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Capn Margan

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  • Birthday 10/03/1997

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    Capn Margan
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    (AJSA) CapnMargan
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    Belle Chasse, LA
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    RPGs, Wood Burning, table top role playing, and some board games. Want to get into war gaming, and I play heroclix.
  1. Well. We play Aldmeri. I thought it strange I hadn't received an email when you sent your message, but still, I can tell you now that you need an Aldmeri character
  2. Ladies and Gentleman of the American PS4 guild, I would like to extend an invitation to anyone willing to participate in a Little event. I would like to form a raiding party to travel into Cyrodiil. The Home campaign has not been decided on yet, and you may vote in a special ESO PlayStation chat Room that I will make.
  3. Welcome aboard soldier. Sorry it took so long for me to respond, my phone was supposed to alert me when I receive a reply on this topic, but it didn't. I got on today to start an event, and saw your post.
  4. It has come to my attention that there are EU members that would like to join the guild. As most know according to my bio, I am a North American player. It didn't cross my mind that the Euro-members wouldn't be able to join the North american guild, and I apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused. Someone else will have to be guild master on the EU servers unless the AJSA would like me to make character(s) on the EU Server as well. It wouldn't be too difficult, but it certainly would be a burden.
  5. How many games use a pool system? Pool as in, X number of D6s. I've been working on a game for a few months now, and I'm really only familiar with white wolf storytelling and the D&D System, as I've only been playing off and on for about a year now, and I played for a few months several years ago. I know I lack much experience in this field, but I've got this little pet project called Manastorm that's core mechanic is 3 D6s for each player, and you use a minimum of 1, but a max of 3 for each ability/attack/action you take/use. It's FAR from completion and the files I have them saved in for reference (I put them on google drive so can look at the rules on my droid) are a TOTAL convoluted mess, but I can actually run the game with little issue. I just wanted to know what games are out there from my fellow Angry Army members, and where these games' faults lie. If anyone would like to get back to me with a list, I can do the research myself. (I know of some popular games, but I've only got good experience with D&D just fyi)
  6. CapnMargan. I plan on playing relatively often when I'm not on ESO or another game. I like to play medic. I'll use a max or vehicle at any time if requested.
  7. At its current state, I'd give it a 7/10, but Vs only other MMOs, I'd give it a 10. Best MMO I've ever played.
  8. The guild for PS4 is called, simply, "Angry Joe Show Army" as it is stand alone from the PC verson, but a branch of the same group. Simply request to join the group on the AJSA site, in the PlayStation Chat rooms, or over psn private messaging. I will be in Room 2. Thanks for the support. Capn Margan
  9. From this point forward, this post is official, thanks to the support from WITHASTICK and ArisingFlame. Thank you and every other AJSA member who supports me and my endeavors
  10. If I get the green light from at least 3 members of rank (already have 2), and I have some members who want to join, I'll form the guild
  11. Ladies and gentleman of the AJSA, I am Capn Margan, and I wanted to start this thread for talk about anything concerning or involving ESO on PS4. This post is now the official voice of the ESO players on PS4. Keep it professional, no flame wars.
  12. That's the thing, I wanted to make sure the community approved before I made the guild.
  13. Men and women of the angry army, I am a fairly new member of the angry army, and this is due to the fact that i recently had a very serious problem logging in and interacting with the community, with the exception of the PS chat room. It was all on my end, but now I am ready to get back into the thick of things with the angry army. This brings me to the topic at hand: who in the army will be the leader of the AJSA guild on PlayStation 4 version of Elder Scrolls online? I would like to take on this mantle, but I would like higher ranking members to approve, and even then, it would most likely be better if a higher ranking member took on this task. I have owned a guild of 27 members on WoW and was a mediator of a 43 person guild in Runescape, so I have some experience with guilds. A guild of this size could make or break my Reputation. I do have a few things I need to do for the time being, but I can find the time to be a guild leader. My only Requirement is that we play Pact or Dominion. If the AJSA has a different leader in mind, I will let them have the position with no complaints, but if not, I would be honored to be guild master. I'll be waiting for a response Ever in service, Capn Margan
  14. You think we can make it happen?
  15. Yea. I play moderately often. I'd love to see it as a fully supported game