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  1. We need to get a large group of us together this weekend to try to push the smurfs back. Too much blue on the map in my opinion. Any suggestions as to a day \ time???
  2. Inspiration Points from deconstructing your own items = 44 per item. Inspiration Points gained by deconstructing a buddies items = 99 per item. So it will pay to buddy up with others in your own profession to craft and share items to deconstruct. Over double the Inspiration Points will help you level twice as fast. Thought I'd pass it along. Blacksmithing for me!!! See you in game. Cardon
  3. I am going to create a whole family of toons reserving names as I go. As I know my whole family will end up playing eventually. That way the missus, my son and daughters will all have their names we use saved.
  4. It's good to be aboard Jack. I see you hail from Canada. Couple hours north of me. I am about 30 miles east of of Pittsburgh. We had a camper on lake Erie and frequented it quite a bit. (Love to fish.) My son and I want to fish more of Canada when I can free up some time to. On a side note I saw someone post up here somewhere that they were 61 years old. I am feeling rather spry now!! I am actually rather active. Between motorcycle riding (Street). Quad riding, we own 3 of them. Boating, hiking, hunting, fishing, and chasing my kids and grandkids around I fell relatively good all things considered. I also take care of my 90 year old mother, who is rather funny and keeps me on my toes. P.S. I actually use old gallon milk jugs now. Mouth is a tad wider and they hold more... (cough)
  5. Will be up early. Cup of coffee ready. Take me 389562378623 minutes in character creation and viola!!! I'll be in game.
  6. Did'nt know Planetside 2 was Free to Play. I played the original and enjoyed it. Might have to check it out at some point.
  7. Well thank you for the quick response.
  8. Hi all. I am a 50 year old father of 4, grandfather of 3 soon to be 4. Been around the gaming world since Atari, Nintendo, and 8086 computers. Started with text based games and DOS 3.3 and been rolling with it till now. When the missus and I first met we would spend days playing Super Mario, Bubble Bobble, Dig Dug, Empire.... You get the picture. Was always a FPS lover from the early days of Wolfenstein, Heretic, Doom (Think I wore out 2 keyboards playing Doom), Duke Nukem. So many games. SWG was a big change, missus and I played that time sink for a few years. The original Planetside was a short break zergfest. Crysis series was a wonderful graphical break which I and the my son loved. Driving games, flight simulators, Call of Duty series, Morrowind... ad infinaseum. Been a WoW player since closed beta. Think i have the oldest account on my server actually. 9 consecutive years playing one game for me is a long time. Now I am looking down the road at ESO. Played some ESO beta. Loved Skyrim. Have always enjoyed the dungeons. From the original creaky dungeon door opening sounds, to the Morrowind horse and cart that magically disappeared into your back pocket when you dismounted. Now I am ready to dig into Elder Scrolls Online and would really enjoy joining some others for the fun. Sorry in advance if I type slow. Will stock up on Geritol, Depends and empty 2 liter bottles so I will not have to leave the keyboard much. Hope to see you in game. Cardon