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  1. The person was franz ferdinand of Austria who was assassinated and you are right that not many know of ww1. Only a small number of games touch on it like verdun or valiant hearts.
  2. This game is not free to play, but buy to play much similar to GW2 model. Unlike the KR version the price, estimated to be 30 usd, comes with many of the premium features of the KR version already unlocked. BDO is a sandbox mmo, much like AA or eve with a focus on open world gvg pvp with no instances and has a very different pve endgame than a traditional themepark mmo like wildstar or ffxiv.
  3. I can't wait, this is gonna be a great experience and hopefully, like the other 24 hours, gonna be a great time. Good luck bast, I'll be there.
  4. While I was moderating for bast in the recent months, we found ourselves using a new app called discord which we describe as: "Discord is like if Teamspeak and Skype had a baby." It has voice comms and text chat, you can assign roles and permissions easily and eventually can have twitch emote support. With that said does the AJSA have plans in the future to transition from teamspeak to discord?
  5. It's sad to see you go and whatever you play, have fun playing it. Farewell buddy and take care. Come visit on ts sometimes.
  6. You can find some on the WT pinned post labeled "Special AJSA Skins" on the subforum
  7. The game saves all of your data but the original war thunder client and the steam client are both separate entities so you'll have to re-download it if you choose to play via steam.
  8. People, before even thinking about posting that you want to be part of the steam group 1. Go back to the first page of this thread 2. Read all of the lines below the (incredibly awesome) picture 3. Come back and post for an invitation after you have your AJSA tags in-game via squadron application submission and approval (I do check the squadron roster often) 4. Read all of the pinned threads then hop on TS and play with us Otherwise you get a -__- from me. Don't be that guy
  9. I'm willing to play with ya, although I'm not very good
  10. A message to all current and future WT steam group members. If I cannot verify you on the WT steam group via in-game name or steam alias you will be kicked. You must be in the WT squadron to be in the steam group. Help make my job easier. Thanks. Note: Exceptions up to command's discretion.
  11. Of course, we do have a squadron in war thunder and we do have weekly training events on Saturdays and Sundays. Though I would advise you to grind all three tank trees to at least mid T4 cause you never know which faction you may be asked to play during these events. Also please hop on TS otherwise see you in the skies comrade.
  12. I have never played homeworld unfortunately, never even heard of it before till now. Tell me what sort of treat am I in for? And yes I have bought it and is in my library.
  13. It's a title represented by the number of people who like your posts
  14. While in TS look for mr beef, fuzzypanda, riplaw, skullhead or Move.
  15. as long as you're not in a area in conflict then you have nothing to worry about unless you get into a duel.