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  1. I haven't played Planetside since we were on the old server. I'm pretty much gonna be starting from lv 1 but I'll try to get there....
  2. lol I'm actually exactly the same way!
  3. I was reading through the, "Saddest Moment in Anime," post thread and I thought it'd be fun to start a new thread discussing what is, in your opinion, your favorite, or happiest moment in anime. It may be a weird one, but I would have to say that my favorite moment in anime is in DBZ. After Goku finally killed Kid Buu with a Spirit Bomb, he went down to tend to Vageta, after he had been beaten senselessly by Buu in order to distract him for Goku to have more time to build his spirit bomb. Vageta was lying on the ground, barely alive, however he was still able to force a smile to Goku and give him the friendly gesture of a thumbs up, as returned by Goku. In this scene, you just feel a sense of relief in knowing that Buu is finally dead after such a long period of intense fighting. Also, in knowing that the two titans (Goku and Vegeta) who had been fighting since the beginning of DBZ have now actually become friends.... The next few episodes that follow kind of seal this for me, but yeah, that is personally my favorite moment in anime. So What's Yours?
  4. When Pikatue had to leave Ash.... Still chokes me up inside lol
  5. YES
  6. Playing with little kids who think they're tuff crap for playing an M rated game. And also, squeekers. It's cool when Lui Calibre does it, but besides that, having to listen to a freaking 10 year old screaming into his mike can be annoying as hell!
  7. Then he saw her, popping out of the Blue Georgia water. Then he started to feel a tingly sensation in his pants. His blue balls turned yellow.
  8. Not just DayZ. I think the Angry Army should get involved with Arma 3! That would be sick!
  9. Lol school and projects I have to get done!
  10. Yeah, it really does lol!
  11. A'right thanks
  12. Yeah man I did everything he said to do in the video. I keep trying to restart it, but the angry bot won't show up anymore. Yup, no clue what I'm doing and thanks by the way for trying to help me! But, I really am not sure what the problem is. If you could direct me a little more, it would be greatly appreciated! =)
  13. Ok yeah it says I don't have permission to type or talk Do you know what the problem could be?
  14. Well, when I'm on the server it doesn't say that I'm in the group, it never told me that I have the right permissions or any at all, I don't have an icon next to my name, or anything at all that shows me that it excepted me. I don't know if I did something wrong, or if it actually did approve me and I just don't know what I'm doing. I don't know what the problem is or if there even is a problem. I was just wondering if someone who actually knows what they're doing could help me.