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  1. Main post updated! New specialization videos. Enjoy!
  2. Hello again all I have some fun builds I've been putting together and sharing around for use either with your main character, or viable as well for your AI companions! I also have some other videos related to Dragon Age Inq and I'll post them here as well. UPDATE: I'm now releasing new specialization videos! More crafting and material gathering videos on the way! I've also put in short written versions of the builds in the description section for each video. Any constructive criticism is welcome so please leave it in the comment section of the videos. I really enjoy the feedback and debate on skills Dragon Age Inquisition - Class Build - Dual Dagger Stealth Rogue Guide! Dragon Age Inquisition - Crafting Material Farming Guide! #1 Dragon Age Inquisition - Class Build - Sword and Shield Tank Warrrior Guide Dragon Age Inquisition - Class Build - Balance Mage Guide Dragon Age Inquisition - Class Build - Two-Hand Warrior Guide Dragon Age Inquisition - Class Build - Power Shots Archer Rogue Guide! Dragon Age Inquisition - Mount Guide - Hinterlands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-d3Ci1qM_I0 Dragon Age Inquisition Guides - Crafting Weapons, Armor and Upgrades! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXxbfAG8A7Q
  3. OP updated with new Dual Dagger Stealth Rogue build! This has been a great discussion maker on Reddit. Nearly top of the Hot section at it's peak! http://www.reddit.com/r/dragonage/comments/2nm8bc/dragon_age_inquisition_class_build_dual_dagger/
  4. The silence is deafening... Curious myself. But too busy with Dragon Age Inq and Warlords of Draenor to really look into it.
  5. I think I'm lik 50 hours in the game now. Level 13 2H Warrior.
  6. New video for crafting material farming added to original post
  7. By the time I made most of these videos, I had only received 1 amulet and that was for Varric. I've gotten a few since Your specialization focus ability will be powered by focus. It has 3 tiers of power, should you decide to wait for it to charge higher before using it
  8. Main post updated with new Power Shots Archer build. Enjoy~!
  9. Yes, more builds are definitely on the way. First I'm doing some builds based on the initial skill lines. Then onto the class specializations. After that I'll probably start mixing up builds and other guides.
  10. lol, hey Rev! I like to post around here from time to time. Share my creations with the Angry Army. I guess you missed my Kingdom Under Fire 2 post? http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/21283-kingdom-under-fire-2-videos/ I'm pumped for GitS Online as well. I hope it comes fairly soon, in English of course. But my god....that Lost Ark. Now THAT'S a game I hope to cover more of in the near future. Simply amazing looking. Glad you're enjoying the DAI vids. These types of videos are the most fun for me to make
  11. Whats up everyone! AJ is pumped for KUF2 and so am I! I've got a fast growing playlist of gameplay videos and detailed breakdowns of the features and mechanics in this game. I live in Japan and have access to the beta, playing as much as I can and so far it's exceeded my expectations! The large scale battles are challenging and story driven. The customization of your character and your troops is deep and very interesting! And while I do see room for improvement in the beta leading up to the launch in the west, so far, I'm really pleased with Kingdom Under Fire 2! Check out my channel and videos below for more! If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer. My Channel -- https://www.youtube.com/user/DigitalPulseGTR Kingdom Under Fire 2 Playlist -- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSKvsoulJB_YDuAcEYLw4o3919kovWlTk Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Classes and Combat Gameplay! Part 1 of 3 Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Gunslinger Mission Gameplay! Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Classes and Combat Gameplay! Part 2 of 3 Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Spellsword Mission Gameplay! Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Classes and Combat Gameplay! Part 3 of 3 Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Berserker Mission Gameplay! Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Managing Your Troops! - Battle Preparations Part 1 of 3 Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Managing Your Gear! - Battle Preparations Part 2 of 3 Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Are You Ready!?! - Battle Preparations Part 3 of 3 Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Battle for the Temple! Story Mission Gameplay
  12. Hey everyone! I've put up a few new videos including one I think that has the answer to the biggest question of all. Is Kingdom Under Fire 2 Pay to Win?
  13. Original post updated. Big things happening!~
  14. Hey AJSA, UPDATE 2/21 - Been a helluva week+ working on a lot of new stuff including a website to go with my channel and the new video you see below. An In-depth guide to Enemies in Destiny! Be sure to visit the video on YouTube, click the Like button and leave a comment letting me know what you think about "Laser Face!" Enjoy! Also some other good news, my Destiny channel was partnered and my main channel just blew past 30K subs UPDATE 2/10 - Alright so I've had my nose to the grindstone the past week and it's been fun and frustrating with the new vids and channel. Fun because I love making content like this. Frustrating because YouTubes copyright claim system is more fucked than I thought. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say I spent about 10 hours yesturday remixing my newest video so it would finally clear through YouTube without a false flag on it. Anyway, I hope you'll check out my new Destiny videos and support my work by clicking the LIKE button and leaving a comment. And of course, if I'm really making you happy in the pants, subscribe for more DestinyHQ! Thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ORIGINAL POST BELOW ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I decided this past week to start up a 2nd channel. This channel will be focused entirely on Destiny content. If you're looking for videos on YouTube for Destiny, this will be the place to go soon! I've just uploaded my first video, a quick overview of all the major features and possibilities for Destiny. Coming soon after, I'll continue to going into more detail on each of these topics and much more! If you're interested in more, subscribe! If you enjoy the video, please click the Like button and leave a comment! Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Videos listed are top=newest / bottom=oldest Destiny Gameplay - In-depth Guide to Enemies Shrike Vehicle, Pentathlon, and Laser Face? - Destiny Weekly News Podcast #2! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25jMxXp25Ms Destiny Guntage Gameplay! - Guns and Customization! Destiny Weekly Podcast #1 - Anticipated and Innovative! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlJHTsg7R70 Destiny Class Focus and Abilities - Character Development Destiny Gameplay Overview
  15. I know and I was trying to back you up to support your topic. I'm not saying you're trying to be mean, quite the opposite actually.
  16. Could be the bad attitudes some people have around here that scare off other people. Seems like every other post I read, I see cold sarcasm and rude replies towards people with innocent and legitimate questions and concerns. Like the OP. Perhaps we can stop throwing turds in other peoples faces just because they asked a simple question. Multigaming community or single game community, a community isn't one if people don't show some respect and act civil toward one another. As for the actual topic, yes, it's probably not going to accurately represent the communities activity overall just because of a low activity moment on teamspeak. And also a lot of people simply don't like using voice chat everytime they log on. Sometimes, people are just trying to relax and don't want to have to chat if they're tired from school, work or both. However the way things are and always will be, is that people will make claims often they won't back up or can't after time. People get busy, lose interest and a number of other factors that mean the number of original active members is sure to go down, probably by half in a month or two. This is normal overall for games, especially after launch. If you really want a strong AJSA community, then I think AJ himself should participate in his AJSA guilds as much as possible. Maybe even make community videos on his channel or perhaps a second channel. I know the common saying is "Don't expect to play with AJ!", but we all know that most people came here exactly for that reason. That's going to be hard of course, I realize he's extremely busy, I know I am. But it would boost morale sky high. Like a warlord on the battlefield along side the common grunt. His presence would do wonders for the community. And if he actually made videos about it, holy shit would that attract more attention AND respect for him as a YouTube content creator. Only way I see that being possible is to really tighten down the official "back by AJSA" guilds to only guilds he can participate in. Or differentiate between those backed by AJ or simply community driven guilds. Just a thought, don't bite my head off. Either way, I'm here and hope to play along side AJSA more in the future.
  17. Hey Destiny fans! Check out this sweet new Destiny Community Fansite that just launched today! It's just starting, but already is great for fans looking for more Destiny related news and gameplay info! Also completely advertisement free! No annoying popups or google banners http://www.destinyheadquarters.com/
  18. Choices that change a linear experience into a more dynamic experience that make a strong difference between outcomes.
  19. Bless! (assuming it's not a grindfest)
  20. This was me, and everyone else I know. Played it for an hour, got bored and switched to something else. It's the first beta that I've ever had that reaction to. And btw, OP, it's exCited. Not exited.
  21. First game that made me cry? Final Fantasy 7. First game I rage quit? Battletoads.
  22. First post updated with new 3 new videos! Enjoy!
  23. I think there's far too much cynicism in this thread. I may be a big fan of MGS, but Kojima has NEVER failed to deliver an awesome game worth every penny spent that he himself had a major role in. A lot of media douches will take any piece of gaming news they can and twist it in a way that makes it sound controversial or attention grabbing. I think that's the case here for this game. I'm not ruling out that it is a short game, I'm also not ruling out that the publisher is doing a dick move here by charging a premium for it, but I do definitely think there's more to this than just simply 2 hours. In Kojima we trust!
  24. I recommend you narrow down to playing less games. With a channel your size, you need to build up a loyal fanbase. The best way to achieve this, especially in your early YouTube stage is to have a theme and stick with it. The reason this is so important is because if you keep switching games, you lose the viewers that are interested in the game you were playing. This may be argued with "Well so and so (insert big YouTuber) changes games all the time!" Right, but that's because he's basically famous and it doesn't matter as much what they play, people really like watching that person in general now. Try to pick one, max two games that people are interested in and make the best quality content you can for it. Which game(s) you pick is obviously crucial then as it will be potentially do for months. And that's what I recommend. Try them out for awhile, and hopefully both you and your subscribers are enjoying what you're doing.