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  1. DemonsColt liked a article by Tons0fun, AJSA Stream Team Is Expanding! Apply Inside!   
    If you feel like you would be a good representative for the AJSA in the stream community?
    Do you like to stream?
    Do you have good content?
    And would you like to join a group of other streamers to get help/help them?
    Make sure to send in an application to: http://goo.gl/forms/7dvTYL6XgB
    And we will read it and get in contact with you for a skype interview!
    (Time before contact may vary)
    As a new member you will be put in a 6 week trial to show growth/commitment to streaming. New members will get a current member as a mentor, to help you settle in to the team and with any stream related stuff.
    We expect all new members to:
    -Have been streaming for atleast 1 month
    -Stream regularly
    -Have Past broadcast turned ON
    -Quality requirement equivalent to 720p/30FPS/2000 bitrate
    -have an entertaining/interactive stream.
    -Somewhat organized profile
    -Be respectful to ALL stream members.
    The benefits of joining our team to mention a few, will be:
    -Come in contact with art creators
    -Grow a wider network of streamers
    -Possibility of being hosted by the other members
    -Getting help from experienced streamers
    -Use of AJSA resources for promotion
    There is also a new forum on the site for the stream team and aspiring streamers. Where you can share highlights, tips & tricks, and get help from the current stream team members.

    And make sure that, if you haven't already, check out our current members of the stream team and support our fellow AJSA friends:

    Bast_50 Angerbeard

    Greensam17 Ravenfist89

    The_tons0fun Grimno

    Jaysons_rage TheTitan18
    If you have ANY question regarding joining the stream team don´t hesitate to contact the Stream Team Captain Ravenfist or Tons0fun.
    Ravenfist´s AJSA profile: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/user/61956-ravenfist/
    Tons0fun´s AJSA profile: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/user/21-tons0fun/
    Never give up! Never surrender! Victory or death!
  2. DemonsColt liked a article by DoctorEvil, Summer Staff Changes   
    Staff Turnover is a normal thing in any community or organization. It may surprise some to learn that our Commanders are not bound by a blood oath to serve forever.... anymore at least. So while we are sad to see some people go, we are excited for new blood to restore the spirit of our community!
    Commander Doshka17 is taking an extended break from the X-Box One Division to focus on Real Life stuff for a time.
    Commander Damion Rayne has been asked to step down from his position and is no longer part of the community. We sincerely wish him the best of luck in future projects.
    Commander Conan officially joined the Command Staff in May coming from leading our Planetside 2 outfit on PC. He now leads the AJSA EXPEDITIONARY FORCE, the newest division of the AJSA that focuses on a new game every month that the AJSA can support with servers, events, and contests. Stay tuned soon for the announcement post of the August Game!
    Commander Eiousx joined the Command Staff at the end of June, coming from co-leading the AJSA Strategy Games group and involvement in many of our guilds to take the reigns of the Unofficial Games Command during Commander Seph's break.
    Commander RuneX joined the Command Staff this week after absorbing the last secrets of the XBOne from Doshka. We look forward to where he can take our growing X-Box One Division!
    Commander Seph has returned to active duty after a brief break! Seph and Eiousx will now run the UnOfficial Games Command to help ensure all games that deserve AJSA support get it.
    The AJSA is excited to continue to grow in both it's capabilities and members, and wouldn't be here if not for the continued support of our Commanders, Moderators, Game Ofiicers, Sergeants, and Members! If you have any questions about decisions made by the Council please feel free to contact Tons0Fun or DoctorEvil via PM.
  3. DemonsColt liked a article by DoctorEvil, May 8th: Something is Coming...   
    What: [REDACTED]
    When: [REDACTED]
    How to join: [REDACTED]
  4. DoctorEvil liked a article by DemonsColt, Chivalry: ME Giant Slayers FFA   
    Free for All event featuring Giant Slayers mod.
    February 21, 2015 4:00PM EST
    ---------------------- WHAT IS GIANT SLAYERS? -----------------------------
    Everyone starts at 60% normal size.
    Every kill grows you, and your health, by 15%.
    Giant Slayers mod: http://steamcommunit...s/?id=226726898
    As always, server will automatically install mod when you enter the server.
    =AJSA= ChivalryME[FFA/TDM] 24/7 | Admin | ANGRYJOESHOW.COM
    Search "=AJSA=" in Advanced Options to enter server.
    Bast_50 will be streaming the event.
  5. DoctorEvil liked a article by DemonsColt, Chivalry: ME Giant Slayers FFA   
    Free for All event featuring Giant Slayers mod.
    February 21, 2015 4:00PM EST
    ---------------------- WHAT IS GIANT SLAYERS? -----------------------------
    Everyone starts at 60% normal size.
    Every kill grows you, and your health, by 15%.
    Giant Slayers mod: http://steamcommunit...s/?id=226726898
    As always, server will automatically install mod when you enter the server.
    =AJSA= ChivalryME[FFA/TDM] 24/7 | Admin | ANGRYJOESHOW.COM
    Search "=AJSA=" in Advanced Options to enter server.
    Bast_50 will be streaming the event.
  6. DoctorEvil liked a article by DemonsColt, Chivalry: ME Giant Slayers FFA   
    Free for All event featuring Giant Slayers mod.
    February 21, 2015 4:00PM EST
    ---------------------- WHAT IS GIANT SLAYERS? -----------------------------
    Everyone starts at 60% normal size.
    Every kill grows you, and your health, by 15%.
    Giant Slayers mod: http://steamcommunit...s/?id=226726898
    As always, server will automatically install mod when you enter the server.
    =AJSA= ChivalryME[FFA/TDM] 24/7 | Admin | ANGRYJOESHOW.COM
    Search "=AJSA=" in Advanced Options to enter server.
    Bast_50 will be streaming the event.
  7. DemonsColt liked a article by Tons0fun, Community Podcast/Meeting on AJSAGaming Twitch   
    This Saturday (Feb 7th, 2015) at 5PM CST (GMT -6) on the AJSAGaming twitch the command staff will be streaming to talk about the plans for the AJSA in 2015 and to field questions from you guys. So, if you have a question/suggestion/complaint this will be the perfect time to air it.
    5 - 5:30: Commander Intros
    5:30 - 6: Discussion of our plans for 2015
    6 - ?: Q&A with you guys!

    As a note, Joe will not be in attendance.
  8. DemonsColt liked a article by DamionRayne, Community Spotlight 26JAN2015 "Super Casual Edition!"   
    How's about we start things off a bit different this time and kick on some Epic music from one of my favorite franchises for your listening whilst reading pleasure?

    Announcement time! Today's announcements are mostly limited to server information and updates which will soon be relegated to the news section. So, let's get to it shall we?

    As you are no doubt aware now, the AJSA is running 8 game servers. From ARMA 3 to Space Engineers and back again. Plans for more servers such as Garrys Mod, Minecraft and others are in the works. As well as plans for an Interstellar Marines server once they release their dedicated servers. So, what's the status of our servers at the moment you ask?

    Insurgency (GREEN)
    Game Officer: AverageSpacePope
    They just had a wickedly successful event this past weekend where they filled the server up. I only saw it from the outside so I'll let Pope give ya the AAR when he gets a moment.
    7DaysToDie (GREEN)
    Server Admin: Damion Rayne
    7DtD is running great, with a few minor hickups here and there. The server is public and I've worked with the community playing the game to get it to a point of sufficient difficulty and fun. &DtD's dedicate servers sometimes have issues with memory, so it may be reset often through out the week.
    Stay tuned for more info on CS:GO as soon as I get an update.
    TF2 (GREEN)
    Stay tuned for more info on TF2 as soon as I get an update.
    ARMA 3 (GREEN)
    Saldytuwas and myself are both running this server. We've just recently updated it to run the "Invade and Annex" mission/operation. IA is a scripted mission environment that is constantly creating missions on the map for players to do. It's a CO-OP experience that provides hours and hours of amazing game-play against really hard AI trying to take over Altis island.
    Space Engineers (YELLOW)
    I'm currently running the SE server as well, and boy howdy is it giving me all manner of grief. It's having issues holding on to settings, as well as dealing with greifers creating issues. Stay tuned fore more information on this, as I may move the server to whitelist mode to help combat some of these issues.
    C:MW (GREEN)
    GO: DemonsColt
    I'll let DC post his update about Chivalry. So stay tuned for that!

    No one expects the angry inquisition! "YA DUN FUCKED IT UP!" (By Commander Shepard)

    Holy Crap Dumontrudisel , this is pretty frakking EPIC!

    Leave it to AngryBrute to teach you how NOT to be a NOOB at Insurgency.

    Why are you NOT on TeamSpeak making friends, talking to people and playing games???? GET ON THERE!

    See ya on the battlefield Soldiers! -DR

  9. DemonsColt liked a article by Dark Templar, Planetside 2 Op #26 Lightning Reverse!   
    picture by Norman
    When: Saturday, January 17th, 2015, Operation will commence at 2PM EST (7PM GMT)
    Where: EMERALD Server, AJSA Teamspeak: ts3.ajsagaming.com
    How: Platoon and Squad Leaders will create specific Squad Channels in the Teamspeak to match the name of the in-game Squad in PS2. Join the Teamspeak Channel that matches the squad you join in game, so you can hear your Squad Leader!
    New members read the "READ HERE" forum post to see a list of Sergeants/Officers to send in-game messages to so you can get invited to the outfit or loo for them in teamspeak.
    What: Our objective during Ops is to play together as a large team and cooperatively fight as an unit semi-seriously, while still having a fun time. Squad members are expected to listen to their Squad Leaders to ensure the AJSA is victorious in battle.
    Event Outline:
    Racing Phase: AJSA RACING LEAGUE, Race #27: Stock Single Man Flash Race
    at the start of the operation, we will have another exciting edition of the AJSA Racing League. This time our 27th Official Race will be another exciting stock flash race. All racers will be driving stock vehicles! The race route will be decided by command depending on conditions in the field, friendly fire WILL NOT be allowed during this race!
    Combat Phase:
    We will then break off to our platoon and squad assignments. If an Alert has started, we will play the objectives of the alert, otherwise, we will go to hot spots where we are needed (splitting continents if called for).
    Kick-out Phase: - Lightning reverse!. after normal combat operation winds down, we are going to finish the op with a final tank rush thru enemy lines destroying anything and everything we can before we call it a day/night. After the enemy is pushed back or we all die horribly you may proceed to continue playing or hop off.

    The First Place Winning individual of the Race will receive the lovely AJSA Racing League Champion Award on the forums. View the award and our hall of champions here:
    and don't forget:
    AJSA Event MVP

    Officers and Sergeants will be on the lookout for the player who best exemplifies the AJSA during this event. This means players who not only demonstrate skill on the battlefield, but are great team members as well. A player who meets those high standards for this event will receive the AJSA Champion Award to adorn their forum profile!
    Note, that a MVP is not guaranteed to be awarded every Op, you have to earn it!
  10. AverageSpacePope liked a article by DemonsColt, AJSA Chivalry:ME is now 24/7!   
    What the f#@k is Chivalry Medieval Warfare?
    Chivalry Medieval Warfare is a multiplayer action game created by Torn Banner Studios. In the game, you engage in sword, mace, pikes, pure medieval combat in a easy to learn but hard to master control scheme.
    Choose to be
    the powerful Knight,
    the swift Man-at-Arms,
    the all around Vanguard,
    and the sharpshooting (and annoying) Archer.

    Chivalry features several gamemodes.
    The chaotic Free For All,
    The one on one Duel mode

    and many team based modes like...
    Team Deathmatch
    Team Objective
    King of the Hill
    Last Team Standing

    Chivalry has a great community, and it also has mod support. Powered by Steam Workshop, mods can enhance the Chivalry experience and add in more variety and replayability.
    Some great mods include...
    Black Knight Mode
    Horde Mode
    Community made maps
    Giant Slayers

    The AJSA is proud to support Chivalry: ME with our 24/7 server.
    The server off events will host only FFA and TDM modes. Events will vary from different modes and events.
    The server is also mod friendly, so we can make use of the Steam Workshop and it's mods.
    I would like to thank the AJSA for the server.
    We do not support Chivalry Deadliest Warrior at this time.

    We are also available on GameTracker.com.

    Hop on in today, server name is:
    =AJSA= ChivalryME[FFA/TDM] 24/7 | Admin | ANGRYJOESHOW.COM
    And check us out on GameTracker.
  11. DemonsColt liked a article by Saldytuwas, ARMA 3 comes to the AJSA!   
    What is ARMA 3?
    ARMA III is the latest installment of the tactical military simulation game from independent developers Bohemia Interactive, creators of the award-winning mil-sim series Arma.
    The game features vast maps, combat on land, sea, and air, high tension combat scenarios, and much, much more when adding mods.
    What can I do on the server?
    Currently we are running a Wasteland scenario but we have lots more ideas in the works so don't worry!.
    If you want to find more information about Wasteland visit http://a3wasteland.com/
    How do I join the server?
    From the Multiplayer server list go to remote and input the IP and port.
    Port: 2302

    We also need people that would be willing to help run events and maintain the server.
  12. DemonsColt liked a article by Tons0fun, Welcome AJSA to the New Year!   
    First and foremost is a change in server hosts for a majority of our games to Vilayer! They have a product called a clan package that works out fantastically for us. It allows us to have a "pool" of game slots that we can dynamically assign to new game servers and have them up in running in as little as 15 minutes in some cases. So be on the lookout for new game events on community games as well as new supported games within the AJSA!
    Our starting lineup:
    - 7 Days to Die
    - CS:GO
    - Insurgency
    - Team Fortress 2
    Phase 2 -Up Now!
    - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
    - Space Engineers
    - ARMA 3
    Coming soon:
    - Garry's Mod
    As some of you may know there is a new process for getting games supported in the AJSA, if you want to see what it is or possibly step forward to run a game read Commander Seph's article!
    Changes to Club Membership
    We want to re-evalute and value-add to the membership. There is a thread currently in the membership forum for those who have a membership to contribute to the conversation and state what they would like to see added or changed. If you you would like to be a part of the conversation go here!
    Lastly, we are always looking for ways to improve the community and keep moving forward. Stay tuned for more announcements as the year goes on!
  13. DemonsColt liked a article by Conan, Saturday: PS2 Special Op: Warpgate Siege   
    article picture by Norman
    When: Saturday, January 3rd, 2015, Operation will commence at 2PM EST (7PM GMT)
    Where: EMERALD Server, AJSA Teamspeak: ts3.ajsagaming.com
    How: Platoon and Squad Leaders will create specific Squad Channels in the Teamspeak to match the name of the in-game Squad in PS2. Join the Teamspeak Channel that matches the squad you join in game, so you can hear your Squad Leader!
    New members read the "READ HERE" forum post to see a list of Sergeants/Officers to send in-game messages to so you can get invited to the outfit or look for them in teamspeak.
    What: To commemorate the new year and to go easy on both the players and the staff after the hazy events that transpired during new years eve, we'll host a Special, somewhat low effort Op on the first Saturday of the new year, as opposed to a regular Op Night.
    Event Outline:
    The Warpgate Siege:
    To celebrate the new year the Angry Army will lay siege to either the NC or VS warpgate on any continent. Moving in to dominate, we aim to beat our time from the 22nd Op, where we lasted 1 h 30 min. If need be we might lay siege to multiple warpgates that evening, we'll see...
    The Valkyrie Zerg:
    Once we had enough, we'll head out to have one last silliness together, namely a Valkyrie zerg. Depending on how we feel we either troll our opposition or try to annihilate those as well.
    AJSA Event MVP

    Officers and Sergeants will be on the lookout for the player who best exemplifies the AJSA during this event. This means players who not only demonstrate skill on the battlefield, but are great team members as well. A player who meets those high standards for this event will receive the AJSA Champion Award to adorn their forum profile!
  14. DemonsColt liked a article by DamionRayne, [Contest] AJSA ANNIVERSARY WEEK & Community Spotlight!   
    So, here we are boys and girls, Announcement time! For the Entire Week of the 11th to the 16th of November your AJSA Twitch Stream Team, Game Officer Corps, and Command Council will be conducting a massive One Year Anniversary Event. Let's get to talking about what we plan to do this week shall we?

    First things first, Game Events! How many events you might ask? Boom:

    That's a lot of Events innit mate? Yeah, yeah it is, dats good right there. (See the full list here and with times converted to your timezone: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AJSAGaming/events )
    What's the full listing? Let's take a looksee,
    Planetside 2 (Thursday: Special Combat Operation)
    DOTA 2 (Mini-Tournament Finals)
    ArcheAge (Tuesday: Guild Gathering, Farm Raiding, Angry Fleet Sailing)
    Guns of Icarus Online (Saturday: Community Airship Destruction)
    SWTOR (Saturday: Guild Raffle and Catina Meet-up)
    Guild Wars 2 (Saturday: Cross Country Zerg and Guild Missions)
    Battlefield 4 (Tuesday & Saturday: 7 Free Days of BF4 play on Origin!)
    TF2 (Wednesday: The final day of Halloween Maps & Mini-karts)
    Smite (Sunday: AJSA Clan Carnage)
    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (Saturday: Special Black Knight Mod Server)
    XBOX ONE Events (ALL WEEK: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/calendar/event/300-xbox-one-ajsa-anniversary-week/)
    PS4 Events (Look for the hidden code on the Clan message boards)
    Star Citizen (Tuesday: Reveal of the Structure of the Angry Fleet; Teamspeak Discussion and Twitch Stream)
    WoW: Warlords of Draenor Launch (Early Thursday: Launch of the AJSA Guild and Delrith WOD Launch Stream!)
    War Thunder (Friday: Special Racing Event)

    Special Live Streams from,
    Tons + AB (Sunday: 12 Hour Joint Stream)
    Damion Rayne

    Where are you gonna want to go to watch all this? Right here: http://www.twitch.tv/team/ajsa
    That team page will keep you updated on who is streaming, and when, and what, so it would behoove you to follow it, bookmark it, etc.
    {Begin DoctorEvil Interjection}
    We're designing a special One Year Anniversary Badge for your forum profile! Want one? You're going to have to earn it! There are 4 ways to participate in the contest, the more participation increases the chance to win a higher tier of the Award Badge!
    1. Scavenger Hunt
    Throughout many of the incarnations of the AJSA (Forums, Teamspeak, Steam, Twitter, Consoles) we've posted Code Phrases (some harder to find than others), look for these Code Phrases and mark them on your Quest Form.
    2. Events
    During the week attend any of the qualifying events, and you'll hear the Event Lead announce at some-point into the event, their special "Code Phrase". Remember or write down this phrase, and mark the correct answer on the Quest Form (linked to below).
    3. Streams
    The AJSA Stream Team is getting in on the fun too, check out the Quest Form and look for the participating streamers to go live, and they will announce their stream Code Phrases during their streams throughout the week!
    4. Trivia
    Think you know a lot about Angry Joe Show History, how about random moments during Joe's Streams? Now is your chance to prove it my answering some trivia!
    Quest Form: Fill out this form and come back to it throughout the week as you collect code phrases and answers! Link (http://goo.gl/forms/HpzR27ju6l)
    How many correct code phrases or answers do you need to win the Awards? See below!
    Bronze - 8 Correct Codes/Answers
    Silver - 14 Correct Codes/Answers
    Gold - 19 Correct Codes/Answers - Winners of this level and above can choose their own (tasteful) Member Title to go above their Forum Avatar!
    Platinum - 25 Correct Codes/Answers - Winners of this level will be honored in a special Teamspeak Lounge with their names forever listed in the description! (maybe something else depending on how few make it... )
    Some last notes for the Contest: There's nothing wrong with teamwork in doing the contest, we are a community after all! However, posts listing codes and answers on the forum will be hidden (without negative effects to the members standing).
    We hope to see you throughout the week in-game, or on twitch! Contest will end Monday the 17th, and then winners and badges awarded as soon as we tally the results!
    {End DoctorEvil Interjection}
    Not to mention we'll be making several special announcements over the week as well! So stay tuned for more!

    So, that Community Spotlight is back in Action! Holy crap can you believe it? Yeah, me either. We'll not talk about why it was gone for weeks, but we will instead talk about the future!

    First things first, I'll be using many more means of getting content for the Spotlights for you guys each week than ever before. This includes our Game Officer Corps, and our Moderators Corps searching the forums for your win vids, epic discussions, art, let's plays, you name it! however if you want to see your content on the Spotlight you need to Private Message Damion Rayne. Oh and make sure you title is "Community Spotlight Content Submission [NAME]"

    We've a few tidbits to post up here in the news section before we move on,

    One the "In the news section" will also be making a full return to full operation moving forward, take a looksee here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forum/8-in-the-news/
    We're still toying with the Idea of AJSA Radio, if this is something you'd like to see in operation, let us know!
    We've got some big games coming up that we plan to take a look at and possibly be a part of. Stay tuned for more on this.
    I'll be heading up a new bout of servers soon-ish that'll be hosting some nice indie-sandbox games such as Space Engineers, Minecraft, 7DaysToDie and Starbound. If you're interested in possibly becoming a server admin, let me know!

    Interested in Star Citizen? Seen Eye on the Fleet yet? No? Well, here ya go..

    Bow howdy what an art spotlight we have today folks!

    First off, Veteran Trexrell's Pixels,


    Secondly, Veteran saigonrice,


    Stay tuned next week for more awesome artwork!

    Wanna get Social with the rest of your Fellow Soldiers? Well then,

    https://twitter.com/AJSAgaming @AJSAGaming
    Teamspeak! Get on it! http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/13-the-ajsa-teamspeak-video-tutorial-instructions/

  15. DemonsColt liked a article by Seph, Official/Unofficial Games Details and Procedures   
    The new subform for this announcement is located at -> http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forum/114-officialunofficial-game-support/
    Hello, I am Commander Seph and the new Unoffical Games Commander. I am responsible for assisting games that have the potential to be official games. We are moving away from our current poll system used to select official games and on to a new system. All new potential official games will be classified as unofficial first unless approved by council. This will allow for us to assess the game's leaders and if it has enough of a following. Listed below are the details for the different classifications of games within our community.
    Official Games
    Below are a few perks of being an official game.
    Full access to "The Hype Machine" (Information about "The Hype Machine" located at the bottom)
    Dedicated Teamspeak channel in official games section with sub channels
    Dedicated sub forum area with addtional sub forums as needed
    Dedicated server if game supports servers and the need is present (admin on server if they have the knowledge)
    Assigned a point of contact to assist you with event announcements and advise to help you succeed
    Leader will receive a forum award to show that they lead a game
    Leader will be allowed officers and sergeants based on their need in game

    Official game leader expectations are as follows
    Active leadership and community in game
    Run events regularly
    Report to a point of contact on activity within a game and on events held
    Administer server if they have the know how

    Requirements in order to become official (Must meet at least 2 out of 5)
    Guild/Clan System
    Community meta-game addtitions (Such as tournaments)
    Joe/Streamer/High Command support
    Server support that benefits the AJSA
    Community Popularity

    Unofficial Games
    Below are the perks of being an unofficial game.
    Sub channel in teamspeak located under unofficial games
    Use of "The Hype Machine" but must be approved by Commander or above.
    Possible sub-forum (Official games that are sunset or Popular unofficial games)
    Use of the Unofficial Games Commander as a Point of Contact
    Possible temporary server for large events if supported (Commander or higher will admin the temp server)

    What kind of games are unofficial games?
    Games that we intent to support but are still in Alpha/Beta testing
    Contenders to become official games
    Games that have fallen out of favor and are no longer official games (They do have the ability to come back in to official status though)

    How to make an unofficial game official.
    Have an established and vetted leader canidate
    Active population of regular members
    Run events regularly
    Meet 2 out of the 5 requirements listed above in the official games section

    How to make a game an unofficial game. (You will need to submit a post with the following)
    Explain how your game meets 2 out of the 5 requirements
    A list of individuals who will play with you (at least 5)
    Understand that you are volunteering to lead the group you are making a post for
    Ideas for an event to be held if and when the game becomes unofficial
    Create a follow up post after the event detailing how it went complete with screenshots and/or videos
    An example and more information can be found here ->http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/23130-read-first-example-for-game-request/

    Community Games
    There is another type of classification that I would like to note. We will be adding a new section within our teamspeak for games that do not fall in to the above categories but are still played regularly by our members. They will receive a channel under a new category: Community Games so that members can meet up and play together.
    Unsupported Games
    All other games will be labeled as unsupported games. They will not have any of the perks listed above.
    "The Hype Machine"
    Below is brief overview of something we like to call "The Hype Machine" which will help you raise awareness of your game and it's events. Official games get to utilize all options available. Unofficial games only get limited and sometimes temporary access to some of the details listed.
    Advertising post on in the Dev/Publisher Forum of your game
    Events posted in dedicated sub forum
    AJSA Calendar entry
    Semi permanent TS channel for event advertisement
    Front page article
    Steam group calendar entry
    Chat advertise events during AJS streams on twitch
    Twitter annoncements of events (auto announces calendar entries)
    Council to stream special events (uncommon but possible if the event is interesting enough)
    Mention in the Monthly Community Update Video (very special event and well planned)

  16. DemonsColt liked a article by DoctorEvil, Saturday: Take a Break with some Medieval Warfare!   
    WHEN: September 20th, 2014. At 4:00 PM EDT. Check the Calendar or the Official AJSA Steam Group's Event list for a conversion to your timezone!
    WHAT: Test your sword play in a battle of wits and cunning between you and your formidable opponent!
    It's the Chivalry DUEL Event, complete with 12 maps of dueling fun!
    WHERE: Available at the official AJSA Server. Search for "AJSA" in the server list!
    Server will house 32 players max.
    Hear the lamentations of your slain foes on the AJSA Teamspeak! ts3.ajas.gaming in the Chivary channel found all the way down in the Unofficial Games Section!
    Please PM event organizer Demonscolt for more information!
  17. DemonsColt liked a article by DoctorEvil, ArcheAge Launch is Coming! Will you join us in the AJSA?   
    ArcheAge is a Korean-made MMO from Trion (publishers of other MMOs such as RIFT) and after being in Alpha and Beta during the summer is launching this Tuesday! AJSA Head Start members have already established a Guild in-game and we are ready for you to join us in-game!

    Here are the important details about the guild:
    WHERE: Server is Kyros, all NA servers are located in Texas, EU and Pacific players can play fine on these.
    WHO: The AJSA will be playing as the East Faction, which means you have to select either the Harani (Asian), or Firran (Cat-people) races.
    WHEN: Launch will be in the AM Pacific (US West Coast time, so afternoon US East, evening EU) Expect significant delays from the launch, and a fairly hefty queue for new players, after all it is a MMO Launch!
    WHY: While the leveling process is fairly standard as MMOs go, the End Game is very unique for most Western MMOs, players and Guilds can build Houses, Farms, and even Ships! Pick your crafting area here! Game areas are open-world PvP, and even criminal elements of your own Faction can murder you!
    HOW: Find out more about the game by checking out our sub-forums. Below you will find the leadership structure for the ArcheAge Chapter, any of these players can get you an invite to the guild, you both have to be online for an invite to be sent, the best way to see if the Officer or Sergeant is around is to check on the AJSA Teamspeak! (ts3.ajsagaming.com)
    In-game Name (ign) same unless specified.
    Guild Leader:
    commanderbeef (ign: mrbeef)
    Commander: (AJSA Forum Officer Rank)
    Officer: (AJSA Forum Sergeant Rank)
    J_Papa (ign: riplaw)
    Additional Guild Inviters
    Councilman SgtRoss (ign: Rossdaboss)
    Councilman DoctorEvil (ign: Doctorevil)
    Councilman Delrith (ign: Deltron)
    Commander Craigr910 (ign: Ferguson)
    Hope to see you in game!
    Or if you are still undecided, many of our AJSA streamers regularly stream their progress in-game! Check them out below:
    SgtRoss: http://www.twitch.tv/sgtross_usmc
    Delrith: http://www.twitch.tv/angryjoeshow
    Angerbeard: http://www.twitch.tv/angerbeard
    image credits: Officer MoVe (taken during Beta)
    PS- Want to have the AJSA logo on your cloak? Or even make your own design? Read here
  18. DemonsColt liked a article by Seph, AJSA and Derp Squad CO-OP ARMA 2 Event   
    On Saturday the 13th, 8 pm EST. We will be playing with Derp Squad on their server & teamspeak for a campaign match, with the ACE mod! The campaign will be considerable a fast pace match with helicopters, vehicles, and weapons of the sort! AJSA vs Derp Squad (player vs player). We are expecting at least 25+ players to show up to this event!

    Date: Saturday the 13th
    Time: 8 PM EST
    Teamspeak Ip:
    ACE mod needed!
    ACRE mod needed!

    ​The original post of the invitation to the event:
    Mods setup:
    You will need a older version of teamspeak to be compatible with their version of ACRE, which is one of their mods:
    http://derp-squad.co...php?f=24&t=4� �
  19. DemonsColt liked a article by Angry Joe, Shield Tablet Giveaway Contest! [AJSA Shirt & Jersey Designs]   
    Angry Joe has got some PAX Swag to giveaway to the Angry Army!
    In the PAX Prime 2014 Breakdown Vlog Angry Joe and Delrith offer some prizes to be won. Watch that video here:

    First up is a high end mobile gaming system, the Nvidia Shield Tablet! How do you score this awesome loot? All you need to do is design your own AJSA Shirt or Jersey and submit it here in the forums!
    Entries into the contest will begin today, September 9th, 2014 and run until September 19th, 2014 at which time two winners will be selected by Angry Joe and the AJSA Council.

    1st Place Prize gets the Nvidia Shield Tablet!
    2nd Place Runner up gets a copy of World of Tanks Combat Ready Starter Pack on the Xbox 360!
    So get to designing! Submit your completed designs here on the forums!
    Yes the competition is open Worldwide, Internationals feel free to participate, ill pay for the ridiculous shipping to get it to you!
  20. DemonsColt liked a article by Conan, 8/29 PS2 Special Op: Child’s Play Charity   
    Child’s Play Charity is a fantastic opportunity for gamers to give back to a fantastic cause. This organization seeks to improve the lives of children in hospitals around the world by funding and distributing games and technology to kids who are stuck in hospitals, often with nothing to do. Play to Give Back™ and the Black Widow Company will be hosting a 14 hour, 2-day live stream fundraiser and raffle event, with the intent to donate 100% of proceeds to this amazing cause. There are many prizes, including a Star Citizen RSI Constellation Package, and a Razer Black Widow keyboard!

    When: Friday 29th, August 2014 - Commencing at 6:00 PM EDT (11:00 pm GMT)
    The event will run for 7 hours
    Where: Emerald Server, AJSA Teamspeak ts3.ajsagaming.com
    How: Platoon and Squad leaders will be assigned prior to the event starting and you will be allocated to squads in the teamspeak. After that you will be instructed to join the squad with the correct squad leader.
    Newer members should see the “READ ME” forum post to see the list of sergeants/officers so send an ingame message to receive an invite to the squad. (ask sergeants/officers for outfit invites if necessary)
    What: The AJSA will partake in the Child’s Play Charity campaign, which is spearheaded by the BWC. We will be fighting as a detached force, only being connected to the BWC by a liaison who directs us to specific areas.
    The BWC stream can be watched here.
    Donations and Raffle System: Tickets for the Naga Mouse and Keyboard (2 prizes) are $5 (or more) each, ticket purchases open at 1500 FRIDAY AUG/29 AND CLOSE 0200 SATURDAY AUG/30
    Tickets for the Connie package are $10 (or more) , or $25 (or more) for 3 tickets, ticket purchases open at 1500 SATURDAY AUG/30 AND CLOSE 0200 SUNDAY AUG/31
    All donations will automatically be entered in the running for several other smaller prizes, which include being able to choose from several Steam games!
    100% of donations will be forwarded to the Child's Play Charity, more information about their amazing work here: http://www.childsplaycharity.org/
    All donations will be through PayPal directly to the Play to Give Back BWC charity, and to get your ticket, the donation must be made during the above time, and you MUST enter your email in the comment/note field. Donations are to be submitted to Play to Give Back™
    AJSA Event MVP

    Officers and Sergeants will be on the lookout for the player who best exemplifies the AJSA during this event. This means players who not only demonstrate skill on the battlefield, but are great team members as well. A player who meets those high standards for this event will receive the AJSA Champion Award to adorn their forum profile!
    Note, that a MVP is not guaranteed to be awarded every Op, you have to earn it!
  21. DemonsColt liked a article by DamionRayne, Community Spotlight: 19AUG2014   
    Want to chop arms off and bash skills with the AJSA in Chivalry? Look no further Knight!

    AJSA gaming is now being hosted by the Angry Joe Show main channel, what does this mean? It means when ever the AJS channel isn't streaming you'll be shown what's going on on AJSA Gaming if anyone is currently live streaming on it!

    Also the community YouTube Channel's art is done and ready, as it our Goggle+, take a look,


    Join us on +Angry Army

    and here,


    A huge thanks to Tactical Lion for making the AJSAGaming banner for all of our channels! Take a looksee below..

    And our new avatar!

    Looks good eh?

    Let's give Recruit
    Fishallies a quick shout out shall we?

    That's all for today! Stay tuned for more! -DR

  22. DemonsColt liked a article by DamionRayne, Community Announcement: Send us your stuff!   
    If you're looking to get featured on the spotlight, be sure and continue to post your artwork here,
    Post your video content here,
    Funny videos? We want them. High quality youtube content? We want that to. Great artwork? Want it! Got something special happening in your sub-community? That means in your specific game by the way, we want that to!
    Who to send stuff to for news: Field Commander Damion Rayne
  23. DemonsColt liked a article by DoctorEvil, Monday: Battlefield Hardline OP Night   
    Attention soldiers of the AJSA! The Battlefield Hardline beta is now online!

    The BF Hardline beta is out and the AJSA wants you to play your part and fight the good fight. Over the coming months we are going to setup more events for Battlefield 4 but we are also going to begin setting up events for BF Hardline too. Our first community event for BF Hardline will take place Monday 8pm CST. This will coincide with Tons0fun and SgtRoss’s twitch stream, were they will also be taking part in the community event.

    Here is a link to the server that we will be joining: http://battlelog.bat...-US-East-19874/

    See you all on the Battlefield!

    Be sure to join the AJSA BF4/Hardline TeamSpeak channel too @ ts3.ajsagaming.com.
  24. DemonsColt liked a article by DamionRayne, Community Spotlight: 19MAY2014   
    Outside of the Week Long POE Event, there's not much to announce. So if you like POE, give this a looksee:

    As for News? Well, War Thunders Ground forces are in Open Beta as of last week, here's a video to wet your appetite for heavy metal mayhem!

    Come join the AJSA in War Thunder!

    Hmm....time for some giggles yeah?

    Now this is some A grade awesome right here, brought to you by member DemonsColt,

    Oh and Kizra's at it again with some Sigs yo...


    Be sure and check out the "in the news" section daily:

    Apologies for the lack of content this week and the lateness. -DR

  25. DemonsColt liked a article by DamionRayne, Community Spotlight! 28APR2014   
    The AJSA Gaming Stream has more Streamers going live every day for your viewing pleasure than ever before! Interested in our schedule? Look below:

    Be sure to come on by and give all of us a looksee!

    Several in fact, or about 18 to be specific... 18 people to see the Bad Ass Seal of Approval:

    Why? Because these badasses managed an entire 24 hours of Planetside 2. Holy shitake mushrooms batman that's a lot of dude shooting.. Here's a quote from Field Commander Doctorevil about the whole thing,

    Jumping jimmy crickets that must have been rough playing PS2 for that long, let alone any game for that long, give these guys a round of applause! Well done soldiers!

    Something for our Lord Commander by Maro Bot,

    NEligahn has a nice retrospective series for us all to enjoy, forum post here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/2535-knee-deep-in-the-dead-fps-retrospective-series/

    Be sure and remember the Mission Statement in all your dealings with other clans, and in other games Soliders!

    That's it for today, we'll see you next monday. Oh and remeber, if you've got something you want to see up on these spotlights be sure and PM me! -Damion Rayne