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  1. *shots fired*
  2. I actually liked the Shippuden version of Naruto (Except when my favorite character died , i stopped watching ... ) Bleach WAS good but is just dragged on too much... When I watched One Piece when I was younger I liked it, haven't watched it since then however. IMO Korokus basketball is over-rated.
  3. Battlefield 2 is a suprise to me. A shit ton of people still play it....
  4. Yeah, i was excited as hell for nether and was going to buy it when I got the money, I'm so glad I didn't get money till the game started looking like it does now... its so obvious the game is a cash grab because they don't fix ANYTHING.... they just add more shit that's broken
  5. Everybody seems to like wolf the most, but i personally like Dallas
  6. I saw this earlier and bought both 1 and 2 4 player pack
  7. m8 wht r u syng bout mi pnk camo?>?!!
  8. For some reason they release articles on the "best video games" every few months that include titles that aren't really even games to begin with.. so most people just ignore them
  9. I agree that it should have been there at the release. Especially considering these guys made some of the best Call of Duty games (Which had private lobbies). I am content currently though that they are updating the game regularly... Should it have been there on release? yes. Do i care? no Why? Because i have no friends on Origin because they all hate it
  10. This whole situation is a whole lotta fuck ups on both sides honestly... Imho though they are most at fault though right now for how they are handling the situation. The game is in a "beta", meaning that you are to try and find bugs and get them fixed before full release...
  11. I'm sorry but the blow job dlc is another $250
  12. Predators have always made things better... UNTIL NOW... DUN DUN DUNNN