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  1. trying to find a good turn based match is hard. can we give it a go?
  2. there is an easier way then every one posting their PSN ID. just get every ones sing up sheets and list their PSN IDs PSN ID displayed below
  3. what you are trying to do will break PSN terms of usage.
  4. yup
  5. i spent 6 hours trying to get S rank in all the missions on hard, either i suck or the game is actually difficult, because all i got is one S rank and that was on the saving Kojima op.
  6. snoopyr21 waiting for the last DLC to come out to decide if premium is worth the money.
  7. if no else will go support i will. I got all the gadgets unlocked any way. SergeantLenny and i have already got together, it was kinda hard to get us in the same server and team, without the Squad up mechanic working.
  8. i go recon all we need is a support guy and we will be set
  9. ready for deployment.