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  1. R-Zone is the best console ever why did you not put it on the poll!?!?!?!?!?!?!? R-Zone FTW
  2. I played this game when it became PS+ it was a very good game I played the game as a ranger and had all of my underlings as mages that just had mostly supporting spells lol
  3. I play am playing gta 5, Borderlands 2, Dead island, and Darkness 2 on my ps3 right now my PSN is Overling add me we can kill shit together.
  4. I can't wait either are you getting ESO for PC, PS4 or Xbox 1?
  5. Cant wait to get in ESO for PS4 I sent you a request on PSN -Overling
  6. Hello I am Overling I live in Tennessee born and raised. I am a Console Playstation 3 and 4 that enjoys all types of games Right now I am playing Bioshock 2 and infinite, Metro Last Light, Dead Island, and Dragon Age II. Sometimes I do get on GTA 5 to talk to friends. I plan to get Elder Scrolls Online and Destany for PS4. in Elder Scrolls I am planning to be in the Aldmeri Domination.
  7. If the Angry Army is going Aldmeri Dominion I will go the same. I am thinking of being a tankish character for this game as far as my race I have no clue I will have to see the race abilities I will try and contact the people that have spoken about getting the game on PS4 and try to get them to go Aldmeri Dominion. Kind of doubt most will join because of the other thread on the forum voted it the least lol hopefully the joe influence will work. That is if they watch the video he posted on twitch.
  8. I am getting Elder Scrolls Online for PS4! I am going to be in the Aldmeri Dominance!
  9. Looking for Players that would be interested in cooping Dead island for ps3 I feel like cooping though Dead Island with a fresh start. Send me a friend request, or just post something under this post, or you could PM me here or PSN PSN: Overling I might do the same for Borderlands 2 and maybe a few other games *edit* I put this in the wrong area if a moderater can move that would be cool. Done
  10. I will be getting Elder Scrolls Online for PS4. -PSN: Overling not sure witch faction or race yet I wonder if there will be a big influence or any kind of Angry Army on the PS3 version.