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  1. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by HeroEightyTwo in Dragon Age: Inquisition or Destiny   
    Destiny is due to last a very long time if it's popularity holds up so you would get more play time for your money plus if you like to play with your fellow AJSA members and friends it's probably going to have more players for you to team up with.
    However I am a big Bioware fan and loved Mass Effect and Dragonage series' so in my mind DAI will probably give you more emotionally engaging story and depth for your money.
  2. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Favorite Playstation Game.   
    PS1: Decent/Metal Gear Solid
    PS2: Final Fantasy X/Metal Gear Solid 2/ Devil May Cry
    PS3: The Last of Us/Skyrim
    PS4: Assassins Creed - Black Flag (So far)
  3. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by Nya` in Favorite Playstation Game.   
    PS1: Resident Evil
    PS2: Onimusha
    PS3: Red Dead Redemption
    PS4: Infamous: Second Son
  4. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Dragon Age: Inquisition or Destiny   
    Well honestly that's tough to say, it really depends on which genre you like more and what you think you will get the most time out of. If it was my choice I would probably go with Dragon Age Inquisition but that's partially because I love RPG's and I like the Dragon Age games a ton.
  5. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by DamionRayne in Message from the Commanders: Must Read   
    There seems to have been some major confusion regarding the powers and responsibilities of Officer Withastick in regards to this sub-section of the AJSA Community. There has also been some rumor-mongering going around about this Officer and Command and I'd like to put a great deal of this to rest right here and now.
    Basic Command Information
    1. Any time there is a question of abuse by an officer, from ANY member of the Greater AJSA Community, that abuse allegation is always taken seriously, investigated by several commanders and the council, and dealt with accordingly. If there is with-out-doubt abuse, the officer is reprimanded, removed from his or her position and demoted to Sergeant. As well as being bared from promotion to a command-staff role in the future. Everyone is given second chances in this community however, and appeals are also taken seriously.
    2. Any of these proceedings are solely and strictly private affairs, it is not now nor will it ever be any of anyone's business outside the parties directly involved. Accept that and do not ever ask commanders, officers or moderators for information that you are not entitled to, you will not receive it. We do not "name and shame" in this community, and if such a public display of shame is ever warranted, rest assured it was due to a sever breach in trust, and a major infraction and CoC breach.
    3. Once this investigation is concluded, double jeopardy is enacted. This means that this person can not be investigated again for the same accusation of wrong doing. However, this does not mean that they are safe from accusations of other wrong doings. Each case is handled separately.
    Withasticks Responsibilities
    1. Community Officer (CyO) Withastick may, at any time, promote to a position of "Game Officer" any person he deems worthy of the role, and capable of acting properly within an official leadership position within the AJSA PS4 Sub-Community. He must file reports with Field Commanders Damion Rayne and Craigr910 after enacting such authority. This authority extends no further than the boundaries of the PS4 Community.
    2. CyO Withastick may, at any time, demote a person from the Position of "Game Officer" if and only if, such investigations as outlined above have been conducted by Senior Command Officers and such investigation has found the accused at fault to the level warranting punitive action and removal from Junior Command Staff. This authority again, extends only as far as the PS4 Community.
    3. CyO Withastick may, at any time, exercise the Authority of a "Moderator" within the PS4 Sub-Community. Such exercise of authority must be reported to Field Commander Dogfish, Commanding Officer, AJSA Moderation Team. Such authority only extends to the PS4 Community. FC Dogfish, OIC AJSA Moderation team, will inform POC's FC Damion Rayne and FC Craigr910 of an overuse of Moderation privilege within the PS4 Community.
    4. CyO Withastick may, as he see's fit, create and moderate PS4 Group Channels and appoint to the position of "Channel Moderator" any persons he deems capable of the role without such notice to FC's Dogfish, Craigr910 and Damion Rayne. However, reports filed for exercise of this authority are requested of CyO Withastick weekly.
    CyO Withastick MUST, upon request from any persons currently considered "Active" within the AJSA PS4 community, submit reports of abuse, and missuses of power by persons appointed by him to POC's FC Damion Rayne and FC Craigr910.
    Note: An investigation was conducted by Senior Command and Council in regards to accusations of abuse and misuse of power by CyO Withastick. This investigation found the CyO, not at fault of any wrong doing.
    Signed, FC Damion Rayne (OIC/POC), 06JUL2014
  6. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by FroZenToday in So what did you buy from the sale?   
    Age of Empires II HD + The Forgotten Expansion
    Pixel Piracy
    Breach & Clear
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky
    Reus (Gifted by a friend)
  7. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in So what did you buy from the sale?   
    I bought some games during this sale:
    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Awesomenauts Terraria Outlast Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Rust Steam profile background Payday 2 (I got it for free as a gift from my brother.)
  8. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by Glaice in So what did you buy from the sale?   
    Let's see..
    -The Last Remnant
    -Dark Souls 2
    -Final Fantasy 8
    -Scourge: Outbreak
    -Payday 2
    -Payday 2 Big Bank Heist DLC
    -Metal Slug 3
    -Duck Tales Remastered
    -Rest of Payday 2 DLC
    -Metro: Last Light
    -Simcity 4 Deluxe
    -Next Car Game
    -Payday: The Heist Wolfpack DLC
    -Payday: The Heist Soundtrack
    -Supreme Commander 2
    -Supreme Commander 2 Infinite Battle Pack One DLC
    -Some Tropico 4 DLC
    In all, I spent  $127.65, average spending per item being $5.10.
  9. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in So what did you buy from the sale?   
    Damn, I bought a lot. At first I buy them because they're cheap and I want to collect cards to craft badges, then I found out that there's no point since my purple team lost and the cards are worth 0.30 if I sell them, so I sell a lot and got $5.
    Here are the games I bought:
    Ikaruga (hardest bullet hell game I have ever played, in a very frustrating, unfun and annoying way)
    One Finger Death Punch (amazing simple game, one of the best in 2014) sadly there's no card collectibles
    Goat Simulator (wtf did I just play)
    Shovel Knight (fun as hell NES game)
    They Bleed Pixels (hard but fun side scrolling game)
    Transistor (great songs & graphics)
    RE4 (10th time I played this game. Before I played it on the crappy low res PC version)
    There are others that I haven't played yet
    Strike Vector
  10. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in So what did you buy from the sale?   
    A combination of trading and spending money from my steam wallet made from card sales got me
    Democracy 3
    Metal Slug 3
    Year Walk
    The Yawhg
    Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion
    State of Decay and Breakdown DLC
    Actual Sunlight
    Defy Gravity
    Rogue Legacy
    Skulls of the Shogun
    Breach and Clear
    Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes
    Gifted Creeper World 3
    I'll probably buy the founder version of Dungeon of the Endless later today as my last thing.
  11. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by GenesisKiller96 in So what did you buy from the sale?   
    Euro truck Simulator 2 Garry's mod Planetside 2 (it was free but i'm still counting it) Team fortress 2 (free) Train Simulator 2014/DLC  Wargame: Airland battle   My Steam account was made recently and i thought it would just collect electronic dust because i am a console gamer, But after downloading an old favorite of mine, Defcon i began to see why people appreciate Steam and PC gaming as a whole. I ain't joining that PC master race anytime soon though.
  12. Doshka17 liked a post in a topic by Rapter24 in So what did you buy from the sale?   
    Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion
    Xcom Enemy Within 
    Medieval 2 Total War Collection (for a friend)
    Tropico 4 (for a friend) 
  13. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by snOOgs in Hello to the Angry Army! I'm the guy that gave Joe a shitload of free BEEF JERKY! ;)   
    Just wanted to say hi to everyone and to please add me to your friends list!
    I am the guy that donated a bunch good stuff to munch on for the Angry Joe stream on twitch. Does anyone remember when he opened the box of Beef Jerky and a shit load of other good stuff on his twitch stream???
    Well I'm the guy who gave him that stuff (snoogs1 on twitch)! I thought it was super cool of him to open it on the stream and I felt honored to support Angry Joe and Other Joe with munchies that they could enjoy while playing their favorite games. Everyone feel free to add me as a friend. I enjoy meeting and playing games with new friends! Thanks to everyone for what you do and I look forward to more Angry Joe!
  14. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by Sammonoske in So what did you buy from the sale?   
    Doom 3 BFG and Spec Ops: The Line. I was hoping Transformers: Fall of Cybertron would get a bigger discount, nope.
  15. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by Would you Kindly in So what did you buy from the sale?   
    The Witcher 1 and 2, as well as Dark Souls Prepare to die edition.
    Can you guess where my life will be going? lol
  16. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by Dyzzles in So what did you buy from the sale?   
    Far Cry 3 and Payday 2.
  17. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by KoinGaming in So what did you buy from the sale?   
    So the steam summer sale nearing its end. So how much money did you use and what games did you buy?
    I bought:
    Far Cry 3 (So I've seen playthroughs but well lets give it a shot!) Fallout: New Vegas Dungeon Siege 2 (Classic. Remember playing it in my childhood, so why the hell not buy it off sale.) Hitman Absolution Castle Crashers One Way Heroics Risk of Rain (God man.. This was soo good. 2nd playthrough reached stage 5-6 and completed 2 stages on the highest difficulty. Felt soo rewarding.) E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy (Heard some good things, was cheap so I bought.) Monaco (Heard good things. Was cheap. So bought it.) Marlow Briggs (Saw a playthrough and it's a competent game. For 1€ it's a steal. Payday 2 (Bought it before the price dropped further. Well 10€ is a fair price for it.) Just Cause 2 (Never played it, but I guess it'll be fun if I find time for it?) In total I used like 40€ (55$ or 32£)  because I missed a few bigger price drops. 
  18. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by xevious21 in Your favorite Skyrim Mods!   
    Enhanced blood and dance of death(new finishing moves) are a great combo.
  19. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by Sirrobert in Your favorite Skyrim Mods!   
    Though I don't currently play it, last time I was running:
    Aside from the usual graphics mods, unoficial patches, skyUI (you know, the must haves)
    I had Better Vampires (it's really fun to turn all the Jarl's stewards into my vampires), the Epic Gamaplay Overhaul pack (that one is awesome) , Convinient Horses, a couple of lightning/weather mods, Simple Magic Rebalance mod, Lock Overhaul Mod, Open Cities Mod, Run for your Lives mod (stops NPCs from trying to fight random dragon attacks. It's extremely frustrating to have everyone die because of that), Bound Armor mod (I like to play as a conjurer)
    One of my favorites is Enemy AI Overhaul. Makes the boss fights actually challanging. And Mining Flames
  20. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by GutsyWiseRobert7 in What is your Mech suit or Armor Tech suit?   
    Ogre Titan Fall
  21. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by AquilaVega in dynasty warriors games post your favorite characters images here :] Please try to post your images in one comment thank you   
    DW8 is my first DW game & I love it. 
    ATM these are my favs, but I haven't played with everyone yet so I can change my mind  

    Wei - > Xiahou Dun & Wang Yi
    Wu -> Zhou Yu, Zhou Tai & Lu Xun
    Shu -> Ma Chao, Zhao Yun & Wei Yan
    Jin -> Sima Zhao & Wen Yang
    Love it so much, I might even get Xtreme Legends, since all mentioned characters are level 99. They are ready for it!
    Oh I didn't see the poll before. I really like the Wei campaign. The way Cao Cao starts his empire and how he wanted to expand is just fenomenal. To bad his campaign took a massive blow in Chibi! Luckily there's the hypothetical route  
  22. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by xevious21 in Your favorite Skyrim Mods!   
    The mod that adds the survival skill tree and the survival elements
  23. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by Lawza S in dynasty warriors games post your favorite characters images here :] Please try to post your images in one comment thank you   
    i like playing this game, re-skinned and repetitive it can be insanely addictive