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    History, books, east-asian cultures, music
  1. Yeah, this is why i never play free to play games on my phone. It always ends up with you having to pay real money to progress or wait for hours until you can continue instead.
  2. Im feeling well today. It took me a while to get out of bed in the morning because i was playing Phoenix Wright on my DS, but thats ok. The weather is currently too wet and gloomy to go outside so i might play some Skyrim today. I dont have any other plans, but im looking forward to this evening, because then a friend of mine will probably be back from work and another one will be back from school, so then i have some great people to converse with again. Until then my cat is keeping me company. So yeah, im feeling good.
  3. What OP said is true, the next gen consoles already have lots of games that arent on 1080p (BF4 apparantly runs on 720p, as does CoD) Sure, the next gen consoles might be on the same level as most average PC's out there by now, but lets face it, PC will always outrun consoles when it comes to hardware. There are currently 4K Resolution graphics cards in development, thats 4 times 1080p! Or they already exist. Idk, im not a tech expert. Not to mention you have a lot more freedom on PC since you can install mods and tweak all settings to your own preferences and whatnot. Its generally more user friendly in my opinion. God i love being able to just click an icon and starting a game and switching to something else in a matter of seconds instead of all the fiddling with discs. As for the price tags, i guess a console is the better choice if you dont game that much. I dont think you need the best of the best in that case. But if you want the best of the best, well, i payed around 900 euros for my current PC and i can run almost every game on high or ultra settings. Maybe not always on 60 frames, but its still better than playing a game that looks mediocre at 30 frames (my experience with BF3 on the xbox 360) Yes, a high end PC costs something, but lets put it into perspective shall we? You probably shell out around 1000 euros/dollars for your PC, and maybe change a few components (most likely your GPU) every 5/6 years (idk) Thats quite much, but i prefer paying that for an amazing rig over buying a mediocre console for 500, and paying 60 every year for playing online! Dont think thats cheap! And on consoles you dont have STEAM SALES. (yes i had to capitalize that miraculous happening) In my experience you always pay full price for console games (unless you count those xbox "sales" of 10% off of obscure games) while on PC you get these amazing sales where you can buy titles like Far Cry 3 for 20 bucks and Skyrim with all DLC for 20 to name a few examples. And what about humble bundles? I got BF3 with crysis 3 and a few other games for 5 euros! I have like 11 games for my old xbox and assuming i payed 40-60 euros for each of them it would get me on a total of somewhere between 440-550 euros. By the time i owned 50 games on steam i didnt come close to that amount of money! Lets not even mention you can download games for free as well on PC but im not here to promote illegal acts so dont do that. So in my opinion, the quality a PC gives you vastly outweighs the problems of a price tag. I felt an amazing amount of relief and happiness when i switched from my xbox 360 to PC gaming, and experienced awful memories when i turned my xbox on for the laughs a few weeks ago. For me, consoles, never again.
  4. I voted yes, but i must add that i meant yes, its worth it but with friends. Randoms usually have no mic or go guns blazing from the start which both ruin the heist.
  5. yes please. silly tournaments like these are the best.
  6. To The Moon. No doubt there. They should make an animated movie out of that one. In my opinion too many games are being promoted as Indie nowadays though.
  7. I agree 100%. They havent even fixed BF4 yet and they are already announcing a new one. And as people stated earlier, it feels like Payday 2 with bigger guns. It might be a cool game but id prefer they stick to the usual formula. Im curious how this will turn out but im notting getting hyper excited over this.
  8. The cars in Burnout Paradise can be wrecked pretty nicely, and Battlefield Bad Company 2 has cool destruction physics but it isnt really an equal of Red Faction Guerilla
  9. I might be a bit late with replying to this, but maybe it helps people who read this anyway The best civs for aggresive gamplay are in my opinion Japan, Denmark, The Ottomans, China, and Germany. Japan and Germany are the easiest choices for agressive gameplay since Japans Bushido is incredibly useful when attacking someone, and Germany allows you to maintain a larger army than usual. Of course, key to having a large army is having lots of money. The more cities you have, the larger your army can be. Beware however, agressive expansin will draw attention towards you and will make war more likely. A useful strategy for maintaining peace and beoming a rich civ is of course having lots of trade routs and trading lots of luxury resources with other civs. This will make them depend on you for their money and happiness. They will most likely not attack you now. Also, in order to avoid being attacked (but you seem to be good at that, if i read you original post) forge strong friendships with your immediat neighbours. If they are weak you can always counquer them, but we will discuss that later. Always keep an eye on your science income. Being a modern nation means having an advanced army. This is one of the basic principles towards wiping out other players who still chill in the stone age. Culture is very important as well. I advice to choose Honor as soon as possible and make a few units to wipe out barbarians, this will boost your culture enormously. Building the correct wonders is also very useful (statue of zeus, colossus, etc.) You will need money, so its up to you to find a balance between making money and science. Happiness will be essential, because high happiness will allow you to found more cities. Also, dont be too obvious in your intentiuons to attack someone. Be nice to them, build an army without them noticing, and when their defense is down, launch the blitzkrieg. In order to capture cities, artillery/ranged units are ESSENTIAL. Without them, it will be like throwing your melee units into the fire. Soften a cities defense with artillery strikes and then move in for the final blow with a musketman or so. do NOT use horse-units on cities, they receive a penalty and suck at this. Of course your type of warfare depends on the age you are in, so you will have to change your strategies with each era. Again, science is very important. if you want to be a strong militaristic nation however, dont focus on culture too much. Science and money are your main goals. Culture is useful later on, so do spend some time on it, but not too much. You will probably not be able to conquer the entire map early on, but when you get to the industrial era, this will become a possibility. The most natural ideaology to choose is then, of course, autocracy. This is where culture starts to show up on the world theater. Autocracy will boost the strength of your armies and the hapiness of your cities based on what you have captured. Order is also a great choice if your empire is already quite large because this will boost your production and happiness. Commerce is very useful in order to maintain an army as well, you need the money. Rationalism is extrmely important, dont pass up on that one. Skip piety, its useless. And try to deceive others as much as possible. Dont give other civs too much. If they ask for strategi resources, dont. Unless they give you a sweet deal in return its ok, but you must not make them stronger. You can trade with them of course, but if it gives them the opportunity to expand and advance, just dont. Keep them in check. Being the leader of the world congress is a big help as well, as you can weaken other civs happiness and resources with anough votes. Try to be an important congress member and vote your enemies into a crisis. I am currently at my limit of writing down military knowledge, but if you have specific questions, please do aks them. I am almost always focused on domination so i might be able to answer most of your questions. Also, i have not discussed naval power in here, but thats because i dont use my navy a lot.
  10. I have been a fan of the angry joe show for quite a long time and today i finally decided to join the community. About myself: Well, im 16, and the first gaming experience i had was my NES and later on the PS2. Now im a former Xbox 360 gamer who made the switch to PC a few years ago. History is my great passion and i love to have good discussions. The Mass Effect trilogy is my favourite by far. Also im not good at writing down basic information about myself. Multiplayer games i usually play: Mass Effect 3 multiplayer L4D2 Shogun 2 Black ops 2 Civlization 5 And a ton of other games, but these are the games i usually play online. I hope this is an active community and i look forward to meeting you guys.