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Everything posted by Arreyanne

  1. Well having gotten kind of meh about BDO and being 55, almost 56, on my ranger I decided to try something. I created a new sorc and decided not to give her all my cool stuff on my ranger and see how fast and how much money I could make, Oh an BTW Im on Edan Some highlights so far: 1 - 19 Did the tutorial, up to the point I got my first ability from the trainer, then killed ever Imp, fox, wolf, bug on the way to the Western Guard camp got there at 13 and a half. Did the awakening quest so I could enchant things and got the 2 bag inventory slot increase I have no XP scrolls cept for the 10% from the value pack Finished that got to 16 on the way to the wheat farm with the scarecrow. at that time I had a 58 AP and 20 DP. Made close to 1.4 million just selling thing to vendors and the junk item that stack so bought a Yuria amulet that I had enough stones to get to +6 and a talisman to +4. Bought a pair of +5 Agerian gloves for the Att and casting spd Got to 19, started the cultist 58 AP 20 DP getting to 19 took, 57 minutes Finished the cultist at 24 moved to the Monastary, got to 26 moved to Orcs. Finished Orcs a 32 moved to bandits, finished them at 34. During this time between 24 and 32 had to make a couple of runs to the bank closest was 1200 away and mostly was over weight so took some extra time Getting to 24 took 1 HR 48 Minutes with the trips to the bank, still 20 DP 32 took 2 hours 53 minutes AP 58 DP 48 now with Agerian drops and +5 armor hands, chest, feet, still using a starting head After starting the OWls at 34, they where all purple even the little guys. getting to 40% decided to go to Kuhoto cave instead, as Time to Kill IMHO was taking too long basic abilitys using Dark Wave 3 and claws and the 20 shard abiltiy. At 36 will move back to Owls and go to 40 there. I am streaming this if you're interested. Wont be back on stream until after 6 pm tonight
  2. Sign up for 7 day gift pass or get one from the website. Reach level 56 and get your awakening weapon within the 7 days Get a ticket to redeem to purchase the 9.99 client so no cost to you
  3. Did I not post this in the black desert portion if I dint please excuse me Its black desert Online
  5. You might find 1 person on a few days a week maybe 2-3 saturday. But honestly nothing that can be considered an active "PRESENCE". But never fear it's that way in every MMO that AJSA has attempted.
  6. Cant help ya out there play PC Sorry Evolve
  7. I have no Idea who to contact however, that being said I think I have invite rights for the guild in ESO. I do not however, nor do I think anyone thats been in game the last month have the rights to change banking privileges I know as a sgt I cant take anything out of the bank either
  8. What's left of the guild is on Star Forge. Send a PM to me that list when you will be in game and I'll attempt to meet you and get you invited. Do realize this that atm I am the only active member of the guild.
  9. It's really too bad Blizzard won't go ahead and give the Alliance the race they have asked for since release, "High Elfs" They were an Alliance race before the tainting of the Sunwell iirc my lore. I really wanted a Void Elf but just aint that hopped up on Alliance anymore. Funny the only reason the Blood elf's were created was so the Horde would have a Pretty race, and currently according to Blizzard humans are the only race that outnumbers Blood Elf PC's. And I'd much rather play Classic if it ever gets released, cant wait to be rank 13 once again
  10. If they actually do make the server exactly the same, new players that never did vanilla or got zoomed through it will be flabbergasted at the difference. It took me when I started the game, from Oct 31st to February 2nd to hit 60. A 40 gold mount at lvl 40 will be a stress on your wallet. The Epic mount at 60 for 100 gold took forever there were different options than just forking over the 100 if you happened to be a Night Elf. I've always considered Vanilla a much better game. For one when you went to the opposite faction to lets say take crossroads, the elite guards at 25 could kill a 60 if that 60 wasn't careful. The BG's were much better. I can remember AV on AV weekend taking over 8 hours to complete, now if it isn't done in ten minutes that took to long Just have to wait and see which build they decide to go with, one closer to release say 1 and half years into the game or one closer to Burning Crusades.
  11. I purchased one of these ona new character just to see how much Command rank I would get just doing the story. SInce at 70 all you get is command rank. Haven't gotten off Korriban as of yet and already command rank 6. Doing all the quest on Korriban including the Heroics. At the point were Darth rolly polly fat guy sends you to get the light saber
  12. The Master’s Datacron Starting with ’A Traitor Among the Chiss’ (Game Update 5.6) on November 28th, there will be a new item introduced to the Cartel Market called the Master’s Datacron. This item will allow you to take any non-maximum level (70) character on your account and immediately move them up to maximum level. One unique thing about this boost is that it doesn’t progress your character’s story at all, meaning this is a great way to play through the classic Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ storylines without worrying about your character level! The Master’s Datacron also comes with the Eternal Commander Equipment bundle. Once you have boosted to max level and chosen your character’s Discipline (more on this below), you can use the equipment bundle to have a full set of level 70 gear for your character. So, whether you are boosting a new level 1 character to play through the story, or you just want to get right to 70 to jump into group activities with your friends, the Master’s Datacron has everything you need. Since this is the first time we have offered an item like this, find out more about how the item works below. To start, you will need to acquire the Master’s Datacron and Equipment Bundle. You can purchase it directly from the Cartel Market for 2,000 CC, or you can check the Galactic Trade Network (GTN) to see if another player is selling one. Once you have them, you will need to ensure that they are moved to the character that you intend to boost. As a reminder, the Master’s Datacron will not work on an existing level 70 character. Opening the bundle will grant your character two items, the Master’s Datacron and the Eternal Commander Equipment box. When you are ready to boost your character to max level, go ahead and right click on the Datacron in your inventory (make sure you are using it on the character you want to boost)! This will begin an eight second cast timer which says, “Promoting to level 70.” With the cast bar complete, you will receive two pop-ups confirming that this is the character that you want to boost. Note: This decision is final and irreversible. Once confirmed, the screen will fade to white and you will be transported to your player ship, which you will be granted as a part of the Master’s Datacron if you don’t already have one. For those players who want to experience unlocking their ship naturally through the story, you’ll still be able to do so. While on your ship, you will notice a Mission in your log named “Master’s Datacron” with the text “Increasing level.” After a few seconds, that Mission will complete and your character will become level 70. At this point, you should head to your Discipline window (default shortcut key of K) to choose your Class’s Discipline if you haven’t already. This is important as a Discipline is required to use the Eternal Commander’s Equipment box. With your Discipline selected, head to your inventory and right click on the Equipment box. This will grant you a full set of gear, based on your chosen Discipline. You’re all set! Your character is now max level and ready to roam the galaxy. You can see any Missions you were on previously in your Mission log. Feel free to continue your existing Missions or explore the galaxy!
  13. So basically, lets say you never did the Republic side stories. You can use this item to get to 70 and still do the story unlike the other level boosters they had in the past. Also you get a full set of 70 Tier 1 gear so you can also jump right into either Warzones or other group content
  14. The server is up and running. Took the better part of an entire day (24 hours) but its working and everything seems to be ok. Logging on early this AM arou7nd 4AM there were 4 instances of fleet. I havent seen anything like that of since 2011, ya since release. If you were considering getting back into the game, we now live of Star Forge, I will be online in game, in discord, from around 8PM CST to 10PM CST to invite/reinvite people whom would like to be a part of the guild.
  15. You can play both. I however prefer Destro
  16. Well its actually called Return to Reckoning and its a EMU or whatevers its called kind of life SWG. Played 4 hours last evening it's stable, its alive. They added the most popular add-ons the game had in the download. SO no worry if you think that isn't available. It's the last patch before the servers closed down so most of the OP classes, (knights of the blazing Sun, Bright Wizards) are toned down to a respectable power level If this was your favorite PvP game just know it's still around and not living like a zombie
  17. It's on Jedi Covanant, IIRC its parked over Yavin 4
  18. We are currently working on the command Deck I put 6 command encryptions into the guild Bank tonight It takes 50 to unlock it, these can either be purchased from the GTN, Encryptions that is, or gotten by making Dark projects through crafting It also takes 5 million in guild funds current funds 2.6 million So lets get this ship expanded, if you can donate funds great, if you can make dark projects great, if you want to purchase the encryptions directly from the GTN great. Once the command deck is opened there are three sub rooms in that deck that will need opening The Stronghold on DK was expanded Tuesday night all rooms are opne if you have spare decorations to donate that would be helpful as 100% decorated SH's count as bonuses for Conquest. Also your own personal stronghold being at 100% gives you a personal bonus during conquest Looking forward to seeing all of you in game. Arrey
  19. Until November 8th, Bioware is offering SWTOR's first two expansion Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan for free! In addition, a landspeeder mount is also available. Check out this link with the details and codes used to unlock the freebies: http://www.swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20171023 The offer is mainly aimed at free to play or preferred players who are still level capped at 50 or 55. This offer will unlock all the story content for the two expansions and allow those players to reach level 60. Long time players may already have the speeder since it was a subscriber reward in the lead up to Knights of the Fallen Empire, but if you missed out, be sure to grab it while you can. This is nice offer and a sizeable chunk of content with a price that can't be beat! If you haven't tried SWTOR or let your account lapse back at launch, this is good excuse to jump in.
  20. As far as i know there is no AJSA presence in RoR, except me
  21. Honestly I would suggest after the merger
  22. Please see the pinned post For times for reinvites/invites after the merger
  23. The server merge is the 24th. The servers willl likely be down 12-24 hours while they do this. Thats my honest assessment of how long this will take
  24. What is suppose to be the last major patch of game was released. Still no word from BW "if or when" a DLC will be released. Also if you want to mod the Andromeda game someone has created a tool to mod all Frostbite engine games. This is different than the current DA:I mod manger. Unfortunately its use for DA:I at the moment is limited to just extracting This will according to the author and his team, be available for use in the new Battlefront game for the mod community. That is if EA doesn't change their corporate stance on mods. At the moment they have said as long as the mod doesnt effect multi-player games modding the games are allowed. However the dev's at GTA5 have basically disallowed mods in the game. So we'll have to wait and see if EA turns the page.