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    SCIENCE! Space. Warhammer 40k. Intelligent discussions with people of views different than my own.
  1. Its time for US to join the rest of the world! Metric units make more sense (plus I dont want to get yelled at by Neil DeGrasse Tyson or Michio Kaku for using imperial units)
  2. GTX280/260 by chance? >.<
  3. What kind of graphics card/GPU do you run? I only ask because I recently had a similar issue with a physical defect then driver issue (nvlddmkm.sys error) in my last two cards. Also, how many RAM modules (actual sticks of RAM) do you have?
  4. Immersion (of which story is a usually large component) is the most important. Being able to lose myself in a game is what keeps me playing. That being said there are games like Kerbal Space Program or Minecraft where you essentially create your own story that keep me coming back more than others with a great narrative.
  5. iwatchmlpwhenmywifeisntaround... So what else is going on?
  6. Aussie 40k fans are the most dedicated in the world (IMO) Thanks for the welcome!
  7. ....We Are All Kosh Twisted Nipples, thanks in advance for the avatar based nightmares -.-
  8. Hey AJSA! I became an instant fan of Angry Joe Show after my first viewing a few months ago and I've decided to inflict myself upon your ranks. I am a massive PC gaming / Warhammer 40k fanatic and I look forward to joining the insanity! Currently Playing (War Thunder/Kerbal Space Program and thinking about starting up Planetside 2 again)