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  1. I love verdun, it has some moments but overall a great game, the full release is just around the corner so hopefully that grabs more attention. If anyone is interested, let me know. I also do random streams of it now and then to hopefully help some gamers out on picking it up or not so if your on the fence just let me know and will try and answer some questions about it. But if your big into the whole World War games and always wanted to see what WW I was like this is the best game to come close, it has gas, the weapons are very...well yeah...and it relies on teamwork.
  2. Used Expanded Towns and Cities with Tundra and haven't had any conflict yet. Expanded Towns/cities shouldn't conflict with Tundra as tundra is a self position mod meaning nothing is placed in the game world to conflict spawns/buildings, it does however add a few npcs and dialogue to them but those shouldn't conflict with Expanded Towns/cities as they are in default buildings aka inn and shop. However make sure you are following both installation guides carefully as you need to put the mod in a certain load order (this isn't done by Mod Manager and even though it may seem like it does, you still need to make sure the load order is set proper), also make sure to have any UI mods that is required as any mod requiring certain mods especially UI made can mess up your game BIG TIME (good example is SKSE which a lot of mods like Tundra needs, if it isn't there the mod will crash your game a lot, make sure to keep SKSE updated with the mod updates as well if one is out dated from the other it will also cause problems. Also I wouldn't recommend changing/editing any of the mods without a good deal of knowledge over modding and the mod itself, any edits to mods could cause problems and even ruin future updates as you might need to do a fresh clean install which are a pain. If you are experiencing trouble with Tundra and Expanded towns, make sure to turn all other mods off besides the two mods, then start a fresh game and see if the problem continues. If it doesn't then it could be a load order issue or another mod conflict, if it does try each mod by itself and see if it works, if both mods work on their own but just not together then let either Expanded Towns or Tundra creator know as both are really great individuals and will try to look into it if a lot are requesting it. Again just make sure you have all required mods,scripts and programs for the mod itself, Tundra I know requires SKSE which is often missed as a lot just install the mod files without reading the instillation list, this alone will give you a headache, also if your a heavy mod user like me there are mods that will force push the game to run and will flag issues and which mods are causing them which will help you avoid the deadly mass uninstalling/digging through mods finding the problem. My advice though if your planning on heavy modding the game, just do one mod at a time, and work in these steps: 1. Find mod 2. Install mod 3. Play game (if works your good to go for next mod) 4. If step 3 is working then move to the next mod and repeat. If game crashes or doesn't load then you know it was the last mod installed. 5. It may be painful but Mod manager isn't the best program to auto arrange/fix modding issues, I had to change load orders a lot of times just to make sure a few graphic mods didn't conflict each other...so strange that one load order different could mess up your game. Good luck and happy Skyrim modding
  3. I would be in on this, love Natural Selection series.
  4. Here they are for you City Builder (alpha) http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50097/? ========================= Real Settler Mod (another city builder which has the faction system and all that, however I'm not sure how far they are with the progress I know they had to take a few steps back due to coding issues, there is also the link to the fallout version of this in the link) http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12683/? ======================= Tundra Defense (something you might enjoy, has a tower defense while building a small outpost) http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/22330/? ============= True Imperial Legion Camp (this is where you run a imperial camp) http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/9099/? There you, enjoy guys. There is a bunch more out there
  5. I currently have over 100 mods running with my skyrim, half of course being performance/graphical improvements...seen those sexy pictures where it almost looks real well that can be achieved. The other half being more towards roleplaying/story/tweaks to improve the immersion of the world. To start off I would recommend joining Nexus forums and looking up the many guides, modder sections and etc to help guide you to a better skyrim experience, also note that if you want to push the game to it's limit you will need a powerful computer and time to read each mod as they can conflict with each other causing the game not to run but if you take the time it can make all the difference. There is so much to improve the game overall for example (these aren't the real names of the mod, Can't remember them but they aren't hard to find in skyrim nexus site) 1. Carts - there is a mod that adds working carts as mounts, want to store items on the go then you can bring your cart along and load it up...it also works with companions (more then one ) they will ride in the front and back depending on the cart you use however it is glitchy sometimes so be careful. 2. Enjoy the ride - you can get a mod where you ride with the taxi cart guy and listen to stories or just sit back and enjoy the ride. 3. Nude- ya....it's popular though 4. Real guards - want guards to act like guards, this one allows you to steal uniforms unseen and guards will treat you like one of them...heck if you are running from the law just change your outfit and they will lose sight of you as long as your not in their sight when you change. They also have more realistic sights so running around a corner and then up some stairs might lose their search 5. Thief set - this has ropes and water arrows that work, you can fire ropes into towers and climb them or if you want to be stealth like...use the water arrow and knock out the torches. 6. monster mod - I believe MM or MMM, the group that does this mod has done an awesome job as they have worked on a oblivion version , fall out series and more with their mod. What it does is takes your level into account, it also chances their behavior and spawns more unique types for example you might find a snow troll...then down the roll a rock troll that is more aggressive. Also bosses are tweaked such as dragons will use more unique attacks..and best of all it adds a new faction system which puts everyone at odds for example wolves will attack anything in their territory even other wolves if they aren't apart of their pack. 7. Boss mod - This increases the difficulty on all dragons and other bosses, dragons will now pick you up even when your mounted and drop you off at a nice location in which I mean from a 1000 foot drop to your doom.. ENJOY 8. Traveling Npcs - This is neat it adds random npcs to the world travelling , some will be doing adventures like you , some hunting and others just acting like their real people. Hell if you follow some they will go on a daily life such as hunt for food on mondays, travel to Whiterun on tuesday to listen to the crazy man and etc. 9. Legionnaire Mod - This allows you if you join the Imperial forces, to control a base camp, upgrade defenses , give soldiers orders and missions even use some as companions. 10. City Builder- This is an awesome mod and I will try to find the real name for you, it allows you to build a city and even declare it to a faction be it imperial , storm cloaks or blades . You build walls, get guards and even fight off raiders and invaders. There is so much you just have to take the time to look through them all. If your really curious, just go through nexus most popular mods will have gameplay/trailers showing their features. If you want a good list of mods just check skyrim nexus main page and there is usually a few recommend youtubers that aim mainly on showing gamers good mods to try out. Best of luck.. P.S there was a mod that added catapults and other weapons during the city battles, not sure if it was removed or if I obtained it from a private community site but will check. It basically allows you to use siege weapons on the cities during that part of the quest, there is also more enemy soldiers such as mounted and high level bodyguards and better roadblocks.
  6. 1. Game is very grindy, at the start it's rather fast but once you get to the more class indepth such as being a tank commander with a tiger tank or a general is very grindy...this is because they want you to spend cash to speed up the process 2. It's fun as every battle even on the same map can play out differently, I remembered playing the city in the middle map. Once we the German side only had planes and para-troopers with normal infantry vs little tanks and armor support cars...it was a mess but we got the win somehow, next time I started the map again the German side had 3 divisions of Medium tank and 1 division of heavy.....this battle was extremely sad as the allies only had infantry and planes....watching 3 Tiger tanks pushing on the final spawn for the allies was just too much. 3. The game is still early access so adjustments will continue to be made, Russian side was finally added and there has been mention of newer maps to be added to the world and even a more faction theme for the Capital city of that faction so instead of fighting on a normal map you might be fighting on a map with faction flags hanging around and more defenses for the owners. 4. It's a lot better playing with friends of a large group as working together is extremely fun, having one player flying around bombing, a group as infantry supporting tank advancement.. It's just mind blowing if you can get together a good team with communications
  7. Battlefront is basically battlefield, the only difference really is some of the game modes. There is conquest which in Battlefront 2 they allowed you to buy large capital ships and move them around a galactic map to start your battles, however most modes were your basic capture the point and drain enemy supply points. There was also space battles added which was extremely neat, it starts with you on board your capital ship and from there you can man the guns, join in a fighter or transport troopers to the enemy ship...oh and you also can repair important systems such as shields or weapons control. The main objective is to destroy the enemy ship by boarding and blowing up all the main systems or attack the key points outside with fighters/bombers such as bridge/shield generators and weapon/engines. ======================================= BattleFront 3 Rumors ======================================= - Battles are suppose to be larger scale and are rumored to contain ground to space battles...this means teams must work together and fight both in space and ground at the same time....so if your bored of one just jump in and ship and go up or down. - Objective story? - I remembered reading this on a news site saying that there might objective mode based more around the movies, for example Endor battle will have rebel forces pushing to destroy the shield generator on the ground, as well as protecting their fleet and destroy death star 2. Imperial players must defend the shield station, protect death star 2 and help destroy the fleet. Commanders would be used to give buffs and bonus to their team as well as Imperial commander can use the death star when it was charged to attack a random fleet ship, Rebel commander could move the fleet ships, even spreading them out. - this I believe is confirmed, the story mode will expand across all 3 movies containing at least one major battle from each. - This I believe is confirmed from the latest Battlefront close session but have to wait for the gameplay to be released but all factions from the movies will be playable Republic , CIS , Imperial and Rebels - Confirmed....Dice used a lot of references from the movies even got access to Star wars model storage which contains the original models...THEY CONTINUE TO BRAG THIS - DLC and battlepacks are likely to come back with a price...THANKS EA - Hero system is also likely to return as it was popular in battlefront series ( how this works is, if your the highest on the team regarding points you will be offered the chance to take the role of a Hero related to your faction so for example if your imperial you will be offered to be darth vader for a short time. - Customization such as outfit camo and weapon addons - This is rather new to battlefront as there was never ability to mod the weapons completely or your outfit, you picked a class and that was pretty much it. The PSP versions did allow customization to a larger scale which allowed you to created awesome outfits like a scout trooper head with a stormtrooper body wearing a cape . This might likely be the system used for Battlefront 3 as it was rather popular in psp versions and made another appearance in the next version of it. - Frost engine is being used confirmed obviously - Force awakens will be tied into the game *CONFIRMED*. -Space battles , Hoth , endor and I believe Yavin 4 are already confirmed in the game now. If your really wanting to see how it might be like just play battlefront 2, it's still awesome to this day and will give you a general idea of starwars battlefront series.
  8. It comes down to one of the following: Doom 3 - Graphics are still pretty awesome 1. Just core game 2. If you want to play the expansion you need to buy it (not that expensive and most sell them together now) 3. It can be modded - there is a lot of great mods for this such as duct tape which allows you to put guns and flashlights together or coop mod allowing you to play up to 4 friends through the story and more or if you can't find anyone get the Friends be Friends or Npc ally mod which allows you to spawn in friendly Npc marines to help you.....but you may think that will make it easy...then get the super hardcore mode which makes enemies harder and respawn OUCH! 4.Online is empty or doesn't work properly sometimes Doom BFG - Graphics are a bit better (more cleaner and sharper looking really) 1. Cannot be modded...well most mods from the original can't be used on BFG and a lot of the creators moved on or passed away 2. You get the expansion and some extra missions YAY 3. Online is still 50/50 on the working side It comes down to what you want in the long run. Me being a fan I got both but I still go back to Doom 3 just because of the mods which even improves the graphics if you find the right ones. Hopefully that helps a bit
  9. My thoughts: 1. Beta this time is better then that last one. Not just maps and modes but the overall performance seems a little better, didn't have any issues connecting or playing. 2. The Heist Mode is fun but at the same time feels strange, was hoping there would be a scene at the start showing players attacking the guards outside and how the police were alerted (think Kill zone 2 objective mode or Medal of honor Assault objective mode where it showed a quick scene of players moving towards the target before the battle started). Also the whole helicopter extract is ok but was hoping for a 2 part operation like rush sort of but having first part the criminals secure the loot into vehicles, train or chopper then it loads the next part being the get away where criminals must drive to the drop point while law enforcement players hunt them down. 3. Still not sold on the whole cops vs robbers and battlefield, just doesn't feel right. For example police officers jumping off the roof have parachutes...I've never seen police forces use parachutes in real life...the rpg and ropes and stuff is fine there has been cases of items like this being used in the world of cops vs robbers but the parachute... feels out of place. 4. THEY GOT THE RADIO BACK THANK GOD...I missed this in BF: vietnam. So happy it's back. 5. I think I'm going to wait for the reviews and more info on game modes, right now it just feels out of place.
  10. A quick list to help you on your way to become a SC Pilot . =============================== 1. Star Citizen requires Arena module =============================== To play star Citizen you need an Arena Module Pass, this is $5 if you wish to buy it separate. NOTE: THIS DOESN'T GIVE YOU ACCESS TO OTHER MODULES SUCH AS FIRST PERSON OR GROUND, YOU NEED TO BUY THOSE MODULES SEPARATE FOR ADDITIONAL COST. You also need a ship, most single seat fighters have been added to the arena, however multi-passenger ships are still not in yet so if you buy a larger ship you will have to wait. Make sure to check the forums and site to see if your ship is SPACE READY. A good suggestion for new players is to buy the Arena Commander pack, this comes with a ship, some cash and the arena pass at a decent price. You can also wait for the limited $20 package but that goes by quick. =========================== 2. Star Citizen Alpha Tester Pass ========================= Some packages will offer the Alpha tester pass, this allows you access to all modules in alpha stage without buying passes, if your package has this in the description DO NOT BUY ANY OTHER ARENA OR MODULE PASSES. ===================== 3. Star Citizen Pay to Win? ===================== This has been flying around because of the ship market and packages, the only benefit to buying a ship now is the insurance (think eve online), some ships will offer life time insurance meaning if your poor ship blows up then it will be covered without you paying a cent, however the developers have decided to push into having restrictions to prevent abuse with LT insurance, some ideas is a cool down time before you can use your ship again after it was destroyed. Other then that all ships you see in the store page will be in the game and obtainable ingame without real money...just work and a lot of it. Same goes with items such as guns and batons, they can be obtained ingame the only difference is looks and I believe they are secured from being destroyed. ========== 4. Hanger? ========== Hanger is open now for anyone that has a package/ship +hanger. You don't need an arena pass to access this area. The hanger serves as your home for now, you can view your ships and walk around them. That's it for now...... ======= 5. Beta? ======= Beta is said to be out next year, all packages have this. ======================== 6. Package vs individual items ======================== Packages are your easy steps into SC, they come with both games online and singleplayer (when released), beta and any extra items (all packages are different). Packages right now are cheap, however when SC leaves alpha and beta, developers have said that they might remove packages and leave just one likely to be the $60 game pack to allow players to get the game. Standalone ships might still stick around the store but nothing will have life time insurance (but that can change with $$$$...you never know). Individual items are for those just wanting certain ships that might not be in a package or already have a package but want to add more ships to their hanger. There isn't anything extra to them just the ship most times. ================================================= 7. I BOUGHT THE WRONG PACK!!! or found a better one . ================================================ Don't worry if you buy the wrong pack or find something better down the road, if you already have a package and want to trade it or get rid of it because the new pack or another pack in general seems better to you then you can melt any packages you have already bought gaining the equal value back...this helps players pick the right ship...however be careful as any rare or special limited offer packages are melted down they are gone for good Example you bought a life time 330000 feet carrier with life time insurance that was only offered during November 2011 and decide to melt it for a police ship that has 6 month insurance....your poor carrier is gone forever if you melt it and that LT insurance is gone too...you can't get it back. So make sure you think carefully before you decide. =========================== 8. Is it worth it to join now or later. =========================== It comes down to you. If you join SC now you are able to gain special items that are given now and then such as fish tank or models (these are given for beating a certain goal marketing goal as a community or just owning a package and landing on a nice holiday such as christmas). However any items earned before you joined you don't get , but don't worry there is a small shop and other ways to obtain them down the road. But when think about it right now, it still 50/50 there is still a lot of promises to be met such as first person module should be coming soon to prove that the gameplay footage they showed during a event is true with all the mechanics. If your really interested you can always buy a cheaper pack ($30 to $50) and give it a shot and get most of the perks down the road. But here is a quick list of what is coming up according to a live stream and some info posted a. First person module (this year) - allows you to try out the ground combat on a space station. Expect it to have issues, however there is rumor of a boarding test coming with this, having a large test ship connected to another test ship to try out ship boarding but this is just rumored. b. First Chapter of single player (this year/next) - Depending on schedule they do want to release the first bit of the singleplayer story c. Planet side (this year/next) -very early test, and has been mention if released that it will be limited and buggy but will grow like the arena. d. 2016 hoping to get into Beta with everything connected on the online world ======================= 9. What ship is good for me? ========================= That is a really hard question for anyone to answer, everyone will recommend a ship but it comes down to the pilot to decide. For example I'm a heavy support pilot so coming in with big guns or a trooper transport is the way for me as I love to fly through a hot LZ or battle. But you may enjoy stealth combat or policing or medical or exploration the list is limitless. However SC and Robert have created the best tool for pilots, if you go onto their site and look through the ship section, it will give you a break down of the ship layout, abilities , equipment and main job task....but lets say you don't know what anything means...don't worry they got you covered, most ships will have a lovely brochure giving detailed information and equipment design to help you decide and anything you see now is of course not final and of course equipment and gear on a ship can be switched out when full released. A good example would be a carrack as it can be used for exploration but has modules underneath to allow more custom design such as becoming a medical transport, cargo transport and more. Just make sure you read up. Also now and then Arena Module will have a test week which has a good number of ships to try out, these are at random but give you a better idea on certain ships you were 50/50 on. If you have any other questions let me know, I do live stream this now and then and willing to show you some ships , the hanger and space combat as well as answer questions. Good LUCK PILOT and don't forget to join the Angry Army Fleet
  11. I have currently : 1x Redeemer Might be getting a Connie but still debating.
  12. Troop Transport Pilot Snakesoul Reporting for duty and waiting for invite. SC Handle: Darksnakesoul
  13. lol best of luck. Been debating to get it and stream it, have to think about it since it does fit my type of game style.
  14. Played it on the xbox 360. It was fun, the combat indeed takes practice and managing. The game does hit a few high spike of difficulty now and then but once you get the system down it becomes a straight forward rpg. But I have to say it's very unique and kind of wish there were more like it in the aspect of having the whole forming a military force and using them in a final fantasy turn base like combat.
  15. I can't wait to fight the sharks lol. It's sad they had to redo their old work because of issues with the unreal engine agreement, they had a lot done if you can find those gameplay videos of them walking down hallways, trying out the ingame voice and light plus SHARKS with feet lol. But either way the game is turning out great, the coop was fun ...and scary when the enemies started popping out for the first time but like any big patch it had a lot of fps issues / limited servers and of course crashes. If you pick it up and want to try out a future coop mission/patch give me a heads up I will be happy to back you up *closes the hanger door and hides in the crate*