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    Madison, WI, USA
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    Drawing (digital and traditional), reading, writing, MMORPGs, single player western RPGs, Science Fiction, Fantasy, anime, Let's Plays, Machinima videos, AMVs, GMVs, first person and third person shooter RPGs, British media, Japanese popculture.
  1. Bad storytelling and grinding without even quest objectives are my pet peeves. Since I play mostly MMOs, I run into these a lot, but I can mostly ignore them.
  2. I've already bought DAO and Thief for my friend "Mad" Matt Winchell, and I bought the Borderlands:GotY + Borderlands 2 bundle for my boyfriend. Oh yeah, I bought Thief for myself, too!
  3. I owned the Ultimate addition already, but was able to pick it up along with the new Thief for a friend. I've only just started playing DAO now, after letting it sit in my library for at least two years now. I've never much been into strategy games, preferring the single character first/third person point of view. I also play a lot of different MMOs. I'm getting better at the combat and making sure my companions are better equipped, and I really like the conversation system. But then I also really like Bioware's convo system in SWTOR as well. In other words, pick it up cheap either now or during another sale. It's well worth it, in my opinion.
  4. As an MMO gamer, I've long since moved away from physical discs. I still have a few discs for games like GW2, TSW, and Diablo 3. In fact, I just picked up a PS3 disc for FFIVX with the store credit I had at the Best Buy in town. However those purchases were mostly spur of the moment, "Hey! I have extra cash! Let's get this that's just come out!" I probably would have eventually bought digital copies of those games I listed, if hadn't already bought the physical copies on impulse.\ As for Gamestop, I usually just pop in there to stare blankly at the shelves upon shelves of games I've heard of in passing. Then I move on, having only resubbed to GameInformer or, rarely, picked up a PSP game that I'll never play. Pretty much the same deal for places like Best Buy, only i'll also go over and silently pine for stuff like the Surface Pro before moving on.
  5. I might actually pre-order the physical collector's edition, both as an ES and MMO fan, and to commemorate my first time playing in a closed Beta for a game.
  6. I will be on PC, since I play a lot of MMOs anyway. I also have FFXIV and DCUO on my PS3.
  7. I'm really into MMOs that have a lot of exploration, a good roleplaying community (even though I don't RP much), a good crafting system, and a good storyline. If a game has all of those elements, then I can overlook its shortcomings. My currents favorites in no particular order are: LOTRO Everquest2 Star Wars: The Old Republic ESO Guild Wars 2 World of Warcraft (both Vanilla and retail versions) Rift I also have been playing a bit of Fallen Earth, which, if you're into crafting, is very crafting heavy. Defiance is another one I've been playing off and on, mostly because I like going after Arkfalls with people.
  8. Yeah, well I'm new to the AJSA even though I've been watching Angry Joe for a while now. The Lounge L33ts thing started back in September of 2012 with about one episode a month being produced. I'm trying to get more of a regular schedule going for recording and distribution, but working in retail means my schedule is a bit wonky. I've also got Lounge L33ts up on Blip.tv at: http://blip.tv/LoungeL33ts I also do a little bit of streaming at: http://www.twitch.tv/romeomoon1
  9. I haven't been streaming for too long, but Massively did a whole series of articles on it: http://massively.joystiq.com/tag/learning-to-livestream I actually haven't read through it all, myself. I've mostly stuck with small stuff such as older MMOs like EQ2, LOTRO, Rift, etc. It seems to me, the lesser known MMOs net me a few views. Problem is, I have to work 40+ hours in retail with a widely varied schedule, and I'm pretty beat when I get home from work. I suggest setting up a regular schedule if you can, look into beefing up your hardware A/V (or getting a separate computer to stream thus freeing up the gaming rig), and see what people are interested in. It might be a good idea to start with a lesser known game or a game you've played a lot and are good at. Keep an eye on your chat (if possible, my tablet and netbook have pretty much bit the dust, so i'm screwed on that front) and communicate with your audience. If you suck at a game, make light of that. If you're, talk about what tactics you prefer to use when playing. Be prepared for some of the feedback you might get. After watching SSoHPKC on Youtube, it seems that a lot people like to give advice and/or mock you for screwing up. Beware of what people are telling you! Sometimes they'll give you bad advice for a laugh, or to see you fall on your face. Don't give them that! Take everything in stride and push on as if it were all part of a plan. Bring a friend along to watch and/or join in multiplayer, just for a little boost in confidence and to add a conversation into the mix. Give it a shot, and have fun!
  10. Northern Gun meets up at The Crater, the best bar in town! Well, the ONLY bar in town, thanks to the apocalypse. Ed, aka "Drenivian" joins us, as well talk about our experiences so far with Defiance from Trion Worlds. The conversation soon turns to other topics such as MMO budgets, insider trading, and games that remind us fondly of other games.
  11. I agree with this. I've played a little Vanilla WoW and EQ, as well as far, far, too much Anarchy Online. I hated sitting around camping for 4+ hours, waiting for boots that slightly gave a boost to run speed. AO is so dead now that it's near impossible to twink into gear. Whenever I go back I see seven toons sitting around in a cluster as someone septuple logs accounts in order to put on any decent gear.
  12. I'll be working at the grocery store, as usual. Except we have reasonably cheap (yeah $3.99 for 2 berries is cheap at the store I work at) chocolate covered strawberries. Time for a QA check!
  13. I get all kinds of b.s. from people! I feel I've done quite a bit with my life including busting my butt on staffing a general interest convention (including setting up a LAN room and a 10,000sq.ft. video game room), volunteering at other conventions, live streaming, filming and editing a videocast focused on MMOs, drawing and writing. That doesn't seem to matter to people who don't think I'm girly enough (even though some of my friends feel I'm very motherly) because of my preference for wearing t-shirts and jeans. I don't really dress up or wear makeup, and I have a more shy attitude when it comes to talking to people face to face. I'm 32 years old, and I still get flack from people who don't like the idea that I play games, or that I'm just generally geeky. But here's what I do that might help you. I've surrounded myself with people who actually care about me, both concerning my interests and my own well being. Just because you enjoy a hobby (or even if this becomes a profession), doesn't give anyone the right to succeed in beating you down with such crap. Have fun and feel sorry for those who just don't get how much fun playing games can be.
  14. Hello everyone! I've been a fan of Angry Joe for a while now, but it's only just recently that I signed up to be in AJSA. I didn't really get into playing video games until about 2008, when I decided I'd had my fill of anime. One day, after a bad shift at work, a coworker showed me how to play Diablo II. After that, I got into playing MMOs like City of Heroes and Anarchy Online to start with. Now I own a decent gaming PC cir. 2012 (at least it works well with streaming and MMOs), a PS3, and a PSP (which I rarely play on). I also do a videocast called Lounge L33ts the premise of which is a group of friends sits around in taverns and bars in an MMO and talk about the game. Usually the conversation goes off on tangents. You can watch the show here: http://blip.tv/LoungeL33ts https://www.youtube.com/user/LoungeL33ts/feed I have a couple of degrees in art, although I'm not doing a lot of drawing right now. Still here's my deviantART gallery: http://romeomoon.deviantart.com/ And I do some writing which can be found here: http://mystikktales.blogspot.com/ http://romeomoon.wordpress.com/ http://anime-impressions.blogspot.com/ It's nice to meet everyone, and I hope to contribute to the community here on a regular basis.