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Everything posted by NagatoYu

  1. The official one from before on Jenova no longer exists. might be one on another server though.
  2. If anyone is having some confusion as to where to enter the dlc codes (from the bundle or map pack) you can get in gamestop or eb with the physical copy, once you get to chapter 6 you get the dragon gate. You can enter any dlc codes there (not the eshop like their instructions say, which just tells you to enter it in the game)
  3. My suggestion would be on the weekend sometime, probably friday or saturday. ps. 'lo Madoka Shardlady let the kidnapping/recruiting continue X) Also we should probably start getting people on teamspeak or w/e their corresponding voice chat is.
  4. they're all pve afaik but you can flag yourself for pvp whenever you want
  5. turn-based for me. I'd rather a game where my mind matters more than reflexes or what my apm is still like rts games though
  6. So there's going to be another big update and the launch of the talisman leagues this weekend. Will be starting (yet another) new character for it (on the sc version, never cared for hc overly much) if anyone wants to tag along. Will also be another respec chance if anyone is waiting for it due to yet another series of changes to the passive tree.
  7. armor it is, the project has been started
  8. so we'll be able to start working on the armor or weapon shop houses weapon http://imgur.com/Z15av5g armor http://imgur.com/a/sLjQG#0​ so would like to get some input on which to do
  9. it'll be permanent, sticking with one or the other til they release new options these are going to take a lot of materials to make (9ish step process requiring bulk of different materials) ill be able to unlock either blueprint on Friday, or by sunday at the latest doing both would probably result in wasting mills of gil worth of materials
  10. if you're having problems running the downloader, do the flushdns from the cmd. Not sure why but it fixed it for me. Otherwise can't really help without a more specific error.
  11. regarding the story, even if the story isn't anything special, the characters can sometimes make up for it. On another note, should try both western rpgs and jrpgs. They tend to have fairly different takes on rpgs regarding what keeps showing up in their games. it also depends what kind of rpg theme you want so to speak. Do you want to create an avatar of yourself and immerse yourself that way or follow the story of already existing characters that already have a backstory and goals
  12. "they've all died of various causes" we talkin Disney deaths or something more along the lines of corpse party and dangan?
  13. well, fresh to the fc, that's what matters feel free to drag the rest of the fc to ours, they can be assimilated also for those wondering, if you can't get a hold of someone to invite you, go to our house at goblet ward 3 house 60 (iirc), you can apply from the board at the gate. There'll usually be somebody (me) wandering around there.
  14. The joys of lag, dcing, and having to wait a half hr to try to get the enemy you need for your quest due to the metric fckton of ppl every inch of the game. ...and the 2-3 hr queues...
  15. Beating an inanimate object is less than impressive. Hmm...so he hits hard and is good at running away....duly noted.
  16. Ok him! *deletes Demonbane775* *grabs a sledgehammer and stalks MadDemon65* Senpai is only for me...
  17. It depends who you ask, some people say it's unplayable, personally I haven't gotten too much. They keep doing maintenance to fix things like that though it hasn't seemed to change the lag situation overly much
  18. well, might as well embrace it and do it some more *laughs insanely*
  19. On the bright side the background sobbing isn't permanent. On the other hand...they basically make you murder your character in what looks like a less than pleasant manner. Not sure if it'd be better if the character died pre-vaporizing or not. Does make ye feel bad, particularly if you've actually put any time into said character.
  20. Lagstar Queue: Maintenance Edition ...it is nice that there's this many people trying the game, wonder how many will actually stick around. Certainly have seen worse launches though.
  21. Night of the Final Day, 1 hour remaining
  22. For those who don't already know, you can download the patch now so you can play once it launches.