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  1. Funny thing: the theatre I watched this movie in messed up the audio. They made the music loud, while the dialogue & sound effects low, so there are times where there's a fight scene happening & all I can hear is the loud music. When characters are talking in the middle of their fight scenes, I can't hear most of it. This is definitely the theatre's fault since it also happens during the trailer showing in the beginning before the film. I had fun regardless though. This is 1 week after I watched the new Mortal Kombat film, and now that my excitement has calmed down, I gotta say, this film is a fun watch, even with its story inconsistencies. Now you'd think from the title alone that this film is gonna be like the original MK film back in the day where it's just a straight-up MK tournament, but it's not. This film is pretty much a backstory chapter for everyone in the cast to prepare themselves for the real Mortal Kombat tournament that's going to happen in the eventual sequels. If you know coming in that there won't be any tournament happening, then it will make the experience better. The plot of the film is pretty much "heroes training for eventual MK tournament. Oh and Hanzo/ Scorpion + Sub Zero 1/ Bi Han's rivalry is at full force". The film definitely takes its own spin in the MK lore which may come as confusing for those that are used to how the story goes in the MK games. For starters, the film decides to give explanations on how each of the characters have their special abilities, which pretty much boils down to "get an MK dragon tattoo through birthright, or by killing another person with the MK dragon tattoo so it gets passed on to you, and then unlock your special power if you have an MK tattoo by training hard/ do something that triggers your ability to activate". Which...... yeah that thing doesn't really make sense. I can buy it happening for Kung Lao and Liu Kang, but Jax + Sonya + Kano, the ones that from the games uses gadgets & their own martial arts skills? It doesn't really fit into this explanation, but eh I'll buy it. For now. It's also pretty weird to have a completely new character Cole Young as the main character POV for the audience as he stumbled upon the war between Outworld & Earthrealm one day when Sub Zero 1/Bi Han comes in like a really badass slasher villain for his family. I know a lot of reviewers out there don't like Cole, but I'm pretty much one that don't mind him for now. He's more like a mix between a couple of existing characters, Takeda, a bit of Scorpion & a bit of Johnny Cage specifically. Since this is the first chapter in a bunch of planned films, I expect him to just start unlocking more of his power that he'll eventually learn to master in the sequels, and even though his power in this film look pretty lame, I can see that it will probably evolve into an even better one when the sequel rolls in, so right now I'm just cautiously optimistic. Gonna say the positives first about this film: the trailer. It is so damn good that I rewatched this dozens of times before watching the film. A shame that the song used doesn't have the MK notes in the actual version, but it still kicks ass. The old-school characters in the films are great. Jax, Sonya, Kung Lao, Raiden, Shang Tsung & Liu Kang are quite accurate to their personality in the games. Hanzo/ Scorpion did not show up on screen much besides the intro & the end of the film, but he's awesome when he does. Kano, now THAT is one really good casting. The person who played him is Josh Lawson, and I actually have seen him in this one Australian improv show Thank God You're Here years ago where he just improv his way through stuff & he's so damn good with it. So I was quite excited to see how well he did as Kano, and he's pretty much one of the best parts of the damn film. Also fun fact: most of the dialogue he said in this film are improvised by him, which makes them so damn funny & great. His Thank God You're Here experience elevated Kano from typical Aussie asshole to best character in the film. Well done Josh, looking forward to seeing him back in the sequel. Sub-Zero 1/ Bi Han is also another great part of the film. Unlike the original Bi Han who's a dick with redeeming qualities to him, this Bi Han is straight-up business. He's a full-on badass villain in the modern-day, hunting down everyone that tries to stop him with ruthless efficiency just like a horror slasher film villain, only a martial artist with slick moves & ice powers. This is what I expected out of Joe Taslim, the man knows how to fight & it's badass. Joe's actually a big fan of MK, and he actually signed up for the sequels so expect to see more of him kicking even more asses, probably as Noob Saibot which man I can't wait to see! The fight scenes are also a highlight of the film. They're not shot like shit with shaky cams & actually show the actors doing their moves properly, and the characters did the moves they have in the games, which is so badass on screen, especially the fatalities. There are a couple of "well that fight was...... alright" moments, but no fight in this film is like "wow that is the worst fight I've ever seen" bad. The intro & the final fight are the highlights of the film for sure & I wanna watch them again when they're fully up on youtube later. When the sequels are made, I want these guys to work with the Raid's/ Night Comes for Us' choreography team & make a fucking awesome brutal fight from beginning to end. That will make the next films AMAZEBALLS. And now to the negatives: what the hell is up with the dialogues??? Aside from Shang Tsung & Kano which are good to really good, the dialogues in this film are just all over the damn place. Cole, unfortunately, has to be saddled with these generic "I'm a hero, let's unite & fight" cookie-cutter stock lines that just sound so generic where he could've been better if he questions the insanity around him more often. His best line was questioning "btw wasn't Kombat supposed to be spelled with C? That doesn't make sense" in the beginning, while for the rest of the film he either let Kano do his zingers or just say plain stuff. The way the plot progresses, other than the intro & the end, definitely could've been more straightforward. Instead what happened was the first half of the film is good if questionable, and then the second half stumbled as it slipped on a slippery slope, and then back to good again at the end. Anything Raiden said makes me so confused for example because he just said a couple of things that make you question stuff instead of just giving a straight explanation. There's one point in the second half where I was like "hang on a minute, why did they do that even though minutes ago it can't happen because of the existing rules??" Which makes sense since the screenplay writer of this film worked on Wonder Woman 1984 & his co screenplay writer worked on this film as his first. They should've been replaced with writers that worked on the MCU films so everything is more cohesive. I also don't like how Cole is just put into the middle of a cool fight scene even though it's better if he didn't interrupt the flow of the badass fights. He has a couple of fights that are definitely necessary to show his skills, but there are a couple where he just shows up out of the blue. It's like that moment in the recent Godzilla films where you see the monsters fight, and then you see the humans talking in the middle of the fight. JUST DON'T HAVE THOSE SCENES WHEN THEY'RE FIGHTING DAMN IT! The music they decided to pick was..... questionable. The ones in the trailer, intro and the final battle (see a pattern here?) are nice & kicks ass, but the ones in the middle are just there & don't really have that catchiness to them. Even the MK theme that they decided to do for the end credits lack the badassery cause they put DUBSTEP of all things in it. I like the effects they do for the background at least. I actually made a complete version of the mixed up MK11 story trailer on my channel & the commenters all agree that it should've been the song that's used for this film. XD Lastly, some of the characters are done dirty here, most especially the villains. I know this first film is just setup for the eventual sequels, but man, they wasted Reiko & make him just this guy that wants to cosplay as Shao Khan without any dialogue of his own, Goro's less of a threat than Sub Zero which makes no sense since he was always that one damn sub-boss that took many tries to beat, Nitara from Deadly Alliance but less good just shows up without talking too &........ whatever this guy is. No.... NOO... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! No matter how many times they say it, this is NOT Reptile. I refuse to believe that this is Syzoth. This has to be just one of the members of his Saurian Race, it HAS to be. Oh please sequel make Reptile actually like he was in the games! Overall, this film is mostly an enjoyable time. Definitely could've been better with refinements in the plot & the dialogues, but for a reboot starter, it's definitely fun to watch. Certainly better than MK Annihilation oh God why did that film suck so hard. I give this film "an enjoyable, if messy watch & make you want to see what happen next in the sequel". 7/10. I just hope that the sequel will actually be 10 times better & not be another Mortal Kombat Annihilation. OH GOD PLEASE NO
  2. At last. After many2 years of waiting, Attack on Titan's manga has finally come to an end. I read it, not gonna spoil it. All I can say though is that it doesn't end in a way that pissed me off, but it ends in a great way that pretty much tie things up quite nicely. For those that are waiting for the manga to end before binge reading it, now's the perfect time to do it. For those that wants to wait till the anime finishes it, well it'll be 1 year of waiting till the anime ends it, so get ready for that time. In the meantime, you guys can wait while listening to the epic opening for the first season all over again.
  3. ajsa

    Ahhh, back from a pretty busy easter & work schedule. Finally the poster decide to join in. Good thing I don't have to be the lone one contributing this year. XD 13) Little Nightmares 2 Platform: PC I completely skipped the first Little Nightmares because I saw what happened during that game's story & there's no way in hell I'm going to play as that complete asshole Six. So since 2 stars a much2 better & nicer hero this time around with this game being a prequel to 2, I finally decide to join in the fun of playing this game. It's pretty much what I expected it to be: cinematic horror platformer where you mostly run from incoming enemies, while solving puzzles & soak in the atmosphere of this game just like other similar games Inside & Limbo did before it. I was actually pleasantly happy that there's actually simple combat in this game because your main character can grab a weapon & whack enemies with it, and later before the final boss you actually do get to use a SICK ability. And then the ending happened, and I am completely broken afterward. Not broken in a "fuck this game series I hope it burns" kind of way, but more like "after THAT downer, I can't wait to see how this story ends in the sequel" kind of way. You'll see why when you play the game yourself. Even though I finished the game & enjoyed it, I am NEVER playing it ever again after that shit. And the downer is that the dev actually quits Bandai Namco, so this game is officially the end of Little Nightmares under their hands. Bandai Namco though will definitely have other developers continue the story, so when that happens, I really hope it's a great continuation & not a sloppy mess. Though considering how simple the story is anyway, I have good hope for the next part of this series. 14) Uppers Platform: PC This game....... so funny story, I was originally interested in this game because a friend of mine recommended it to me WAAAAYYYY before the game was released on PC. It was originally a PS Vita game & I like what I'm seeing from the trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AblrPXDIfks Beat em up goodness that reminds me of Urban Reign? What's not to like? So I waited patiently for the game to finally be released on PC............. Then I realized that this is from the same people that did Senran Kagura........ Ohhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooooo (well I don't mind cause of the cute girls ahem forget I said that) Thankfully.......... even though this game does involve you flipping up a bunch of girl's skirts & dropping into your girlfriend I mean your "manager's" boing boing, it's not as explicit as Senran Kagura. It's more like the Diet Coke version of it while most of the time will be spent making enemies fly to the sky & doing really awesome beatings. Pretty much the whole premise of the game is about these 2 friends who wanted 2 things in life: 1) Be the strongest person in their city 2) GET THEM HOT CHICKS Along the way, shenanigans with different characters happen, most of them girls of course, and you reach the top by beating dudes up in different straightforward missions, occasionally playing missions where you play as bosses you just fought, and then do it over and over again. This game gets repetitive real quick, so I've been playing it in short bursts until I finally beat it by GETTING ALL THEM CHICKS YEAAAAHHHHHHH. All in all, fun game for what it is. 15) Persona 5 Scramble Platform: PC Weeks later, and the kickass soundtrack is still stuck to my head. God I love this game! Shame about that one alt-tab area glitch though........ 16) GRIS Platform: PC This is that very pretty looking artful game At first I just enjoyed the scenery & the great music, then I realized from each chapter's title that this game's plot follows the 5 stages of grief, which means that this game is yet another one of those games where it's a manifestation of letting go loss, just like RiME that I played last year....... thankfully the journey this time is not depressing as hell and a lot more peaceful, with a bunch of soothing art to guide you along the ride. By the end you'll feel happy instead of getting depressed, and that's good. 17) Introvert: A Teenage Simulator Platform: PC Oh boy, a free game about being a new kid on a really depressing town where you befriend a boy that said if he couldn't get a friend in a week, he'll shoot things up in the place.......... this is exactly the kind of game you're thinking about. Thankfully it's free & it does have some weird LSD & supernatural vibe to it so it's not THAT depressing, but it will still end the way you think it will end. 18) Spyro The Dragon - Reignited Platform: PC AAhhhhhhh, Spyro. How I miss ya little guy! I played the shit out of Spyro 1 & 3 back in the PS1 days, though unfortunately I never managed to complete those games back then, and to find that the Reignited Trilogy, just like the Crash remake, is a faithful upgrade of the original trilogy on PS1, made me real happy to revisit these games & FINALLY complete the first Spyro. And this time I 100%, NO, 120% completed it thoroughly till the end. The bonus missions are a pain in the ass, buuut the entire game is straight-up just like playing the original PS1 game again. AND THAT'S AWESOME! 1 down, 2 more Spyro to go & I can't WAIT to beat 2 & play as Sgt. Byrd & Agent 9 in 3 again!
  4. Awwww yeaaaaaahhhhhhhh, after waiting for the english version for a LOONG time, I have finally finished this game. And it is by far by a country mile, the best game that Omega Force aka the Dynasty Warrior dev's had ever made to date. And all they need to do is not make yet another Dynasty Warriors copycat game & actually make a sequel to Persona 5 with most of the game mechanics intact with Dynasty Warriors square square triangle button mashing being used strategically. Hallelujah, they've finally broken their long monotony! They should've done this a long time ago. XD This game's story is 6 months after Persona 5 Royal. The Phantom Thieves are having a summer vacation, and they're doing a road trip to spend their vacation together. Of course, since this is a Persona game, this ain't your typical road trip. The gang has to fight a bunch of villains & Shin Megami Tensei monsters along the way while they decide to do what typical high schoolers do: having a lot of fun everywhere they go. With a new AI companion Sofia & a poor2 cop Zenkichi to accompany them along their very eventful journey, hilarity, sadness & awesomeness ensues along the way. And it's freaking awesome! I mean just listen & look at this banger of an intro & you'll be pumped for the journey ahead. Interestingly the game did not reference Royal a lot & only give you vague hints to what happens in that game, so that even the people who only play the normal Persona 5 game can get straight into this game. Apparently this is because both Royal & Scramble were developed at the same time, and so they decided to have Royal end in a way that is conclusive & doesn't need to be directly referenced when Scramble is finally released. Weird way to do it but it'll do. Now I know what you players of Dynasty/Samurai/ Whatever anime these dev made into a Dynasty Warriors clones are thinking: this game's just gonna be another Dynasty Warriors clone & you'll just do set missions after missions while protecting ai officers/ friends over and over and over again. Which to be fair, was my first thought too when this game was first announced. And as I had already said in the beginning, that is totally FAAAAAAARRRR OFFF from reality as soon as I played this game's demo months ago. In truth, this game is pretty much a true sequel to Persona 5 where most of the Persona 5 goodness is kept as it is, but made even more actiony without it being another square square triangle Warriors game. Combat of the game does have the usual square square triangle of the Warriors game, but the beauty of it is each Phantom Thieves have their own style of gameplay & it makes playing each of them different and not just you playing the same movesets. Joker & Makoto for example has 6 combo strings while Ryuji & Haru has 4 combo strings, but Ryuji & Haru can create more powerful attacks by holding down the triangle button. Ann can imbune her whip with fire property, while Yusuke is more like a Sengoku Basara Uesugi Kenshin/ Ishida Mitsunari with his slick katana swordplay. If you play a character often, you can increase their mastery which unlocks their movelists that make them stronger. And best of all, every single enemy you face are just like Persona 5 where they have weaknesses & strength against different attack types, so you're incentivized to switch characters & hit them with their weaknesses. The bosses in this game are definitely the highlight. There's a lot of em both sub bosses & major boss fights, and if you level up yourself properly, these fights are a damn blast to do. My personal favorite being one of endgame bosses which has a damn kickass theme & the fight itself is just absolutely bangers with it. I can't spoil it, but I was so damn giddy when I play it. Why the hell didn't Dynasty Warriors do this in their previous games? Why did they make Dynasty Warriors 9 & make Attack on Titan really damn boring instead of actually changing their combat like what they did with this game??? Cause if they did, I would actually buy one of their sequels instead of ignoring them until the latest Warriors Orochi 4 game cause 90% of their games are just the damn same WHY DO YOU TAKE THIS LONG TO ACTUALLY MAKE SOMETHING AWESOME & DIFFERENT ASDSDJNDHNDSSGDGOASFASDF Ahem, lost myself a bit there. Exploration is the same as Persona 5, only much better in that you can do more platforming & climb to high places more often, there's plenty of areas with their own themes depending on which major boss inhabits that area, and there's a lot of TREASURES to collect. You bet I went through most of the game just exploring every area & finding these things, and I love it. Oh yes, there is one thing that's very different compared to Persona 5: time doesn't matter. You no longer have to face the dilemma of "should I return back to the real world while I'm in the halfway point of this dungeon? I don't want to get out & skip a day cause I want to beat this dungeon ASAP so I can socialize with my confidants" cause this game doesn't have confidant/social links. Instead when you exit a dungeon, it is actually a good tactic since time doesn't skip forward like in 5, and you're restored to your full health when you go back to the dungeon immediately. And the social links are replaced with a LOT of scenes where you & your gang just hang out & enjoy the city you visited for your road trip. Make sense since this game is a road trip game to different parts of Japan & realistically the gang's spending 1 month doing this road trip, but I do wish that you can at least have a date with one of the girls. The most you do is invite one of your companions to a Ferris wheel in one of the cities & that's it. But I wanna go on even more dates with Makoto & Futaba damn it! Can't do it with Tae since she's not in this game! The request sidequest missions return, and this time you can actually replay previous stages by selecting them, unlike before where you're locked from the previous dungeon after beating them. Now this is actually a really good way to incentivize replaying the previous missions again since not only can you return & collect those pesky secret treasure chests that eluded you the first time, if you so choose, you can also replay the major boss fights to your heart's content. I love this cause I get to fight my favorite boss fight in the game & rock on to that boss' epic tunes over and over again, while getting rewards like new weapons/ cash for doing so. By the end of the game, I was so filthy rich from doing this one repeatable quests in dungeons 5 beyond that requires you to hand over materials you collected during your dungeon hunting that I can buy anything I want from items to getting those delicious high tier Personas YEAAAHHHHHHHH I really enjoyed the story of this game as a whole. It is indeed a road trip that will be remembered fondly for the sightseeing, funny shit, the many2 delicious mouth watering foods & awesome boss fights, but I really like new companions you get to travel with. Sofia's this newfound AI companion that can manifest herself in the Metaverse which is so damn cute & helpful that you want her to succeed in her goal to becoming a true companion by having her enjoy life, and Zenkichi the cop which tags along with you is a pretty damn cool dude that it's nice to see him having fun & grow to like the main Phantom Thieves group. And I also like that the villains in this game are not just complete degenerate pricks like the ones in Persona 5. Instead the villains in this game are more like the final boss in Royal where they all had a dark & messed up past, but they think they're doing the right thing by using their powers for their own misguided, but relatable motivations. Even the party can relate to them after they're defeated & their resolutions are pretty sweet. I really feel bad for most of the major villains in this game & it brings a lot of dimension to them. Well done game. Oh yes, and there's 1 thing that this game completely nails: THE FUCKING MUSIC. HOLY SHIET, they not only remixes the tunes from 5 & elevate them to epic levels, but the new tracks are also fucking bangers that I rock into. Here's just some example of the masterful tunes this game had both remix & new: And unlike Persona 3's battle theme which makes me want to shoot myself cause it gets annoying as hell, I actually freaking love listening to these tunes even when they're played more than 10 times. Well done music team for making Persona 5's songs even better than it was before! It is but with great sadness though that I had to say that there is 1 part of this 50+ hours game that momentarily broke my heart. So there's this really damn awesome boss fight that you do in the 5th major area in the game. You beat the boss, a heartfelt story moment happens, and you return to the real world. For some goddamn reason, the game crashed afterwards................. and I had to do that boss fight again. I don't mind though cause the boss is epic, so I did the fight again. Then for some damn reason, this time I was met with a black screen that just shows itself infinitely for no reason. So I quit the game again & hope to God the 3rd time's the charm annnnd I'M STILL IN THE DAMN BLACK SCREEN WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF And so I went to google to find a solution. As it turns out, for whatever reason, that part of the game needs to be Alt - tabbed to make the loading screen load things in the background or else you're stuck with the black screen.......................................... I repeat: YOU HAVE TO ALT - TAB THE LOADING SCREEN TO PROGRESS TO THE NEXT PART OF THE GAME.................... I actually was so pissed at that, I became Ice Cube during this scene. Buuut other than that & how you can't really continue your romance from the previous game to this, this game is really damn awesome. It is a true Persona 5 sequel through and through, and I am looking forward to seeing the Phantom Thieves' next adventure after this. I'll be down with them teaming up with previous Persona characters, which I heard was what this game's planned story will have at one point, and also even more badass bossfights to fight against. I give this game my rating of "so damn awesome that you will play this game again after you beat it, while listening to the kickass songs over and over again until the sequel comes out", with a well earned Badass Seal of Approval Go get this game, it's very much worth it, especially to Persona 5 fans that wants more of the main gang kicking ass & having a good time enjoying themselves. Here's till the next adventure, till we meet again Phantom Thieves! Stay classy & enjoy life to its fullest!
  5. Aside from the GET OVER HERE not being voiced by Ed Boon & the.... questionable Reptile design which I really hope is not Reptile but a member of his race before he shows up for real, this is one damn good trailer. All they need to do is have the fights be choreographed by the guys who did the Raid & Night Comes For Us, and don't fucking have obnoxious dogshit shaky cams & you will have a great Mortal Kombat film & one of the best video game film ever. Oh pleasepleaseplease don't fuck this up like Assassin's Creed!
  6. ajsa

    3) Hitman 6 season 3 (or Hitman 3) Platform: PC The final part of the Hitman 6 season trilogy is finally here, and the great part is this game comes with the entirety of the previous Hitman seasons, just like what Hitman 2 did before but with just 55GB because yay the dev finally found a way to compress files! And just like the previous seasons, you get what you're expecting: more targets, more funny & awesome ways to kill your target, and the conclusion to the lingering story from the previous 2 seasons. One of my favorite mission is definitely mission 2 where you not only can do your usual assassination, but you also get to disguise yourself as a detective & solve a crime that occurred in the residence. Now this is freaking sweet, and you'll be rewarded handsomely by doing this. Solving a crime while committing another crime, how ironic. I gotta say, this season feels very James Bond esque, particularly in the first & final missions of the game. I guess it's IOI's way of preparing us for the upcoming 007 game they're making. I love it! A great conclusion to this chapter of 47 & now I'm hyped to see what the James Bond game is going to be. 4) Maneater Platform: PC Ahhh yes, this is the game that Gura played at her debut stream. Poor2 Gura never got the chance to finish it...... but I'm gonna finish it for her. This game is a really fun shark simulator game. Think Jaws Unleashed on PS2, but actually great. Movement is awesome because your playable shark is very fast & hits like a truck, eating other animals to level up is really fun, and fighting human coastguard enemies are really fun too cause you can wreck the shit out of them. All the while you do sidequests like collecting various nutrients for your shark, eating unfortunate people who polluted the sea, and finding landmarks in the area which are always silly & some even references films & other underwater related things, like a place which has 3 seashells from Demolition Man, the volleyball from Cast Away, Spongebob's home...... yeah they're really having fun with these. The story framed like a TV show where the episodes follow the adventure of this baby shark that's forcefully extracted from her mother by this shark hunter Scaly Pete, and it's about her eating other underwater sea creatures & evolving to become the ultimate Apex Predator and get her revenge YEAAAAAHHHH, while also showing Pete's POV where both you & he are just one-upping each other in trying to destroy each other's lives. Throughout the game, Scaly Pete himself got a LOT of damage done to him which actually becomes kind of like when that one persistent orc in Shadow of War/Mordor keeps on pestering you. And throughout the game's story there's 1 big question that's on my mind: why the fuck is this tv show legal? You're showing this shark killing people too on TV/ the internet! Someone please slap some sense to these people who aired this show! 5) Atoms Platform: iPhone This is a puzzle game where you have to play against other players/cpu. Basically you take turns in placing an atom dot of your color to a grid, and your goal is to spread your atom to the entire board, eliminating the other player's color. It's much easier to just show how it's done There's nothing more satisfying than to create a chain reaction that makes you spread your color atoms to the entire board like a well planned anime giga IQ move. 6) Sneak Ops Platform: iPhone A stealth puzzle game where you have to escape a facility while trying to evade enemy soldiers. Think old school Metal Gear for the MSX but simpler. The enemies have the classic cone of vision like MGS & you can punch them to knock em out, but you can't do it to the heavily armored enemies. With those guys you need a special gun which you can randomly get by getting a ? item which can give you anything from a speed shoe, a taser gun to, well, cardboard box. Cheeky. Interesting mechanic this game has though is how you can choose to create checkpoints for yourself, but a stage has a limited amount of it because it requires 20 floppy disks, and you collect them throughout the stages. You have 5 chances to make checkpoints when a level has 10 stages for example, so you gotta strategize on which part you want to do it on. Or ya know, you can just try and be suicidal by not placing any checkpoint & do an entire stage, up to you. Also the missions are randomized, and you get to play a new mission every 24 hours, but they all ended up being almost the same missions that you've played before only with a bit of variations. Good thing it's free so it's fun for what it is. 7) Yakuza 7/ Ryu Ga Gotoku 7. NOT Yakuza: Like a Dragon because wtf why do you put both english & Japanese title together like that for the 7th game in the series aosdnofgdogmogmdog Platform: PC It's freaking Yakuza through and through, and that's fucking awesome. Yes the combat this time is a turn based RPG with job classes, but this game manages to make it blend extremely well with the world of Ryu Ga Gotoku. I've played this game for 78 hours, mostly to grind my way up the leveling system so I can do the boss fights well, but it's all worth it. It always brings a smile to my face when that high leveled enemy mob that give you so much trouble in the early parts of the game immediately eat shit when you're higher level than them & you do this to ruin their entire day This is just 1 out of dozens of funny as hell abilities you can do. If you want to see more, you gotta catch em all The story of this game is also pretty damn good, I say one of the best story in the series besides 0, 2 & Judgment. Sure there's a couple of story points that could've been avoided if the characters are just upfront about somethings & not drag it out like a dumbass, but the parts where the game gets real hits you like a ton of bricks, especially the final parts of the game. The new main character Kasuga Ichiban is definitely a great change of pace from the usual Kiryu stoicness. The entire reason why the enemies in this game dress like nutjobs & like a Dragon Quest game is because Ichiban himself thinks of the world as an RPG game even though his other friends are like "what are you on about man" cause they're just seeing things normally, and it's funny as hell. I would love to see what other insane quests he'll do in the future games. Also fun fact: the voice actor of Wei Shen from Sleeping Dogs voices the main villain of this game, and he channeled his Wei Shen gruffness really well here. There are many past characters from the series returning, and for the dubbed version there's 2 nice returns for characters I will not spoil, sadly no Mark Hammil as Majima URGHHH WHHYYYYYY, but the rest of them did a great job with the English dub. If I played this in 2020, this game would definitely be in my top 5 best games that year. Play this game if you're a Yakuza fan, you'll have a great fun time. 8) Disaster Report 4 Platform: PC This is the latest game in a series where you as various characters have to escape a natural disaster, mostly earthquakes, and along the way you deal with other dramas like getting away from a crazy murderer, or uncovering a big government conspiracy, or even just a student trying to get out of a bad situation. I played the second game named Raw Danger & I had a fun ass time just escaping & finding out you can do plenty of ridiculous things, like shouting often for no reason, or just sniffing a body for..... no reason at all. This is a game that doesn't give a shit, and it's awesome. Even better when I found out that there's multiple ways to progress through the game & an action when you play as 1 character will carry over to the other characters which will lead to different endings. So when Disaster Report 4 was out, I didn't buy it straight away because it's so damn expensive, so I waited for the discount & was excited to play it. And...... well the PS4 version was reaaaaaalllllly bad with its framedrops, almost as bad as the Last Guardian. Thankfully the PC version actually plays consistently without framedrops. You play as a single character of your own creation & you start the game by travelling to a place, either for a job interview, business meeting or just coming for a stroll down a park. Then welp, earthquake happens & you have to try and get away from it all. At first the game looks like it's gonna give you a lot of different paths you can take depending on which choices you make since the game give you a LOT of them, but what I found out is that this game is surprisingly really linear, even though the game has a bunch of options you can pick. You can only progress through the many parts of this game by the way the game wants you to, so if you have to get through a part by rowing a boat to an apartment building that's completely flooded, travel to many of the rooms to find a bunch of parts required to create a makeshift grappling hook so then you can go to a roof & use that grappling hook to remove a huge sign, you have to freaking do it. And that.... makes no damn sense at all considering how much more straightforward & less full of bullshit the last games were. And this happens in every single new area you went to which hurts the replayability of this game, cause the choices you made are pretty much just there for shits & giggles, or just one of those "be a dick or be nice" choices without them mattering much in the grand plot. Which is a shame because the many ridiculous scenarios this game has is actually freaking hilarious & zany. At one point you actually became the leader of a white shirt cult that scams people, became a person with access to miracle water that cures ailments which I'm pretty sure is just a placebo but well it works until the people you help became dicks all of a sudden even though the water actually helped them out, and you even had to solve a crime of who was an arsonist in a town where there's 2 side of town that hated each other's guts. And that's just some of the crazy things that happened. They're definitely a fun time, but I do wish there's multiple ways to do & complete them without needing to force me to do specific things because you can't do anything else. 9) Furi Platform: PC I just wanted to replay Furi again & man it felt GOOOOOOODDDD playing this game again. Still a great boss rush game with great combat, and I'm still hoping that there will be a sequel. I found out though that the dev actually made another game recently called Haven that's an rpg about a couple which is very sweet, so I'm definitely gonna get that when the time is right. 10) Fractured Minds Platform: PC It's a very short game about dealing with depression. I feel like there's a bunch of games like this in the past, so it's nothing that special. Omori's a much more effective game about that so I recommend playing that game instead of this. 11) Cloud Climber Platform: PC Another short game, this time it's a walking simulator about a guy who's built a very tall tower with the goal of going to the clouds & hopefully getting water from them cause the world has a water crisis since there's no rain in hundreds of years. He's the last man alive so it's pretty sad actually that he had to do it without his companions. And then when you reach the cloud as it turns out it finally rains after hundreds of years, so....... yeah the entire tower building was completely pointless cause all they had to do was wait hundreds of years before it starts raining again. Welp 12) XIII Platform: PC Not to be confused with that dogshit remake recently. This was the original fps game based on the comic book of the same name, and aside from the sometimes frustrating as hell checkpoint system, this game is...... actually really damn fun. The weapons you get feels great to use, there's multiple variety of missions, the music is really damn nice, and the story is so intriguing that it actually made me want to find out what happens next in the comic which I did after playing the game. Well done Ubisoft, this is a damn great comic book game adaptation. Unfortunate that it had to be remade & that remake sucks balls.
  7. ajsa

    Well since he's most likely having a long2 vacation, might as well have another person open the gate for beating games in 2021! Would love to have you contribute as well. 1) Getting Over It with whoever that guy's name is, 50 times beaten Platform: PC Funny story with this game, after playing Cyberpunk 2077 & realizing there's no new games for a while, I thought to myself "I feel like torturing myself with this game". So I asked my mates that hopefully have this game as an extra CD key so they would give them to me while I give them a game as a fair trade, and so a deal was made. And after HOURS & HOURS of my hand being so sore moving the mouse back and forth because this game's physics engine is FUCKING BULLSHIT, and then realizing after the 3rd time of playing this game that using a PS4 controller actually makes the game WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY easier, I set a goal to myself to properly beat this game 50 times. And many2 hours later, I finally beat this game for the 50th time & I finally got over it. Here is my last 2 games before I finally put this damn game to rest. It feels SOOOO LIBERATING & WONDERFUL. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/881015681?filter=highlights&sort=time 2) OMORI Platform: PC This game made me had to take a break after beating it because the story is so damn heavy & messed up, but uplifting in the very end, even if it's still gone to a dark path. This game is definitely not a Christmas game, so it's more fitting that this is a 2021 game. Definitely one of the best games of 2021 & a great way to open the year. Here's to the rest of 2021!
  8. So this game was released on Steam during Christmas recently. After playing this game, I conclude that there is no fucking way this is a Christmas game. Well..... there is a Christmas event in the game, but that is just a smokescreen to the deep2 darkness that you will experience. This is more of a 2021 game, which I will treat this game as. Because this game is fucked up & depressing as hell, and it's also a GOTY candidate. The game's basic plot from the intro is this: you play as this boy named Omori. You live inside this place called "whitespace", aka the place where an obvious red flag is up signifying that this is the place where a child with SERIOUS depression issue lived in. Thankfully outside of this whitespace, Omori can go on an adventure with 3 of his faithful friends: Aubrey, Kel & Hero (yep, that's his name. It's actually just a nickname but the game never give him another name so eh) & explore the whimsical world where everything is so very colorful & happy! And then you realize that nothing is at it seems & this game is an RPG maker game that's heavily inspired by the Mother series and another wonderfully messed up depressing game that you might know: Yume Nikki. So you know that even though everything is hunky-dory, it will go down to hell. And MAN OH MAN it does. I mean just look at the 2 trailers this game has & you will know what's coming your way Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............................................ As I had mentioned before, this is an RPG maker game. Now the great thing though is that it doesn't feel like your typical RPG Maker with the basicness that most other RPG maker games had. The game had been in development since 2014, and the efforts put into the game is clear. The dev went out of their way to polish this game to a damn shine with great handrawn cutscenes + art, pack the game with many2 fun side stuff + quests, REALLY damn good soundtrack and also pace the story really well that it becomes an emotional roller coaster ride from beginning to the end. I will not spoil the story because it is the absolute best part about it, but be warned that there's some really fucked up moments in the game that's not for you guys that are the faint of heart. If you are brave enough though, you'll enjoy the hell out of this game like I did & come out of it bruised, but with hope for a better future. The combat for the game is your typical RPG maker combat: attack, gain powerful skills & items from completing sidequests, and try not to die. Buuut with a cool "emotion" system put in. Aside from neutral, there are 3 different emotions you can put yourself & your opponents in: happy, sad or angry. Sad beats happy, angry beats sad, happy beats angry. That's all you gotta keep in mind of, and the best part of the game is just the different sprites that everyone will have when they're a certain emotion. An enemy can go from smiling to going apeshit when you put them to angry, and then sobbing when you put them to sad. This emotion system also makes boss battles really damn fun to do because it's all a matter of switching to the right emotion so you can always be on the right advantage when fighting them. Aside from the emotion system, there's also these "tag" mechanic. You have this bar on top of your "fight" option At the start of every battle, you're given 3 bars. If a character in your party got hit by an enemy attack, the bar increases. The max bars you can get is 10. When you do a normal attack, you can extend that attack using different options that mostly cost 3 bars except for 1 skill that Omori has. For example: if you attack with Omori, you can choose to spend 3 bars to do another attack or do a sweeping attack that reduces the enemy attack. Or you can wait till you have 10 bars & unleash an all out attack that deals giant damage. With Kel, you can tag his ball attack to Omori which changes his mood to sad/ happy/ really happy depending on how far in the story you go, tag to Aubrey which lets her do massive damage, or Hero which makes the attack damage every single enemy on screen & lower their attacks. This Hero attack is my favorite cause I just make everyone eat shit. Hero's all about healing his party members & Aubrey's tag skill either give her extra hit, make her & Kel angry at each other or make her happy when she tags with Hero. Master this mechanic & combat will be a lot of fun, but I recommend doing Kel's tag with Hero cause that always works really well since most of the battles have multiple enemies. Another thing that's awesome: the freaking soundtrack. They are the boppers. The boss battles & normal battle themes kick ass. Here are just some examples I'm surprised that this game has around 130 songs, that's a lot of tunes! This game took me 35 hours to finally beat, and apparently, I was just doing the path that leads to the best ending. This game has an alternate route if you do a specific choice in the middle of the game that will take the game into an entirely different direction. I am not doing that though because that will lead to the depressing ass parts of the game & I am content with the path I took. It's like refusing to do the genocide run in Undertale: yes it's there, but I am not doing it cause what I got is the best I could hope for. Buuut in the end it is up to you guys whether you want to do it or not. This game is easily one of the best games of 2021, not 2020 cause it is so not the best time to release this game on Christmas considering how fucked up things get. I give this game my rating of "be prepared to be emotionally fucked up, but you will get through it a changed person & for the better. Hopefully." With a badass seal of approval. Not quite the ideal way to start off 2021, but it's an interesting experience nonetheless. If you are mentally strong, this game is definitely worth your time. Be happy, be sad, and have fun. Here's hoping that the rest of 2021 will be even better than 2020!
  9. Five Nights At Freddy's + Nicolas Cage. Genius.
  10. Yeah Joe tends to unfortunately sleep on these games & mostly favors the big names, which is unfortunate because lesser-known titles like these are a giant win for these devs who worked so damn hard on them & they deserve to be covered more. Which is why I tend to do reviews for them in the written reviews section. Well except 13 Sentinels since as much as I LOVE the story & how complicated things get, and the music is definitely one of the best soundtrack of 2020, so much so that I did a mix with Tekken 6's scenario mode music for the first stage's song which fun fact, was also made by the same composer which explains why it fits so well outside the 13 characters backstory exploration that makes up for 70% of the game, the actual game's mostly just doing real time tower defense from beginning till the end with a simplistic overview of the battlefield. That game definitely could do with some epic 2D hand drawn sequence of the mechs doing those stuff in combat instead of just in the description of the moves, considering the previous games these dev made has THESE. Here's another game in 2020 that should be more well known & actually will change the landscape for games to come And here's yet another really damn good 2019 game that got slept on, and my personal joint 2019 GOTY. Next to Judgment.
  11. Thankfully for me I'm used to glitches in games, so I pretty much had a great time with this game for 70+ hours, well that's of course because I waited till the patches that fixes a lot of the issues. Still buggy AF, but not as atrocious as it was on release, and if history with Witcher 1 & 2's enhanced editions are any indication, CD Projekt is definitely capable of improving the game significantly from meh to a game that's awesome. Just hope they'll add new content for this game for free & only use DLC to add a new playable city like Blood & Wine. I just had a thought. This, No Man's Sky, Sea of Thieves & Battlefront 2 should be revisited by Joe when Cyberpunk eventually becomes a game that's actually finished & possibly substantially better. These games have become infinitely better games that were nothing like the absolute barebone wasteland they were on release, so it'll be nice to see a "re-revisiting" of them & give them different grades.
  12. Nice that you're doing your own list! But don't put Ghost of Tsushima as number 2 if you haven't played it, that's a big no no, put it as "game that I really want to play but haven't" or something similar. It's ok if you don't have a top 10 since you don't play that many games, just put it as top 5 instead.
  13. Up to you man, just have fun with it. Extra nice if the games on your list are something I never heard before so I can try them out. No idea who that guy is cause I don't use trending until you just told me about him. Then I saw this vid. Huh. Sounds like a cunt. Well good thing he's going down for doing the things he did, yet another asshole who got his just dessert in 2020. The more people like this get exposed the better so actual good people can rise up & make fun stuff to enjoy.
  14. VTUBERS IS LIFE! ALL HAIL OUR 2D OVERLORDS!! Cough2. Ok in all seriousness, them being popular this year is the best thing about 2020. Youtube's been doing the same usual depressing youtube drama bullshits, people depressed about corona, top 10 lists fads with the same thing in them over and over again that I pretty much got sick and tired of them, so seeing these girls just fucking around & making people laugh to ease the insanity is a welcome change of pace. This is a regular thing I do each year. I encourage everyone to put their own top 10 list cause everyone got different tastes in games after all. Quite unfortunate that this year because of Corona this place doesn't get the usual members joining in, but it's good to have ya.
  15. Ahhh Empire At War. Used to play this game quite a few times before I moved on to the other PS2 games & Battle For Middle Earth 2, another awesome rts game that year. Best part is when Obi Wan fight Vader