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    writing, comic book collecting, mlp among other things
  1. Hello my name is not Duncan but it will do for now, I am here on the angry joe show forum, to share my real untrue stories of me. I hope you will enjoy my tales and such. This one is call hat man http://realuntrue.blogspot.ca/2015/12/hat-man.html
  2. there is a game claimig to be one of the hardest games on steam impposible to be ect. ect it is a scam as far as i know, this might be alreay known but still i thought a warning should be given avoide the game journy of the light. To the best of my knowledge this game only has one lvl someone hacked or brroke into the game to find all the other levels of the game were all the same, the first level. So be warned. P.S i would love to see Joe rip this game a new one.
  3. I think Conan Obrian would make a good joker, bring a little stand up hos to the jokers madness who would you pick
  4. I think it would be cool just once to see Joe uses his old power set durring a review or segemant maybe his angry lightining or his sonic cussing which was also cool. Maybe seeing Joe vs Bizzaro Joe.
  5. I meant Mrs Pac-man I preffer her game more then Pac-man. As Mrs Pacman and pac man are two diffrent games. Sorry for the confussion
  6. 1: What is your fave Angry Joe character 2: Name the game you would want to be trapped 3: name the game you would fear to be trapped in 4: Name the time in game which would be your crowning momment of going down in the blaze of glory or made your last stand 5: Your fave joe momment 6: what type of vid game weapon are you like 7: shuttle craft, transporter or screw it open the air lock and away I go 8: Best food to eat while gaming 9: best drink to have wile gaming 10: if you can be any weapon in any game what would you be and who would use you 11: Which species of aline either game or movie woul you pick to eat you, kill you ect ect 12: That one character, nemeis in gaming that still haunts you to this day my answers as an example 1: Reporter joe, not sure if real character but the guy we see always runing busting his hump to get us the fans the top stor the scoop at cons and other events (Respect) 2: Flower so very peaceful 3: Doom how the do you use this thing 4:tied between red dead redemption and samurai warriors holding back the hord 5: when joe got the interview with maor nelson (spelt wrong) 6: Rocks to throw, simple but effective 7: shuttle craft 8: dry cerial 9 dr pepper 10: star from mario and lugi would use it 11: the predator 12: the dog from duck hunt.
  7. Who this year either it be a game its-self, a studio, a journalist or anyone involved in the gameing industry that has gone above and beyound the call of dutty to earn the repest of us gammers that we could invite them to claim a trophy of total victory has gone and well in joes words "have gone and fucked it up" droped the ball created such an epic fail that has enraged gamers this year to have earned entry in to the gamers hall of shalme
  8. that would rock to be able to put the seal on our own games, and the shirts would be cool to great isea
  9. I wander if he was tempted to drive down to the youtube hq in the states lol. "Say ello to my little friend"
  10. that would be awsome
  11. that I am to make angry joe run the gauntlet of old school games where the goal is to get the high score and what of those old school games would we like to see be remade and have joe play as well.
  12. What if just saing what if you were a villian working for lets just say a commander whom has taksed you to pick to make a hero. an angry one to run a gauntlet of old school games with the goal to beat as many high scores of old schooll. What games would you pick to make him do so. What old school games would you pick to become remade as triple a games for example old school games such tapper, frogger pac-man extra all hail coperate.... ahem I mean good bye and thank you for your time.
  13. I would very much love to have an angry joe flag with his symbol, as well as maybe an ajsa flag as well. Some really cool army merch medals, patches What would you think some medals of honor in the angry army would there be, what would they look like, what patches would their be ranks? diivisions, station divisons (for exaple angry army canada north division ect ect) I don't know about you I would love to have an angry army jacket with my rank, division and station posting on it that would be kick ass.
  14. I think if Joe had the time he should host the angry army game awards show, Joe and his people could do this better with his eyes closed. I wonder what the awards would be like
  15. how simple or not so simple have a pac man version or clone on the site, via arcade version where you enter your name for your score and at the end of the month we see who has the hgiest of scores simple eeer right ?