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  1. @Thorker and @MaxVegas can tell you about it. I already tried posting this before and it got taken down. I would just like instructions on how i can take my profile down from this site. I do not want associate with this anymore
  2. Yes. Your alienating the few members of the AJSA who still are active on TS and ESO by letting Bast stay in charge. He flys off the handle at the drop of a hat and very aggressively chews ppl out. I left the guild because of it and i dont intend on coming back. I just figured someone should at least know what a horrible environment is being created over there.
  3. You have a Guild leader who is treating ppl like crap...and i posted about it...and it got immediately taken down and swept under the rug. You ppl are unbelievable
  4. So I came up with a kind of maverick idea. Instead of it not making a difference when you research a trait if the item is " White" or " gold", maybe if you research a trait off an item and its purple it could take some time off the research. There are alot of interesting things that would happen with the economy and mechanics. What are your thoughts on this idea ?
  5. Im glad they did this...we need to build the subs base for pc and they need to make a good product on console. If the company doesnt make any money then we wont get new content.
  6. The link below claims that the console versions got delayed. Im happy they delayed it hopefully they will fix somethings and make it better. http://www.nerdist.com/2014/05/bethesda-console-the-elder-scrolls-online-delayed-about-six-months/
  7. Im standing Behind Joe at 2:49. This was my first MMO PVP event ever. So much fun.