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  1. RIDE TO HELL RETRI-BU-BU-BUTION!!! You sir must be a survivor, a badass of gaming. Here, have a cookie. *offers cookie*
  2. Well, i'll look into them. If any of you appear around this channel, add me up and we can discuss the thing of the team. name is "Thunderhawk". By the way, when is it gonna take place, and at which hour?
  3. Oh. Well, could I get that list then, please? Just for curiosity,
  4. Well, I dont know. You can always try Caitlyn with the new passive buff she got. She seems now to be able to destroy tanks better. With good positioning and a good escape spell, she could now actually turn things around with a well placed Headshot. (And hope that it crits!)
  5. Hmm Im interested on this event, but where can I find somebody that could be willing to play with me? Should I ask around here?
  6. So, if I like PC more than consoles because of the chance to make incredible total overhaul mods...Im a PC 'Nazi' D=?
  7. Apparently, they blew up big time with the Batman game, and now they're doing something because of the massive refunds. I got to ask, is Worth a Buy worth watching? I mean, the review he did on Warhammer 40000 Storm of Vengeance did leave me with a sour taste =<
  8. Trying to replay the Dawn of War: Dark Crusade campaign as the Imperial Guard. For the Emperor, we march on! Kronus Liberators, attack!
  9. That is exactly what you are. A Tool! A Tool to be discarded at the slightest sight of failure. Heresy shall not stand triumphant, for we are the shield of the Emperor, and of the Imperium of Man! You prefer your dark gods? You can keep your gods. I prefer the Emperor's tanks on my side!
  10. I will put my little part on this argument, and I only have a thing to say about old FPS vs Modern FPS: Bring me the difficulty back, and the large variety of enemies. If they keep producing their COD's or BF's, I'll just stick to my Doom's and Quake's. Now that I said it, back to Painkiller!
  11. I still need to play it a lot more, hard to get used to it. I will send my code soon so everybody can enjoy.
  12. Still, the things he spews out are just illogical. But perhaps you are right. Now its all for a mightier power in order to solve this.
  13. What the hell is wrong with a guy called Froakie Frog on the comments? That guy is just a crazy Nintendo lunatic, defending every single moment the big N with his life. I thought Joe should keep his comments open, but people like Froakie Frog make me wish he would just close the comments, damn it.
  14. Be gone, Heretic. You are just a tool of your precious gods, who throw your life at the slightest failure. The Imperium of Man shall not falter to the likes of you, scum. Be gone, creep back into the eye of terror. For we are the Emperor's hammer, the harbringers of doom. The Emperor protects.
  15. hmm, well, I do seem to like the concept. But an unknown enemy force? Are we talking about extra-dimensional stuff, like Steel Batallion and its alternate UN-themed organization? Or an extraterrestial force?