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  1. Bloodangel421 liked a post in a topic by aeterna789 in Homeworld 2   
    I absolutely loved Homeworld 2! Great story and great gameplay, it was the very first space strategy game that I played and it just made me fall in love with Space and Strategy games.
  2. Bloodangel421 liked a post in a topic by Nytefury in Strategy Games in AJSA   
    For myself, I sort of don't really count RTS as a proper strategy type myself, not that they aren't strategic or I don't enjoy them, to me strategy is when you can sit and think and formulate your plan of attack, not who has the highest clicks per min. I know Total War has an RTS aspect but it has a lot more depth than that as it takes troop morale, fatigue, training, equipment, terain, elevation, formation, etc, and favors the smarter player over the clickest clicker.
  3. Bloodangel421 liked a post in a topic by God Revan in Strategy Games in AJSA   
    If we had web versions of Risk, Monopoly, Pandemic, ect... this place would be packed full of Strategy games. I love Strategy. Makes your brain work harder.