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  1. I am in!
  2. I love the alien movie's and the last game was bad but i still finished it Xd and this looks like amnesia in the alien universe wich is good! Looking forward to this game!
  3. It makes grown men like PSY scream like a girl http://www.twitch.tv/mvdh/c/3562622
  4. http://nl.twitch.tv/mvdh playing with ajsa members, come and have a laugh!
  5. Nether will be huge, the grey area on the map will be playable later on. Its 150 blocks atm and it will be 750 blocks. But i personally prefer Nether over DayZ (ive played DayZ for a year) because its more fun and the map has more atmosphere etc. The enemies are more of a challenge. They will ad a clan/party system later on More loot etc.
  6. Doesnt that count for every genre? racegames: drive laps in cars rpg's: run around in a fantasy world and accept/complete quests FPS: shoot at things Puzzlegames: solve puzzles But i get your point. The biggest games are FPS games and it feels like we are drowning in them but you dont have to play them if you dont want to.
  7. If you want to play it now or in the future, its best to buy it now because its cheaper and you can test and follow the progress more closely. Pay 30 now for the alpha or pay more and wait longer for the finished game.
  8. DONT SPRAY AND PRAY! shoot in bursts of 4 or 3 bullets and you will pwn and aim down they sights when in close quarters.
  9. Not dead just sick
  10. Try to adapt a little, nobody will play a game like BF for weeks or months in a row because its not the type of game for that tbh. People like variation and i guess people will go back to BF but i cant play atm because of flickering ground textures that started after the new patch.
  11. join us! JOIN US!