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    I like anime, video games, and watching movies. In-terms of game genres I like Survival Horror, FPS, Third Person Shooters, RPG, and Stealth.
  1. Here's part 3. BTW if you guys want a link to the playlist so that way I can stop spamming the parts, let me know.
  2. So here's my second part. Tell me how I'm doing and I hope you enjoy the video(s).
  3. Thankyou and there's more to come. Hopefully today. Also if you can spread this around. I want to be able to spread this game/series around cuz not a lot of people know about it. Kinda sad since I feel this is right up there with other series like Silent Hill, Amnesia, Penumbra, Resident Evil, and other Survival Horror games I have yet to play. That and maybe if this gets enough attention along with other LP's, Nintendo will release Fatal Frame V outside of Japan. BTW yes I was mad when the remake of two didn't come out in America.
  4. Hey everyone it's been a while, but I've decided to try and make video's again. Now keep in mind I'm trying to be as neutral and polite as possible throughout the whole video. I'm not saying what happened was a good thing because really it wasn't. The MCC should have been awesome, but something along the way got fucked up and unfortunately people got upset. However I will say this, the Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta is a lot of fun. Now will this make up for The MCC not being as good as we hoped? Well much like I say in the video, I can't say. However, I will say I am excited about it and I hope that 343 learns from this and doesn't do what they did in The MCC. Or again it could have been a complete accident that something wasn't picked up during testing and well as the saying goes shit happens. Anyways I hope you enjoy the video and please tell me how I did.
  5. We have done both man. We are now trying to get the attention of Square right now. I know that Microsoft is trying to get the Asian market and a big one is Japan. I am also well aware that Square is a stubborn developer when it comes to the Xbox brand. Still me and others found it odd that Xbox One owners will get KH3 but not the other games. How many people are willing to spend the money on a PS3 and the HD Remixes? I can certainly say I'm not buying a PS3 just to play play four games and watch cut scenes. Again I know this is something that seems impossible and it might not happen. However, you can't say something won't happen unless you actually try. I'm willing to fight for this not because I am an Xbox fan, but because I am fan of a series I love playing and I want others to play and I feel that this is the right course of action.
  6. Again I know and again I know the odds are stacked against me and others like myself, but if we show Square how much this matters and why it should happen, it might. After all these developers listen to their fans and the fans wallets. Well at least that's how I see it anyways. As I said I know how Japan views the Xbox brand and to be honest I think that sucks, but I still want to give this a good try.
  7. I am well aware of that and I know how the Japanese market is towards Xbox as well as the developers, but I still think this is doable only because of the fact they decided to put KH3 on both the Xbox One and the PS4. I realize that it's not easy porting a game and a lot of the time it causes problems, but I'm just here as a fan and as someone who thinks it to be odd that Xbox owners are getting the shaft on this. Look I'm not trying to be difficult in any way and I realize what I'm asking is almost impossible, but I can still hope and well I guess this post is getting some kind of attention. Anyways thanks for all the concerns guys, but I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens.
  8. Yeah but all they have to do is just change the coding to work on the 360. That and change the button layout from shapes to letters. If that takes what a year or so at best then fine I can wait. Actually I could wait even longer considering well we had to wait almost ten years for KH3. I'm a very patient guy and I know others are patient as well. I really don't see how this can't be doable. Plus yeah I know this will require more attention then what it has, hence why I'm asking people to help out. Plus like I mentioned Phil Spencer likes the idea and if you went to the forum you'll notice it's getting some pretty good attention. Again not as much, but it's still at least getting acknowledgement.
  9. These videos are offensive and just down right despicable. I want these videos and these people gone from YouTube. This is just horrible.
  10. I realize we have an uphill battle, but I don't see why they can't throw us a bone. I'm still gonna buy KH3 because well I love the series, but still if Microsoft wants the series on their console then I don't see why not. After all people showed interest in Final Fantasy XIII and that was suppose to be a PS3 exclusive.
  11. Hello I'm someone who has been a fan of Kingdom Hearts ever since the games came out on the PS2. Now I'm sure there are some KH fans here on the AJSA forums and if not then give the games a try. Anyways what is this help that I need of you? Well there is a petition that needs signatures and a thread on Square's forums. Both need more attention. This movement is all about porting the 1.5 and 2.5 remixes onto the Xbox 360 or Xbox One (mainly the Xbox 360). Now I'm not gonna lie, I love my 360 and One because I just prefer them over the Playstation brand, but even so I love Kingdom Hearts and even if I was someone who preferred Playstation I would still sign this. All I'm asking is simply this. If you are a fan of the games and feel that more people should play them, then help out and sign the petition and leave a message on the forum. I will link both in this post. Thankfully we got the attention of Phil Spencer and he tweeted about the petition and he signed it. I'm hoping you guys can help out any way you can because well I find it kinda weird that we get KH3 for both PS4 and Xbox One, but not the other games for Xbox owners. So if you are a fan or just a gamer who loves games and wants everyone to enjoy them, then please help us out. UPDATE: Here's the link to a website that Microsoft reads player feedback and this one in particular is Kingdom Hearts related: http://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/251647-gaming-achievements/suggestions/6031486-kingdom-hearts-collection-for-xbox-one This Petition's link: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/square-enix-co-make-kingdom-hearts-hd-1-5-remix-and-2-5-remix-come-out-on-xbox-360-as-well The Square Forum link: http://forums.na.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=9197
  12. Dude I hear you loud and clear. As someone who wants to be a reviewer and a LPer this really does suck, but you know what just fight for what you dream for. Don't let YouTube or anyone else push you around. I'm certainly not going to let that happen to me. Anyways good luck.
  13. Hey guys MorphBox here and I'm restarting my LP on a new channel. Come check out my new LP of Bioshock and my channel. So I hope you all enjoy my LP and please tell me how I can improve in anyway. Also no content ID match (yet). Anyways hope you all enjoy my content now and in the future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFNRpmHE-sE
  14. I really just can't stand this. I wanted to do my LP's, game reviews, anime reviews, and movie reviews. Well now thanks to this new policy I can't do that.