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    PC/Console Gaming
    Music - Pop, Rock, R&B, Alternative, JPOP, KPOP
    Movies/Series - Action, Anime, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Romance
  1. Animal: Rat Element: Wood
  2. i got my driver's license with the help of my Mother's colleague... and when i started for test drive... I sucked at turning around the car but the exams i ACED it so i got my license to professional
  3. i got an affair with our maid (19) when i was 14 for a month. But, when my parents found out... i got a week of scolding... she (maid) goes back to her province... and i still remember her name (Sheryll) that was my first sexual encounter
  4. my parents bought me a family computer with a game called mario brothers...
  5. i think parents should be more aware for what genre of games they should or not to buy for their children...
  6. Metal Gear Solid Revengeance, Dynasty Warriors 8, Saints Row 4, Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice, & GTA V...
  7. move on bro... forget Sarah, and your still in high school... you'll get a better girlfriend than her when you go to college and oh, i forgot... be careful, always.
  8. Haigen Tingledor Snitchelnatzee a retired nazi soldier, who likes lollipop but if he eats it, he will die...
  9. PMS = Perpetual Motion Squad WE CAN GO ALL NIGHT !!!
  10. Clerk @ Department of Education (DepEd)