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  1. I havent played this game in a while, but I believe that it should be supported. It is really fun when playing when with friends and whole army on it would be awesome
  2. I have played quite a few bad games. Most of them I had been really excited for, only to be utterly disappointed. Probably the worst one to happen to me was Aliens: Colonial Marines. 7 years I waited for that game (hell angry joes video asking it to not be cancelled was the first video of his I had seen), I even convinced my friends to get it. My god was it bad when I did play it. to throw salt in the wound I had the collectors edition of it, waste of $100.
  3. A Killing floor server would be great for the angry army. I play KF all the time and it would be good to get a community on it.
  4. Is anyone else having an issue where they join a server and as soon as you spawn the game goes into a black screen and your disconnected from the game. I have been having this happen to me the past few days, and I am not sure if it is because I updated to windows 8.1 or not. Before I had no problems running the game or joining servers.
  5. I have been so excited for this game ever since it was announced. I think it is the only game that I am looking forward too in 2014 really. I have been keeping up with the news on the game, and I never heard any intentions for it to have a monthly subscription fee. maybe I never noticed, but I havent seen any sign of it. Plus I was so happy when they confirmed it for PC, hopefully its added to the Angry Army.
  6. I would join, I am a pretty good builder, haven't done any large scale building though. plus, it would be a good opportunity to learn some new things.
  7. Yeah a Day-Z standalone server with angry army members would be nice. Hopefully their server system is better than the one that the mod has, seems like I can never find a working server.
  8. I believe that Killing Floor should be added as an official game. PROS: -Cooperative game play for up to six players against multiple waves of enemies -unique class system that allows for a variety of gameplay - updated constantly and features seasonal events that add new content -loads of weapons in the game, as well as a ton of steam workshop items -wide variety of enemies that look scary Cons -difficult for beginners $19.99 on steam, but is usually on sale for around $4.99