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  1. This would be amazing love loadout, and it would be awesome to play with this community
  2. Borderlands: the pre-sequel was announced a few days ago and I have to say i'm very excited. As a read the comments of the only released gameplay footage I see a lot of people don't agree, and i see why. The game looks identical to borderlands 2 and most of the gameplay looks like the previous title as well, But you have to take this game as fan service. Its just to tie over fans of the franchise until they release borderlands 3. If they ever do. I personally am going to treat it like Batman Arkaham : origins. because there very similar. There both a tie over and an origin story. people who just tagged along for borderlands 2 probably wont get this title but fans of the original and 2 this will be a must buy. I just hope it wont be a flop. please check out my youtube where I will be doing a full walkthrough of the game once it is released https://www.youtube.com/user/NickBoormanTV
  3. WARNING : This topic my contain spoilers read at your own risk. Batman: Arkham origins is a good game as far as gameplay is concerned. The combos flow better than ever before, It's a lot easier to switch costumes, predator areas ore so much smoother, oh and you get to go to the batcave ! What makes this game fall short is the story and the continuity. The game is called Batman: Arkham Origins this game is not an arkham game nor is it a origin story. the only thing remotely hinting arkham is in the end credit where sharp is talking about how blackgate is not doing a very good job and hoe he wants to re-open the asylum. You also get a glimpse of jokers origin but its not enough to center the whole game around. To me the title Batman: Arkham origins would imply the night before asylum went down. maybe have a little play as the joker action. The also features no new gadgets at all. aside from a minor tweak to them, but there still relatively the same. The city is empty. The developers said this would be a living breathing Gotham. WRONG. There are absolutely now people in the streets of Gotham and on Christmas eve of all days. to be fair there is a public service announcement in game that recommends people stay in there homes due to the storm an high criminal activity, but this is not an excuse. I am not even going to touch on the topic of glitches and freezes, butts lets just say there is a lot. the last issue I have with this game is the plot twist. you knew it was coming every arkham game has one. yep its the ole fake black mask gag. I mean the game straight up gave black mask the finger. the game was was supposed to give this awesome character some love foe once. but no just like the rest of the arkham games it fell directly into jokers cold hands.