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  1. I only love its zombies, bought black ops for the zombies, and also black ops 2. Zombies are the best, the story, the incredibly hard easter eggs, and that damn awesome music. Call of duty is repetitive, yes, generic killing shooter. People like pokemon and mario and all that stuff because they are classics and they have something more unique, fun and for all ages to play. While call of duty has another audience, adult audience. No fantasy, just a shooter. Halo is also hated I dont know why, the effort they put into their universe, the stories, legends and heroes. I think its pretty obvious why call of duty is hated.
  2. You know How Some of us miss the old resident evils or Silent hill's franchise, those stressing nights because we were in a situation with low health, being chased By a monster obsessed with stars or with very few bullets. Remember the nostalgia and, as a little kid, the nervous we got when ambushed by dogs in a corridor or surprised by a corps you thought was dead, while trying to get a herb. Now the action packed excitement filled with monsters, big guns, and a hell of a lot of ammo to burn those nightmarish creatures to the ground from where they came xD.... Today I come asking you this... Which do you prefer, the old survival horror games, or the new ones ? What are the Pros and cons of older and newer games ?I am very interested in your opinion guys and as always Keep on rocking!
  3. Oh, snap son. I hear the train coming! xD. Well, I've heard that its gonna be 6 against 6 in online multiplayer and....they are gonna add bots. I've had bad experiences with bots, I hate bots, Half life is filled with bots...therefore I thinks the multiplayer is not gonna be that great and that the maps are going to be very small. I Was pretty excited for titanfall but now, given that in this times no one focuses on story anymore, that titanfall aint gonna be that great. But we cant know for sure till we try it right?
  4. Totally agree with you guys. Because I am a console gamer (don't care about the graphics too much) thought I could get the benefits of a PC gamer in a console, but as luck may have it, turns out its just a Gaming PC, equally as pricy and with nothing new to offer, from my point of view, obsolete. Yep a lot of manufacturers are doing steam machines.
  5. For me personally, story could be everything. There could be a pretty bad game that has a good story and people would enjoy it, or a glitchy game or old gen looking game with a great story and people would still buy it, love it and not complain at all. No matter the genre. One example I can give you about about a type of game I am not really into, puzzles. Well, I fell in love with Catherine even though I didn't like the gameplay at first. All because of the story.
  6. The Steam Machine- The future of Console Gaming? When Valve first announced the Steam Machine I was In awe, I mean, who would not like the affordability of a console, the steam sales, Computer exclusive games and the comfort of a living room console, all in one. Valve also announced that the Steam Machine would not have Exclusives, because "thats not the kind of company we are", according to an IGN Article. Fully customizable like a computer, in the shape of a console, with games not accessible through a console plus steam sales, no set up's, or diverging power towards the game, or twitching settings to have a smooth experience, sounds like a good deal huh? After some time of following the steam Machine's updates, RT News announced that many manufacturers like Digital Storm, Alienware and Alternate where developing their own steam machines (?). After looking into this I came across different designs and....different price ranges. While some designs do look like consoles, others are plain ol desktop boxes (For example, the Bolt II by Digital Storm), and each one of this designs comes with Duel-Boot (Windows / Steam OS). It was a pretty big disappointment that the steam machine was nothing but a gaming computer with the linux based "Steam OS". I for one can only find 1 reasons to include both windows and the steam OS and thats to ship steam controllers with the systems. I would like to know your opinion about the subject : (Why/ Why not) Would you buy a Steam OS powered Machine? P.s: I will reply my point of view of the subject after I read some of your reasons, maybe you could change my mind Take Care AJSA Community, and keep on rocking.
  7. Hi I am Coyote Smith, I joined because as most of you, I admire Joe and his bold statements. ALSO, I love games and i'm not bias to any platform. We the AJSA have the power to cut short enemy strategic "Bad marketing" operations and warn our fellow gamers, in time, which games are good, bad, ugly and why, and thats why I joined, for a common cause. oh and to play with you all awesome games, because we can all agree that playing alone isn't as fun as playing with friends. Heres my top ten games I love. 10. Ace Combat series (Except assault horizons, sorry) 9. Penumbra Series. 8 Half Life Series. 7. Mirrors Edge (yep, A place all for itself) 6. Fallout Series. 5. Borderlands Series 4. Silent Hill Series. 3. Resident evil from 0 to 4 and in between. 2. Halo series. 1. Vandal- Hearts. I spent hours trying to choose my top 10 and another hour to pick a spot, there are so many games out there and I almost love them all and I could not choose which to pick, From puzzles to fast action, games games, I love games. From this list you may notice that most of this titles are console base, well Its because I play more console than pc (because pc is darn expensive, not the games so much, but the components.) Care to you all and I end with this bungie matchmaking frase ("Playing with yourself? Invite your friends! ")