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  1. I hear you, life is kicking my butt. I have plans just need to find time and I will make some tonight for a post on some of my plans.
  2. Hello all my fellow Tankers and Warship people as well as anyone who just wants to come hang out with us. We are on the discord chat service and are no longer using TS3. This https://discord.gg/XmVhPdF is a link to my discord server. This is where Ill be when I am on at home so please feel free to join me for gaming or hanging out. If you have any questions post them below and Ill do my best to answer them.
  3. With WH40KEC coming out Sept 23 this is a great time to pick up the game and start tearing up the battle field. If you are interested in playing this game here is my referral code EC-EUCVBRGH1N73A it will get you 4,000 Rogue Trader points that can be used on a growing assortment of bad ass cosmetics. Also if you want to support the AJSA go Maghorn's forum post and join our battle brothers in glorious combat.
  4. Tank Talk will be an ever growing overview of every non premium tank in the game starting from tier one. I will also cover any and all premium tanks in the game that I have access to. As previously stated this will just be an overview of each tank NOT AN OUTRITE REVIEW and should not be taken as such. My goal with Tank Talk is to introduce you the players and the players to be to all of the tanks for each nation so that you can be more informed as to what tanks you may want to aim for and to point out that there is far more to this game than grinding to the tier ten tanks. I hope to show the uniqueness of each tank and overall playability and hopefully the fun factor tank for tank and tier for tier. Disclaimer the speed at which I update this forum will be based on how fast I can unlock and learn each tank. There are eight soon to be nine nations and 328 non premium tanks 29 standard premium tanks and 75 nonstandard premium tanks. I will also be providing garage screen shots and in game play (best quality I can get with my current set up) so the text overview will in some cases will be out before the game play. Tier 1 Tier 2 (coming soonish)
  5. Vehicle Rebalance Goals The most important goal is to increase the importance of armor. Currently, armor is significantly less important than speed and firepower. We would like to make armor more important because it can affect so many aspects of gameplay, including: Lowering the cost of player mistakes Encouraging more active play, because being spotted no longer means instant destruction Reducing combat distance so long-range clashes aren't the ultimate way to win battles Increasing gameplay variety by distinguishing the roles for different types of vehicles Increasing the quality and satisfaction of the game Let's drill this down. In order to achieve these balance goals, the game mechanics listed below will be changed: 1. Distinguishing the Roles of Vehicles Right now, players might use similar tactics when driving vehicles that aren't too different from one another, which can make for monotonous gameplay. In order to change this behavior, we had to classify seven in-game archetypes, based on analysis: 2. Changing the Shot Dispersion in the Aiming Circle This will decrease the effective firing distance, increase vehicle survivability at long distances, and require more careful aim. Here's a comparison between Update 9.15 and the Sandbox: Read the Update 9.6's article regarding accuracy changes for more information about shot dispersion. 3. Decreasing Penetration at Long Distances and the Initial Distance of Penetration Loss This will increase the importance of armor at longer distances, reduce the chance of penetrating a vehicle from the front at long distances, and allow heavier tanks the ability to maneuver more effectively. 4. Rebalancing Shell Damage and High-Caliber Guns The Sandbox has a new system that decreases the risk of being destroyed with one shot, and increases the importance of damage per minute (DPM). 5. Changing Vehicle Maneuverability Fast, lightly-armored vehicles will also be improved by determining the relationship between suspension speed and turret traverse speed for each vehicle type within the class and role systems. As a result, fast vehicles will be able to use different maneuvers to outflank slow heavy-armored vehicles. 6. Rebalancing Artillery Artillery in the Sandbox will take on more of a support role, as HE shells will deal reduced damage, but will have a larger area of effect. Additionally, artillery vehicles will receive some new features: Explosive Blast: Targets in the initial shell's splash range will receive a temporary negative effect to their characteristics. Damage caused by Explosive Blast is considered "assisted damage." Allied Target Indicator: Artillery players can now better coordinate their shots with their teammates' actions. If an artillery vehicle isn't aimed at a specific enemy, pressing the "Attacking" button ("T" by default) will mark the approximate area the artillery vehicle is aiming towards. The indicator will be displayed on the minimap and the battlefield, and will also notify teammates of the artillery's status ("loading" or "ready to fire"). Alternative Aim: A new display (similar to sniper mode) makes aiming more convenient for players. 4. Development Q&A UPDATED ON JUL 4 AT 12:00 Sandbox questions from CIS region contributor Jove and answers by Anton Pankov (Executive Publishing Producer) and Daniil “Murazor” Parashchyn (Special Projects Expert) Why has stabilization been cut when shell distribution within the aiming circle is increased? Murazor: Not every tank has decreased stabilization – some vehicles received different changes. Stabilisation was done so that players could easily hit a target at close distances. I can’t say it’s perfect now, but that's why we need to collect data in order to decide how the game balance will be improved. Additionally, all heavy tanks have reduced turret and hull maneuverability, and now it’s possible to circle heavy tanks. All these changes are being tested as part of the new vehicle role system and game balance. Do you plan to add new players to Sandbox? Pankov: Each week we try to add new players of all skill levels – not just ones with good stats. Now it’s summer and many of those we invited aren't yet active, but we believe that interest in Sandbox will remain high. Artillery now has very good accuracy – but is it too much? Murazor: Artillery can no longer one-shot players, so we decided to increase its accuracy so it would be possible to make a predictable shot. The new "stun/ shellshock" feature was not in the game before and we haven't set in stone how it will function. There will be an opportunity to decrease the duration and strength of the stun. Yes, it can be annoying, but now you can easily go out and make a push on the enemy team, safe in the knowledge that you won't suddenly be destroyed by artillery. However, one of the new features that we plan to test is the prohibition or limitation of artillery when playing within a Platoon. And what about a bonus for tanking? Pankov: We're implementing it little by little. When we were originally ready to release it, we felt that it gave too large of a bonus and that we couldn’t make it right without making more changes. Almost the same thing can be said about the bonus for artillery assisting. Why does the Т110Е3 have a 120mm? Murazor: We are rebalancing tanks that are over-powered. There can't be any super-armor and super-alpha damage tanks, but I don't really like the current balance on the T110E3. It'll be upgraded later. We also need to take into account that the rebalance will limit the number of tier X tanks in each battle. Have you planned anything interesting for maps? Pankov: Some of the more "problematic" maps will be added to Sandbox. But for the moment, we want to focus on more technical aspects first. Murazor: Some of the problems with maps will be resolved with the new balance changes, as due to the new vehicle roles and changes to artillery, players should be behaving differently on the maps. Will Stun/Shellshock be the only feature artillery will have? Murazor: Yes. There won’t be any smoke shells, spotting shells, etc. We have discussed it more than once and don't plan to include them, because that that average teams may not be able to use them effectively. Smoke rounds risk interfering with the gameplay experience of allied players and could negatively impact gameplay. Why is it forbidden to livestream from Sandbox? Pankov: We're not ready to allow unlimited streams yet. Some changes are coarse and untested, and streams could worry players that are not aware of the purpose of Sandbox. It's a very important project for us. Later, there will be both official and unofficial Sandbox streams and videos. Because of the large splash range, artillery mainly causes damage to allies rather than opponents. Will you be doing something about this? Causing damage to allies will result in penalties. We feel this is the best way to discourage players from shooting near allies, but the system is currently in development. I read that balance changes will initially focus on tier X and after that, changes will be made to lower Tiers. However, there was an opinion that tiers VI and lower won’t be changed. Is that true? Murazor: It’s not true that there won’t be any changes at all, but there will be fewer changes for the lower Tiers. Our new role dynamics are for high-level vehicles. There will be changes for lower Tiers, so that they are more balanced and enjoyable to play, but no significant changes are currently planned. Platoons of tier VIII vehicles are always in the bottom of the matchmaker list – are you aware of this problem? Pankov: We're aware. Right now, the matchmaker tries to match Platoons with other Platoons, and when it doesn’t find any Platoons of tier VIII vehicles, it looks among tiers IX and X. We're trying to solve this with the new matchmaker. We are also considering a system of 33/33/33, where ~33% of the time a player is on top, ~33% in the middle and ~33% on the bottom. Are there any plans to change the situation with the +/-25% RNG? Pankov: For now we think that it's OK. There are no serious problems with it, even in the eSports scene. For how long will you be testing Sandbox? Pankov: For us, this activity is new and very complex. Our team will be working until the moment Sandbox players say the game has become better and they like the vehicles more. If there is a situation we test and in the end the players say that the balance on the main server is better, then won't change or release anything… But we hope we won’t have such a situation. How do you plan to improve the role of light tanks, besides handling and view range? Murazor: The spotting role will be returned to them – that’s clear. We want them to be the best scouts, but the problem is that light tanks don’t cause a lot of damage, as it’s difficult for an LT-8 to play with Tier IX and X vehicles with the new balance. I won’t promise anything right now, but we're currently testing different solutions. Will you be adding new Perks to Balance 2.0? Murazor: Of course we will, though for now it’s at the concept stage. However, we understand the current Perks are not enough. Pankov: The topic of Perks was raised many times, but first we want to focus on the balance for the new vehicle-role dynamics, and then we will consider introducing Perks for the same roles. What do you plan to do about Gold ammo? Murazor: We want to decrease its impact. Our goal is to increase the lifespan of tanks within a battle and there are several ways this can be done; all of which we plan to test on the Sandbox. Will you be adjusting the matchmaker so that there won’t be one team with seven tank destroyers and another with none at all? Murazor: We're currently working hard on the matchmaker, and ideally, it would consider this a problem. What the matchmaker will do is ensure there are an equal number of vehicles at tier VII, IX and X on each team. Do you plan to remove the “15 m from the bush” feature? Pankov: Currently, this mechanic is OK with us. When we move to a more accurate state of balance, we will see how this aligns with the new state of gameplay, but for now, we don’t plan to remove it. Aren’t you afraid players will be confused with the new vehicle roles? Pankov: This is certainly a concern, and as such we will be working to make things as clear as possible through information in the client and on the the website. We will be moving to the new vehicle role model gradually, so that players have time to adjust. Our aim is to provide additional information to the players about their tanks' strengths and weaknesses. Why are you afraid of making the balance +/-1 like in World of Tanks Blitz? Pankov: We think it won’t work as things are at the moment. Currently, we're making balance changes for +/-2 and we don’t want to introduce any artificial limitations as in this case. We feel that it would be boring to battle with +/-1. 5. Video: First Feedback from Sandbox UPDATED ON JUL 6 AT 13:34 6. Vehicle Roles UPDATED ON AUG 4 AT 17:23 The video above includes an update on the current Sandbox server status, upcoming changes, and outlines our long-term goals with Sandbox and the cooperation of our players. Take a look! The Sandbox is a special server used for testing a prototypical game balance model, "Balance 2.0." Multiple versions will be tested to help us choose what will change for the "live" game. Background Today, World of Tanks has more than 400 vehicles divided into five classes: artillery (SPG), tank destroyers (TDs), light tanks, heavy tanks, and medium tanks. But within the same class could be vehicles with completely different play characteristics and effective roles in battle. It can be difficult for players to sort out this diversity, choose a vehicle they're interested in, then understand how to play it. We're reviewing a new system of tactical roles in WoT that can solve this issue. The long-term goal is to make a balanced, dynamic system of tactical interaction between tank roles in battle. The short-term goal is to calibrate and adjust vehicle parameters to avoid an obvious over-powering or under-powering of tanks. Seven Roles Being Considered Cavalry Fire Support Ambush Scouts Assault Dreadnought Artillery Some "hybrid" roles are possible, but these will require additional balancing. Cavalry These are mobile and relatively armored vehicles -- mostly medium and some light tanks. They're maneuverable with good gun handling. Tactically used to achieve narrow and quick flanking breakthroughs. Effective in close combat with more heavily armored vehicles by using speed to gain position and attack weak spots. Typical cavalry vehicles would be high-tier Soviet and Chinese medium tanks. The best examples currently on the Sandbox server are the T-62A, E-50M, Object 140, Object 430, 121. Fire Support Vehicles with good view range, effective armament and decent mobility -- but not heavily armored; autoloaders are great examples. The main goal for these vehicles is to support by causing damage to opponents from the second line of a battle whilst protected by more heavily armored tanks. "Up close and personal" is not the best tactic. Examples of fire support: MX 50B, M48A1, Leopard 1, T57 Heavy Tank, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, AMX 30 B, FV4005 Stage II, Centurion Action X, TVP T 50/51, STB-1 Ambush The most common role for TDs. The key component here is stealth, using camouflage and the terrain. These are more skill-based tanks and stand out thanks to high firepower and excellent armor penetration. Ambush vehicles are not meant for battles at close distance. Examples would be the Object 268, Grille 15 Scouts These vehicles have the highest view range and excellent maneuverability. Details for this particular role are still being discussed. Scout vehicles on the Sandbox server: T-54 ltwt, RU 251, T49 Assault Tanks The tried and true role for light tanks, due to outstanding view range and maneuverability. Examples: T110E5, IS-7, T110E4, 113 Dreadnoughts Mobile heavy tanks with good frontal armor; the main strike force of a team. Normally for battles at close and medium distances thanks to good rate of fire, armor penetration and alpha damage, but they're not the most accurate. Their objective is to secure and hold key strategic areas. Examples: E100, T110E3, IS-4, Jagdpanzer E 100, Type 5 Heavy Artillery Totally rebalanced and redefined for long-range support, using the new Stun/shell shock) feature. This reduces an opponent’s combat effectiveness and makes them more vulnerable to other allied fire. The introduction of tank roles aims to both clarify vehicle abilities and strengths and to create more gameplay variety and depth. The Sandbox environment allows us to deploy and test these prototypes, then collate player feedback and data, allowing for rapid iteration and revision. 7. Phase One Complete UPDATED ON JUL 21 AT 10:53 After four weeks of testing, we have completed the first phase of the Sandbox. We have an incredible amount of gameplay data and user feedback; now we analyze. Because of that, the Sandbox will be temporarily unavailable starting July 21. The development team thanks everyone who participated in the Sandbox testing, shared detailed feedback and asked critical questions. We couldn’t do it without you! We can say that in the second phase, we'll be adding tier VIII and IX vehicles. More details on that in the near future. See you in the Sandbox again soon!
  6. Okay so long as I am off on Fridays I will be streaming from 6pm to 9 or 10pm CST.
  7. I am streaming now https://www.twitch.tv/griever42605 sry if the quality is not super.
  8. So this will be an update to the update. We had the baby July 1st and things are good. Now I am trying to get back to tanking. I have been making plans and coming up with projects that I am going to do for this forum and our clan. I am (as long as things keep working) going start streaming on Fridays. I am also working on tank overviews not to be confused with reviews due to all of the changes coming. These will be minor breakdowns of the strengths and weaknesses of each tank with some basic game play strategy starting at tier 1 and working all the way up to tier 10 for every tank line in every nation. I am also testing my ability to capture game footage in the hopes of adding game play to these break downs and posting highlights from clan events and general platooning. I am also toying around with making a how to play ______ tank but I might just add it to the break downs. That's all for now.
  9. I for one think this is fantastic and not just because the Maus is getting even more love. I am so happy to see that Wargaming is setting the pride aside and listening to the player base. I am also happy to see that they have learned that the limited number of super testers and the wild west attitude of the open test server has not done a lot to improve or properly test the game. I am looking forward to the changes to come. What are some of the things you hope get addressed with this new system? I hope they do something with premium ammo and repair cost.
  10. What is the Sandbox? Recently we announced a new "sandbox" test server, where we'll work with you to test new game balance changes in World of Tanks. Your participation will help us gather feedback on possible changes, and you'll have more opportunities to influence development moving forward! The Sandbox testing will begin this summer, and while we can't reveal all the details yet, we can say one of the things you'll test is some new ways we're thinking about artillery! How do I get access to Sandbox? Fill out and submit an application via the button below: APPLY HERE Will I immediately be accepted? Not everyone will receive access to the Sandbox. The criteria for choosing participants will depend on the specific purpose of each stage of testing, but the bottom line is: we're looking for active players who love our game and want to collaborate with us to make World of Tanks better! How do I know my application is approved? If you get access, you'll receive an email to the address linked to your game account and an in-game notification. Note: Access to the test server can be terminated or restricted at any time for non-compliance with the EULA, Terms of Service or other Wargaming terms. Such restrictions can be transferred to a player's main account. Want to know more about what World of Tanks developers are working on? Keep up with our "In Development" section!
  11. World of Warships and ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA- are joining forces again, with a healthy heaping of missions here through the end of June! Arpeggio of Blue Steel follows the fight against a mysterious fleet of sentient World War II warships called the Fleet of Fog, which has imposed a blockade preventing humanity from using the world's oceans. We've brought some of these dazzlingly lit vessels to life in our game, and offer missions for the ships you've earned last time, along with fresh opportunities to earn two new brand-new battle wagons. Complete theHaruna and Kirishima missions below to unlock these ships, sisters to Kongō: they're a must-have for all the vessel collectors out there! All "Arpeggio" content is entirely optional. You're able to toggle the appearance of these ships by activating or deactivating the special Yokosuka Port by clicking the "Anchor" icon in the top left corner of your port screen. Arpeggio Ship Missions | Haruna Challenge | Kirishima Challenge "Arpeggio Ship" Missions Starts June 6 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET Ends July 1 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET Fog Fleet - ARP Kongō Earn 25 Ribbons in a single Ranked, PvE, PvP, or Team Battle. • Must use the ARP Kongō • Repeatable Rewards • 15,000 Credits • +50% Commander XP Fog Fleet - ARP Myoko Earn 25 Ribbons in a single Ranked, PvE, PvP, or Team Battle. • Must use the ARP Myoko • Repeatable Rewards • 15,000 Credits • +50% Commander XP Fog Fleet - ARP Haruna Earn 25 Ribbons in a single Ranked, PvE, PvP, or Team Battle. • Must use the ARP Haruna • Repeatable Rewards • 15,000 Credits • +50% Commander XP Fog Fleet - ARP Kirishima Earn 25 Ribbons in a single Ranked, PvE, PvP, or Team Battle. • Must use the ARP Kirishima • Repeatable Rewards • 15,000 Credits • +50% Commander XP Haruna Challenge Missions Haruna Challenge Deal 300,000 damage to enemy ships over any number of Ranked, PvP, or Team Battles. • Must use a ship tier VI or higher • Once per account Rewards • 100,000 Credits Haruna Challenge 2 Deal 400,000 damage to enemy ships over any number of Ranked, PvP, or Team Battles. • Must have completed Haruna Challenge 1 • Must use a ship tier VI or higher • Once per account Rewards • 5x "November Foxtrot" Signal Flags • 5x "India Yankee" Signal Flags • 5x "November Echo Setteseven" Signal Flags Haruna Challenge 3 Deal 600,000 damage to enemy ships over any number of Ranked, PvP, or Team Battles. • Must have completed Haruna Challenge 2 • Must use a ship tier VI or higher • Once per account Rewards • 5x Defensive AA fire II • 5x Catapult Fighter II Haruna Challenge 4 Finish in your team's top 5 XP earners in a Ranked, PvP, or Team Battle. • Must have completed Haruna Challenge 3 • Must use a ship tier VI or higher • Once per account Rewards • 10x "Hotel Zulu" Signal Flags • Haruna (Battleship) + Port Slot • Six-Skill Commander Kirishima Challenge Missions Kirishima Challenge Deal 100,000 damage to enemy ships over any number of Ranked, PvP, or Team Battles. • Must use a ship tier IV-V • Once per account Rewards • 100,000 Credits Kirishima Challenge 2 Deal 200,000 damage to enemy ships over any number of Ranked, PvP, or Team Battles. • Must have completed Kirishima Challenge 1 • Must use a ship tier IV-V • Once per account Rewards • 5x "Hotel Yankee" Signal Flags • 5x "Juliet Yankee Bissotwo" Signal Flags Kirishima Challenge 3 Deal 500,000 damage to enemy ships over any number of Ranked, PvP, or Team Battles. • Must have completed Kirishima Challenge 2 • Must use a ship tier IV-V • Once per account Rewards • 5x Repair Party II Kirishima Challenge 4 Finish in your team's top 5 XP earners in a Ranked, PvP, or Team Battle. • Must have completed Kirishima Challenge 3 • Must use a ship tier VI or higher • Once per account Rewards • 10x "Hotel Zulu" Signal Flags • Kirishima (Battleship) + Port Slot • Six-Skill Commander
  12. Update 3.0: "Nuts and Bolts" introduced over 90 HD vehicle models in the game. Reworking existing vehicles in HD greatly enhances realistic detail, and adds to the atmosphere of smoke, fire and steel that armored vehicles convey in World of Tanks. But in addition to aesthetic changes, HD reworking also lets us revisit a vehicle's armor values. This happens for a couple of reasons:. Over time, we obtain more accurate historical data (i.e., updated information on schematic drawings) Remodeling parts of the hull, turret, etc. naturally creates new angles in the model geometry, altering where a tank can be penetrated Vehicle models in World of Tanks come in two forms: visual and collision. Visual/Collision Basically, the visual model is the vehicle everyone sees; a graphical image of the hull, suspension, turret and gun. The collision model is an abstracted representation of the vehicle used for server calculations -- it contains full information about armor, module arrangements (internal and external), and position of the Crew. Thus, reworking a vehicle in HD not only changes the visual model, but also demands a revision of the collision model. This way, everything is consistent with the new geometry.
  13. I have started posting replays on the main replay site http://wotreplays.com/uploader/Griever42605/id/573851 if anyone wants to keep up with my exploits. I am also going to try to do some streaming late tonight I will post when I know for sure.
  14. Ready for another month of tanks? June's got it all, from Gold-earning target practice to specials in the Premium Shop, and even tanks on a soccer field! Tank Buffet Feast your eyes on these recently improved Premium vehicles on a special discount for a limited time! May 25 - June 17: Tank Buffet I includes 59-Patton, M56 Scorpion & Škoda T 40 June 17 - July 1: Tank Buffet II includes Kanonenjagdpanzer, STA-2 & Heavy Tank No. VI Brand-New VK 45.03 Heavy Tank in the Shop Make your enemies cower in fear before the VK 45.03 German heavy tank cruising onto the battlefield. Details: June 3 D-Day Weekend Regular and Premium vehicle discounts and missions reward tankers in honor of D-Day. Plus, don't miss out on x3 XP all weekend! Details: June 3 Panzer 58 Mutz is Back The one-of-a-kind "bear" tank is back! Don't miss out on getting this versatile medium tank into your arsenal. Details: June 3 Soccer Mode & Tournament Get ready for the next major sporting event! Soccer mode is back, and this time we'll have tons of prizes on the line in an epic 3v3 tournament! Details: June 10 Hunt the Winners The lucky winners of the Clan League will become the next targets in battle. If you find one on the enemy team, strike them down to win Gold! Details: June 5 Lover's Day in Brazil Earn a heart emblem to add to your beloved tank! Details: June 12 Flag Day Emblem Discount June 14: Get 50% off all emblems for the entire day, so don't forget to sign in and show your pride! Third Thursday Throwdown June 16: For one day only, unlock the Excelsior rental when you win a battle in a mid-tier vehicle, and the VK 45.03 rental in a high-tier vehicle. Details: June 7 IS-3A Back for a Limited Time Haul in piles of Credits and blast your foes away with the IS-3A for a limited time! Details: June 17 On Track Events Get on track to these fearsome tier X vehicles! Take advantage of sweet deals on all the tanks leading up to them, plus your chance to earn a Premium vehicle! June 3-17: AMX 50 B June 17 - July 1: Object 268 Military March of Nations Continues Each week in June will focus on a particular nation with discounts and missions! Details on dates below. June 6-13: China June 13-20: France June 20-27: Japan June 27 - July 4: Czech Weekly Class Focus Learn more about how to command each of the vehicle classes with our weekly focus! Details on dates below. June 3-10: Light tanks & artillery June 10-17: Medium tanks June 17-24: Tank destroyers June 24 - July 1: Heavy tanks
  15. Graphics Card & Game Engine Updates in 9.15 05.30.2016 General News The latest World of Tanks update significantly changes technical components with an updated game engine. This includes a set of technical and architectual changes that support DirectX 11. With Update 9.15, graphics cards that support DX11 will be automatically switched to it, while graphics cards that don't support it will continue using DX9. What Difference Does This Make? Moving to DX11 will change the way the game looks, along with a performance boost, to some players. This performance improvement varies depending on a computer's configuration. The most obvious improvements will appear on computers with two or more CPU cores. How This Affects the Future World of Tanks will be able to effectively use new advanced technologies on more modern PCs. The updated game engine will also provide new opportunities to enhance the look and feel of the game. This will lead to the gradual process of improving the quality of World of Tanks from one update to the next. Important! For game client stability, we strongly recommend that you update your graphics card to the latest version. See your graphics card maker's web site: NVIDIA | AMD | Intel