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  1. As the title states. It's time to tell everyone what is the worse game YOU have ever played. Anything from a Pc game to a Ps3, Xbox 360, ect. We all have memories of playing that one game that just.. Disappointed us to no end, broke our hearts in pieces, and rage for hours. In my years as a gamer myself, I deffinately have come across games that were just.. Bad. I mean, reallllly bad. So to kicks this off I will tell you a game I played that was just bad! One of the worset game ever! That game is.. Haze. Now, when I frst played this. I thought it would be fun and everything, but no. It wasn't. First, was the actors and dialog. I don't know who they got to act in this game, but my god it was bad. If there is anything that I care about in video games is story, characters, acting, and gameplay. If one of them is off, for example the bad dialog, it ruins the game for me. Now the story, gameplay, and setting was fine. Just fine. Not good enough for me. That's one bad for me! Tell me yours and share with everyone!
  2. Skyrim was one of the biggest games back in 2012. Or 2013. One of those. Even today I tend to go back and play. In the years I've played it, I always favor one quest above some others, or have a few favorites. So for this topic, let us know what is your favorite quest in Skyrim. What did you like it? Were their any great moments? I'll start. My favorite quest has got to be... Where you go drinking with a deadric lord and you head up losing your memory and at the end you get a badass deadric staff! I can't remember the name for the life of me, but still. It was great. Can't wait to read all the responses we get!
  3. My name is Jarrett. I live in Maryland. I'm a huge Playstation fan. My favorite games, well, that's hard to say. I do have mad love for Naughty Dog, Bethesda Software, Sucker Punch, and many other companies! I prefer third person shooter games, rpg's, or anything that really interest me. I've been with Playstation for most of my life or half, I started with a Super Nintendo 64 and worked my way up, unfortunately, I didn't start with a Playstation 1, but I did start with a Playsation 2. The current systems I have are a Super SLim Playsation 3, a DS xl, a Wii, and a PSP. If anyone is interested in gaming with me, just send me a message and I'll be more than happy to game with you!
  4. How many of you remember when The Last of Us was in development and GameInformer magazine did a story about the game? No? Well, there is one detail that I noticed. The director said that once The Last of Us is out, then Naughty Dog would work on a new Jak and Daxter game. Now, we've seen new Rachet and Clank games and a Sly Cooper game. So I ask you, where is the next Jak and Daxter game? I am a gamer who played the first three and loved it. I am just curious if anyone knows anything about this and is willing to share what they know. To also make this topic fun, let's have some fun with this! What is your favorite Jak and Daxter game and why? Any favorite moments? If you were in charge of making the new Jak and Daxter game, what would you add? Story? Gameplay? Characters? Ect.
  5. That you can, but hey, maybe Sanz will take how fans reacted to the series and make changes. It's all unsure. Same for Jak and Daxter. Oh, and I know what game you're talking about, Lost Frontier, right? Yea.. We don't talk about that game.
  6. My favorite was Snowy Mountain, the music was great. Personally, I prefer snowy based levels, so it was perfect for me. And as for Sly Cooper. Sorry dude, but Sucker Punch pretty said that they were more than glad to hand over the series, not because they didn't like the series, but they just wanted a new generation to take it on. I have to say, it was a nice game, sue it had problems, but the art style and how the game felt like the original at some moments really made me feel like a kid again.
  7. Yea, Jak 2 and 3 felt out of place. To be honest, I miss the locations you would go to in Jak 1. Now, I wanna show off my theory of what the story could be for a new Jak and Daxter game. So, the two evils in Jak 1 were defeated by Jak, we know that much, but what if they're alive? Think about it, they fell into dark eco. Now, Daxter fell into Dark Eco and he turned out to be a race of those sage things. What if they're alive and the Dark Eco changed them?
  8. Hah. I got one that will TOP ALL OF YOU. Ride to Hell Retribution. Can anyone top that?
  9. As the title says! Let's talk about games! In this form you can just submit whatever game you wanna talk about and give us your thoughts about it. It could be anything from Playstation 1 all the way to 3. Same for Xbox. I can't wait to read all your submissions! To kick things off. I will start by talking about one of my favorite games that I always went back to playing and that is. Uncharted. Something about a game that I feel is so much like one of my favorite movie characters, Indian Jones, just got me. It was the very first game I played when the Playstation 3 was released. Now, throughout the years I always changed my mind about my favorite game, but Uncharted was still in my top 10.
  10. Let us all not forget about Legend of Zelda! Now, I remember playing LoZ: Link to the Past on my Super Nintendo 64, never beat it, but it was great. The other LoZ game I played was a Gameboy color game, can't remember the name. Oh, and then when I got my Wii, I got LoZ Twilight Princess, next LoZ I wanna get is Skyward Sword, but it's so damn expensive! I am currently playing LoZ Spirit Tracks.
  11. I don't know if this topic is okay here, or if it belongs somewhere in the gaming topic. But, I hope it works here! So, since Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently being developed, I figured I would give this thing a try. Create your own Kingdom Hearts character. Give your own character his or her own cool description. Here I'll start. If I were a keyblade wielder, my keyblade would be Kingdom Key D, the only D I'd ask for. Totally straight by the way. I would have a black hoodie on, brown cargo pants, fingerless black gloves, and grey boots, and a black headband around my forehead. Can't wait to see what you guys put!
  12. I completely agree with you, brother. But I can give you my opinion about it from the videos I've watched, if that helps? First, it's much faster. You can be playing Killzone and pause the game, then you press the PS button and you're back in the menu, while the game is paused. The store is the same as Playstation 3's store. The first row is the games you've installed, apps such as Netflix, then you scroll up to other menu's, from settings, party, friends, ect. Now the downside to this console is that you have to buy Playstation Plus to play online games, but it's not like Xbox One, where you immediately have to buy it. I think if you go into Ghost and decide to play Online, a message might say you need Playstation Plus, but you can do a lot online. I hope this helps you. Have a great day.
  13. A lot of great replies! I love it! Another bad game is... Skyrim. HAH I JOKE. Now for the real answer is Sonic 06. I know it's been mentioned a lot, but come on SEGA, don't put Sonic with Final Fantasy. It doesn't work! It just doesn't! I will say my favorite part is when Shadow round housed kicked Sliver in the back of the head. AH, Shadow.
  14. I heard a lot of great things about Shadow of Colossus. Great gameplay, fantastic story, and a relateable character. Has anyone ever played Ni No Kuni? Man oh man, that game is addicting! I will say the one thing I hate about the game is the dialog. But overall, a great game!
  15. Ya know, I did play Tomb Raider. Unforunately, the audio was messed up. Like, I know it was suppose to be this thunder like sound, but for me, it sounded.. Disturtied? Or messed up. One of those. Another great game is The Last Of Us. So beautiful. I can't wait for the DLC.
  16. Kingdom hearts 3. It's so crazy to think it's actually gonna happen. I never thought it would. I started playing KH1 when it first came out for the Playstation 2 and then I played Chain of Memories on my Gameboy advance, then KH2, and BBS. I couldn't play the others because I didn't have a DS at the time. I can't wait to play KH3, the gameplay just looks amazing! However, I am curious about the story. Any ideas about it so far? Or announcements?
  17. Even though the system isn't backwards compatiability. Maybe companies will come out with HD collections for the Ps4. Now that would be amazing!
  18. Well, let's look at it this way. For myself, I do plan on getting the Playstaion 4, cause I've been with Sony for most of my life, or so. I'm not sure how many exclusive games the Xbox One will have, but so far, it seems that Playstation 4 has more of the exclusives. Ranging from Killzone Shadow Fall to Infamous Second Son. But, I have a suggestion for you. Just go on youtube and look up reviews on the system, see if it really is worth your money. By hearing other opinions, that could help you judge if you want to buy it or not. I hope this helps!
  19. It's hard to say what the story is. The voice didn't sound familiar at all. But, I do agree with a user who suggested the Pirate era, so I'll go along with that. I just can't wait. Uncharted 1 was the FIRST plsystation 3 game I played and I've been a fan since. It's amazing and I can't wait!
  20. As anyone ever had that one game they saw and thought. "I will solely buy this console for you, and only you." You could've bought just a 3DS for pokemon, or Xbox for Halo, ect. I plan on buying Playstation 4 for one game, among many others, but this game just.. Looked amazing! I love how it plays. It looks to be a ton of fun! I'm talking about The Divison! The third person open world shooter, a friend of mine told me it's a zombie infested game, but that has yet to be confirmed. Regardless, to make your own character and play with your friends in this open world game? So amazing!
  21. It's crazy to think that Sony wouldn't do it. I mean, as you all know, the Playstation 4 is having launch problems. Maybe this new version, if it does happen, will do something about it. I'm not sure really.
  22. Let me ask you all a question. A simple one. Do we all believe that Sony is gonna come out with a new version of the Playstation 4? Like the Slim Playstation 3. As we know, the Slim offered a smaller version of the Ps3 and more memory. But, the downside to it was that you couldn't play Playstation 2 games on the Slim, kinda disappointing right? I do believe that Sony is gonna make a new version of the Playstation 4. Who knows when and how, but if you any of you agree with me, then let me know your thoughts!
  23. I bought the Playstation 3, knowing a little to nothing about it. This time, doing things a little different. I'm gonna wait until the Playstation 4 goes way down in price and to make sure I have enough money saved over to buy it. I did watch a video describing what the menu looks like and how it's different, so far, it all looks good.
  24. Yea, you're right. But hey, you never know. Are you one of those who's Playstation 4 is having problems?