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    Gaming of all sorts, cooking, programming, and writing. Also, am a brony. Not that kind of Brony.
  1. http://www.polygon.com/2014/3/21/5533684/bungies-destiny-extensive-character-customization
  2. I'd say $40 or cheaper. Then it'll be "wurf"
  3. I'd recommend Ryse if you can get it for cheaper. It gets you in a way some games can't. I'd describe it as the feeling you'd get when watching 300. Just a good feeling. But it's definitely not worth $60.
  4. Too early to say anything one way or the other. Patience is the best thing you got brudda. Also, who cares? We're gamers.
  5. Thank you all for the kind words. Another thing. I left the whole, killing Jedi thing, behind me.
  6. Still. It was a big drag.
  7. Okay, so a little back story. A while ago, I had decided to download Battlefield 4. I had warning signs telling me that the game was broken. It was going to piss me off. But I decided to ignore the problems because I wanted a fun game to play. Around when I bought it, I was going through a rough patch at University and wanted to do something to get my mind in the clear. Rather than turning to alcohol, I decided to download Battlefield 4. So the download took a while, but that was to be expected. When it finally finished, I was on my way to playing some good FPS action. I got a few levels up in the multiplayer, and decided it was time for some campaign action. The campaign for these games have always been very mediocre for me to be honest. Story wise, it was lame. Gameplay wise, it got kind of boring considering the fun stuff that could be done in the multiplayer. Why focus on the campaign then, if it's not the main draw? Well, after getting three quarters of the way through it, the game crashed to the dashboard. I was already ticked at the game, so I clicked on the game, hoping it saved. Not only did it not save, but everything was GONE. Campaign progress? GONE. Multiplayer progress? GONE. Everything was gone. I turned off the XBOX and turned it back on. I checked the memory. I did everything I could, but it was all gone. The last game I had bought before this was Arkham Origins, and you know how that went down. Thankfully, the weekend was saved thanks to a random user on Reddit, who gave me a Titanfall Beta Key. Sorry, I just wanted to tell my story.
  8. This will be the first time I'll ever even address the Anita thing. Usually, I avoid it since it'll cause an entire forum to collapse. Hell, in the gaming4gamers subreddit a mod had to retire because of the arguments. But, as long as everyone here is mature about this, it'll be fine. So. What do I think of Anita, her argument, and the fact that she won an award? Anita seems like a nice person with good intentions. She has used her money in the proper way from what I gather, which is great. I can see though, that she doesn't research things completely. She finds what she wants and then leaves the rest out. To be a researcher, you need to gather all the facts. How about her argument? That there's Anti Feminist and Over Sexualized tropes in gaming? Yes. It exists. But not in the way that one may think. Like OP's video said, it's about making a profit at the end of the day. It's not just males doing these things because they want to keep women down. If that's the case, the developer may want to rethink their life. At the end of the day, computer people are hoping their code works and hope their game does well. What's dangerous to have in video games, or in anything for that matter is just one point of view. A liberal point of view, a conservative point of view, a religious point of view, or any other point of view. To have it one way makes that game not sell well. Like with a research paper, you have to keep things unbiased. That's what makes it sell well. Introduce a lot of things into the game's story to make it interesting. That person committed genocide? Why did they commit genocide? What's the story there? Or are they evil for evil's sake? Now does she deserve the reward? This is for community contribution keep in mind. Has she contributed to the community? Yes. She has delivered an argument that makes us talk even now. Has she advanced our community? Not really. Even the mere mention of her name can cause forums to shut down because gamers can't really have a proper argument. I feel like she was the only choice for 2013. I don't know. I wish we didn't have to prove to people that gaming isn't about putting others down.
  9. Been watching Angry Joe for a while, so I decided to become more proactive. College has left me busy so it'd be nice to make more friends. I go to UND for Computer Science. I'd be happy to talk with y'all about whatever. Yes. Even that.