega is on drugs but as well Nintendo has not fucked up like Sega has done... Still I have to say the 1991 Sonic was the best, then they started to deform... Then...this! <==================== THIS IS TRASH!!! STOP SEGA!!!! STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHP!!!! WHATS NEXT... THIS!? | | V
  18. It's funny if all IGN group was vs AJS, I just see things like this: -Crap vs Gold. -Ignorance vs Reason. -Sold asses to corps vs Truth. -Worthless reviews vs Good reviews. Dan Stapleton is slowly making his own grave.
  19. Yeah, that's what things are getting into. When I have money I will get a mic so I can play with the guild by teamspeak (cant because my laptop mic is not working) And well I guess you know how to handle things, I think I will try your advice (well I felt it was like an advice) xP Not really I don't expect people to be always polite (when I find people like that is weird), but damn sometimes I wished that people stop using the anonymity that internet gives and face the world to suffer how they threat others. Eye for an eye. Anyway Ik that mute button helps, but there are times where you just cant believe how people are acting and you cant stop getting amazed of such stupidity they reflect... and yeah, this is internet, a place that is slowly showing how putrid people can be.
  20. Welcome to the community, hope you have fun.
  21. Well Im staying in a hotel where the internet service is kind of bad and well I decided to play some DOTA 2... I only can play with Silencer and Huskar in lag situation, and well this is the resume of how things went: -I won 2 fights with Huskar -I won 2 fights with Silencer -Lost 3 fights with Huskar (Unfair because even thought I was doing my best and carry my team, there was always the afk or rage quitter. and finally the reason why I'm posting this: -Lost 1 fight with Zeus (accidentally picked it and Im still kind of new to him) http://dotabuff.com/matches/613838916 you guys might wounder... why this one... Well its because in this one, my teammates where total a**holes and was the same hell as lol community (I could not believe how freaking horrible and putrid people can be) This guy http://dotabuff.com/players/33779005 shouldn't be in the community of DOTA 2, he was so freaking toxic that I just wanted to hit him in the face, in lol you don't have to hear the idiots talk, but in DOTA 2 you can hear this...s***bag's talking and this time, it was horrible.... he was insulting me and telling me to suicide and then everyone else followed him (wth, league of legends is that you?) Well explain how things progressed. My "teammates" picked Viper, Razor, Enchantress (scumbag), QoP and Viper. I was like uneasy and my teammates where telling me to pick fast, I decided to pick Zeus, because my lag calmed down, but when I started to fight, I started to lag and freeze, tried to explain my teammates what was happening and they started to freaking insult and then I still tried to help, but then my connection died and got disconnected, re-logged asap just to be more insulted by the enchantress player and telling me to suicide and then eh told me that suicide was not as good, that I was a worthless piece of crap that should suffer and blablabla (the other things where worst) and my teammates where like laughing at me and calling me names, telling me to leave and telling the other team to report me because I messed up (in their terms, that I fed intentionally.) At the end I leaved reporting the enchantress and telling them that my team was toxic as hell, specially enchantress who was a damn ass. I don't understand what is happening... I really got angry and when I get angry there is a good reason for it, but this time made me realize that DOTA 2 community is starting to become the new LoL community. It's so unfair and I don't desire no one to find people like him. I sometimes think DOTA 2 should implement a tribunal like lol (that was actually not that bad because I got like 10 people in permaban and others suspending their accounts)... still I don't wish nothing of this to no one... it just messes with your mind, like a slow torturing machine.
  22. Well I cant wait to see the battles, I enjoyed the finals and I think you guys did well despite of you guys losing (thought some times I thought that you guys should had banned Invoker) xD
  23. ...this...I never felt so freaking angry (well had a bit worst games but this was different), it was just so stupid and so unfair... an easy game lost thanks to afk at middle of match Here... http://dotabuff.com/matches/602617630 Ok... let me explain what happened... We where going to win the fight and I was doing all the carry with BS, thought I did not get much of kills because I needed our Spectre to become strong as hell (he was about to be hell on earth for the enemy and they were so bad... I don't usually say it but they where total trash.) We where owning and we where almost about to end the game, but then Spectre left like almost 30:00 minutes (he didn't disconnect he made something so the game would kick him out) and it all went to chaos for that set of time because Lina and Lion didn't back a lot of times ... and after those 30 minutes he returns and we where about to lose... still he messed up...couldn't recover and and everything went to the dust. I raged and called the enemy team skill less novices (because they where and are) and ended up reporting Spectre. Damn I'm so frustrated I lost a game that was put in a golden plate...and all the effort was for nothing. was going to be like for me 9-4-20 (or more) if I had won
  24. Well its me again... :v Well... Im not against novice people to go mid... but yesterday that costed me my flawless victories (Was hyper recovering from a losing streak), kind of got angry...but at the end, before ending the fight I gave him advices and told him to not mid if he is not going to gank or try to help other lines (saved his butt like 3 times in a row because he was going to get ganked hard). QQ Thought I kind of hate Disruptor but he is so freaking easy to play and useful.