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  1. I have a backlog on my PS3 that I want to take care of. I play on my PS4 but I really want to keep chipping away at my PS3 backlog. It doesn't help that my PS3 has died for a second time in 9 years, so I'm a little afraid to play the system for too long.
  2. After buying the UC4 and DS3 collectors editions I told myself I wouldn't buy another CE until KH3 has one, if it has one. But that statue of the characters for LG was so hard to pass up I had to get it. I've been waiting since it got announced like 10 years ago, but whether the long wait will mean this game is good or bad will depend when I get to play the final product.
  3. Leveling up the covenants in this game was a real drag, I just farmed for the items cause no one was summoning me as a darkmoon. Ironically enough, when I was done they patched it so it would be easier to get summoned and right after the patch I was summoned twice in a row, lol.
  4. Overrated: Bioshock 1 (story) I loved exploring the world but I thought the story was really overrated. Spec ops the line, I understood the story but the game itself was annoyingly bad when it came to a.i. and the controls. Underrated: 3d dot game heroes.
  5. I wouldn't give it a number score but from everything I've read and seen it could possibly be really repetitive and exploration will get stale, but I'm still going to get it cause this is the type of game I can come back to after not having anything else to play.
  6. Don't have a PS4 yet but the PSN world is welcoming, as long as you don't jump into a COD game, lol. I'll buy a PS4 this year and then I'll get a gaming PC next year.
  7. Platinumed Doom 3 BFG Edition, that felt like I played 6 games. Best $10 I ever spent.
  8. Got my 70th platinum, Sound shapes for the Vita.
  9. Metal Gear Solid 5 is the game I want this year, but why is FFXV on this list? There is still no official release date for this game and I doubt it will come out this year.
  10. I'm on the PS3 everyday. Right now I'm just playing single player games, I play The Last of Us online but I haven't played online in a while.
  11. The pants kind of get to me in the movie, Donald Duck doesn't wear pants why should Sly?
  12. I wish they had space battles, included the prequels and had an actual campaign to add to the package. You just know this game is going to be dlc heavy.
  13. Platinumed Splinter Cell Blacklist, I'm finally done with getting all the platinums in the splinter cell games.
  14. Lol, I got the Platinum for Resistance Burning sky. Didn't think I get another one so quick.
  15. If anyone is interested I have a Borderlands 2 voucher code for the Vita I would like sell to anyone, or trade, that is interested.