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  1. I am going to put here the xp gains I found while enchanting. Low Level stuff: Create with no findings : ~35xp Create with findings ~145 Destroy enchantments that I found ~150 Destroy enchantments that I made ~50 So far this is what i have. If you get some more information, or more specific info, put here please.
  2. For something that in WOW and other games, enhancing your equipement seems like it should be fairly important, and so be moderatly difficult, not freakin hard. I have right now hit the lvl 8 zone with enchanting. Most everything that i find is just above me, or gives me no exp whatsoever. I use the addon to track my gains and it tells me how many of repetitions I would need to reach the next level. When something says 200 x till next level i just want to raise my hands and go F^<# that. But looking at the bought enchants vs found enchants vs the endgame made enchants i think it will be worth it. Well, if anyone has mats they dont want (low level or mid level) i am willing to pay. Don't have much gold at the moment. also if you have found enchants you were just going to sell ill take those too. You get more IP from breaking stuff than creating stuff. Found thats the same for BS, Tailor, and Wood. If anyone has any ideas, tips or tricks, let me know. I have done the dagger swap for BS, did some for WW and Cloth but havent found a buddy to trade enchants with to see if that will give more IP instead of breaking down my own made ones. Guess I will stockpile my made enchants just in case.
  3. hey vegan zombie, i just wanted to say i love your sig gif, " you can't have the pimp without a little imp!"
  4. @justinmcclure05 ##SENT