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The grimm cat

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  1. Halbin liked a post in a topic by The grimm cat in Your preffered country to fly with in War Thunder?   
    I rather fly with the german an british planes, cause it feels better and easier  in my own opinion, but I really hate the japanes planes, especially the Tier 1, in my own opinion its the hardest country to fly with...
  2. The grimm cat liked a post in a topic by Wolfspawn in Lol guess what book is best seller !   
  3. onga999 liked a post in a topic by The grimm cat in Alien: Isolation   
    Just hoping that Sega doesnt fucked it up, and in fact hoping that they managed to pull it of, maybe dont making the game of the year type, but if they can make it as good as the last AVP (I thought it was awesome in general) it may be woth it
  4. The grimm cat liked a post in a topic by Gronth in The US has been voted as the most significant threat to world peace in a survey across 68 different countries   
    " 2 party system is the worst that happened to this country"

    Try living in one where you have 12+ parties, and yet everyne of them says same shit. THATS a real tragedy.
  5. The grimm cat liked a post in a topic by ashugtiwari in do u people rage while gaming?   
    Hello All,
    I find this very funny and laughed a lot.

    I sometimes get tempered due to something else so just switch off my pc or ps3, but never rage on games, and now i find thing so funny
    ON THAT i know two guys who r reviewer and very funny when they do that
    Angry video game nerd who plays shitty games and rage (very funny guy, but dont know his name), there is game on his name on steam "Angry video games nerd"
    the second one is as everyne knows Angryjoeshow (he's funny too, but mostly he never comes up with funny ideas like the angry nerd comes with )
    what about u? Plz dont mind, this thread if for fun
  6. Rita the Fox liked a post in a topic by The grimm cat in Would you consider Team Fortress 2 to be one of the most balanced shooters in the industry?   
    its pretty balance, until for some unkown reason your team has about 5 spies, no doctors, a couple of snipers, three scouts and a pyro. When that happens you are probably gonna get fucked up...
  7. lazordlord2 liked a post in a topic by The grimm cat in Games quality dropping?   
    Well, right now the industry its doing what every other media will do when they want to make a big amount of cash, and its to repeat all the formulas in games that are proven to be the best to make money. This its why the CoDs, the Assassin Creed, and even the Battlefield series are getting repetitive, without making any kind of innovation or risk in order to keep the money flowing. Sure, you can still have some fun with these games, but the at the cost of seeing something new and exciting coming out. No big compañy will take the risk, unless they have to. 
    Just look at what happen to de Resident Evil franchise, it became just abother blockbuster action game, in order to make it more atracctive in a market where action games and FPS are the ones that are making money......