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  1. "Konami you all just fucked it up"
  2. which map is better between the two given below and why. I like the cod one since:- - it has a limited space - graphics - its confusing and players cant snipe much I know most can be related with the bf map aswell
  3. I dont actually care much about the graphics the story is what counts aswell as gameplay thats what i look for in a game. But if i were to say what i think good graphics are i would say fox engine
  4. why do i have to type isnt a title more than enough sometimes?
  5. which is better and why. i liked theif better due to graphics, gameplay and story.
  6. What is the best first person shooter according to you. also i need proper reasoning eg. campaign graphics, story etc
  7. you sir have a point laughed my ass off on his mickey gig
  8. Is joe indirectly owned by disney now?. Or is it just an april fools prank. I CANNOT STAND JOE REVIEWING CINDERLLA I MEAN COME ON WHAT WILL HE SAY ABOUT IT " DISNEY DOES IT again IT RECREATES THE WORLD OF CINDERLLA WITH GREAT VOICE ACTING" FINAL VERDICT 10/10. Next he will review disney games if there are any.also a ten minute segment on sheild
  9. so what about battle of z he is a dragonball fan. also how do i add friends on this site
  10. How many of you think joe should review assassins creed 2?. help spread the message a game as good as that should not go unnoticed. also im new here joined today so dont know how things workout here