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  1. Ofcourse you have to buy a pack, if you want to play.... its not a F2P game. Its no different than fucin preodering any other game, how hard is that to understand? When you buy a $45 pack, YOU BUY THE GAME! Just like any other preorder. Ofcoures you have to buy the fucin GAME, if you want to play... You have to buy Elite: Dangerous to play that too. Hell, if you want BETA ACCESS IN ELITE, YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THAT TOO! JUST LIKE STAR CITIZEN! But as I said, if you dont like it, DONT BUY IT! Do you NEED to buy every ship in the shop? NO! See? Noone is forcing you to buy ANYTHING if you dont want to. Noone is forcing you to buy the $18k bullshit package or everything else in the shop. Ofcourse its crazy to offer an $18k package, but whats more crazy is the fact that some rich arseholes actually bought them. Blame them, not the company. Hate all you want, but spewing out nonsense about scams without having any kind of solid proof, is just stupid. Is this really what AJSA is about now? People just throwing statements without proof outta their asses? So to type it as clearly as I can... If you dont wish to pledge to Star Citizen, then dont. No need to buy anything. If you want the game, and alpha/beta access, buy the $45 ship packs. No need to buy any other stuff. PS: And no, I'm not a god damn star citizen fanboy, just wanna hammer that down. I spend so little time on their forums, that I actually recieved email from them, asking why I've been gone for so long. I'm just an invenstor, and know full well the risks that comes with it. Even got my own doubts about Star Citizen.
  2. So.... $45 for a ship pack, that grants you access to the Arena commander, and the full game when its done... Hmm, where have I seen that before... Oh yeah, overthere among the other pile of pre-order/early access/kickstarter games. And no... You DONT have to buy anything. Thoose ship packs on that picture, is no different than any other pre-order, that offers access to some closed alpha/beta before release. Seriously, until they actually put a "out of buisness" sign on the door, all the screams for "SCAM!!" is nothing but speculations and wild guesses. And no, anyhing coming outta Derek Smarts mouth, is not valid proof of any kind. I swear, people only got huge fucin sticks up their arses about this, due to the money involved. And if you STILL claim Star Citizen to be a scam at its current stage, welp then lets take a look at Season passes.... You are putting down €30-50 for a bunch of ??????????.... thats right, you dont know jack shit about the content thoose season passes will give ya, yet they are still being sold. Just no... As a invenstor in Star Citizen, I'll sit back and watch what the end result will be and then fetch my torch and pitchfork and charge ahead with actual proof, should the result not to be my liking.
  3. One is a released game, another is still in development. I know many love to hate on Star Citizen, but comparing anything between the two becides "its a space sim", is BS at this stage. Buying ships in Star Citizen is is purely for funding purposes and optional to do. All of them can be bought with ingame money later. Buying Horizon on the other hand, is needed in order to play online with others who have it. And the price is just too damn high. So as the famous words go... Dont like it, dont buy it.
  4. Yeah, gotta agree that the price is kinda out there in FUBAR town, just 2 miles from Greenlight shitville. Were really looking forward to more content, but seeing the price of the expansion, I'll put that money to Fallout 4 and X-Com 2 instead. I could have accepted about €25 for an expansion, but nearly €40? Hell no.
  5. And all current owners of the original version, gets the enhanced edition for FREE! And yup, even if you bought the Collectors edition, you also get the Enhanced collectors edition for free. Whats changed in it? Well, you can read the changelog here... This is bloody amazing... need to play it all over again. Hell, when State of Decay got a Year One special edition with 1080p graphics and such, all the current owners got was a small discount on the new version I think... Here, you get it all for free.
  6. just like others, it is not hard at all to resist. Knowing what Battlefront 3 could have been years ago, this games purpose is only to milk the franchise. And I can only /facepalm at the people who is still going to buy this, all because "well, its star wars!"... No wonder companies aim to screw people over as much as possible, if a titel alone is enough to make people fork over too much money for way too little content.
  7. Considering the huge shitbucket of DLC Company of Heroes 2 have by now, its no surprise to see this happen with Total Warhammer. It does have the Sega name on it too, afterall... Have no doubt its their decision. Oh well, another game to my "Hell fucin no" pile.... sad thu, am a big warhammer fan.
  8. This trailer did not make me interested or excited about the new battlefront game in any way.... It made me go to GoG.com and buy X-wing vs Tie Fighter and X-wing Alliance instead. It seriously brought out the big nostalgia feel and now I just wanna shoot some damn Tie's in me X-wing, in a proper star wars game!
  9. If only it had been this.... Video description: I would gladly had paid $110 for this and season pass.
  10. $110 for the full game experience then.... and still no single player campaign... Welp, this just got moved from my "Wait for discount" pile, to the "hell fucin no" pile. Even Call of Dooty atleast had a campaign...
  11. Impressed by the graphics, dissappointed in the gameplay. Just another twitch shooter, wich I am not a fan of anymore... But its absolutely a fantastic twitch shooter with amazing graphics. I just dont get any nostalgia wibe over it. Too much battlefield feel in it. Probably gonna end up as another title in the "Waiting for discount"-pile of mine.
  12. No microtransactions.... so it will be a Sims 4 DLC pile instead? Or a Battlefield 4 pay to unlock everything on day 1? Plenty of horribly bad ways of making a profit... heres just a few. http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-dick-moves-that-ripped-gamers-off/ This is one game I simply cannot be excited for in any way... Not even on the name alone, being a big Star Wars fan. And what I've seen sofar from beta, its just another shooter, but painted with Star Wars. Edit: And having just tried the beta, its even more clear... It really is just battlefield.
  13. Correct, as far as I can remember... been a while since I saw it.
  14. Stumbled over this last night. Got a good laugh out of it... but then I tried running it at +1.5 speed of normal... Oh holy mother of all crazy things. Watch it on normal first, then again on +1.5 speed.
  15. Yeah, that Derek Smart... I would not trust anything coming outta his mouth. Should you ever test one of his games and provide feedback with critisism, he will ban you from the steam discussions and revoke your game key. Now about Star Citizen... I've pledge with about $500 and wont deny that I am worried the game wont succeed or even release. But I'll just sit calm and wait for the actual result. If they do choose to pull the plug, it will suck big time.. But it was an investment that failed. It happens.