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  • Birthday 01/08/1990

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    All things medieval
  1. hi all Im also new to the AJSA im feeling really left out of this gaming as i cannot affort a ps4...yet! im currently saving up for one and will be getting elderscrolls online simply for the pvp side i'll be keeping an eye out on the forums to see how this is going to pan out but if you do manage to get the EU side going maybe this would have a positive impact on the angry joe show as a whole, more ratings for joe an co, more people to back the army. i like this idea aslong as it is fully sanctioned by those who have the power to do so good idea all round from my point of view :-)
  2. Hi all im DreamKeeper, well im not to sure what to say or where to start so here goes what ever i can think of.... I live in merry old England, UK. I have been a gamer since my grandmother bought me DOOM for my birthday and since that time i've been gaming, gaming and more gaming...I suppose im a social gamer i mean i like solo games for example SKYRIM but i prefer team game and woking together to achieve victory..... I am only on the xbox 360 console as it stands G/T (DreamGuardian91) but soon I hope to be on the PS4 with the G/T (DreamKeeper90) through my life I have achieved a great deal but to date my greatest achievment is conversion!...what i mean by this is my fiance was convinced that playing conles etc was for kids and that i needed to grow up...HERETIC!!! i cried and hatched a plan to convert the most stubborn person i have met to become a hard core gamer....4 weeks...and the deed was done! :-P (anything is possible) so yeah i've talked too much already if you guys ever want to play BF4 or COD Ghosts or even World of Tanks! or just jump into a party online for a chat either myself or the missus will be online :-) so in short....im here to make friends...play games with/ and make friends... and pick your brians about the lastest games and general chat and banter... contact details for my xbox360 below see you guys soon :-) DreamGuardian91 - is my gamer tag, thought of and paid for by my fiance.... << see conversion!