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  1. @Crazycrab - wow! you highlight your stupidity by posting a daft comment to a post which you are clearly incapable of comprehending. It saddens me how gamers fail to recognise blatant parody, and are quick to take offence. I would advise them to spend less time gaming and engage with other arts media. No wonder publishers treat gamers like morons. They get hyped so easily.
  2. I wonder if they really have this bus? I reckon they realise how ridiculous the hype has gotten and are poking fun at themselves and fanboys, with this not in the least subtle picture. http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/call-of-duty-advanced-warfare#fbid=D3Pu83S2Y7k?hashlink=roadtogamescom Believe the hype Get hyped Kill my wife Hide the knife Put her head on a spike Hoo rah, Hoo rah, Hoo rah, Hoo rah, Hoo rah, blah, blah, blah, blah...
  3. This is something that has bothered me for many years, ever since the 16 bit consoles era. Why do all other joypads have such rubbish D-pads? IGN explains, I would not have guessed Nintendo would have been able to patent such a simple design. The SNES was the best controller for many years and this was largely due to the simple and brilliant D-pad. The Xbox 360 controller is now my favourite joypad but the D-pad is crap. It's simply inferior to the SNES directional pad and now I know why. Nintendo took the best and refused to share it with the rest. #NaughtyNintendo
  4. Is it possible to host someone else's monitised video on my channel but allow all the revenue to go to the original uploader? I would like to do this and make only cosmetic changes to videos, and so not changing the content of videos, but using the tools YouTube provides, to add some superficial elements to videos. I would not be enhancing videos nor creating unique works, therefore, in my opinion, I have not right to earn directly from those videos. I expect it is easy for YT to implement such a feature because this is possible when someone makes a copyright infringement claim. The adverts revenue can go directly to the claimant. If only YT allowed users to make claims on videos without it resulting in penalties that can compromise accounts. I believe such a system would be workable and desirable so long as both parties are in agreement.
  5. Do you know a site or YouTube channel which highlight the similarities between new games and old ones? I bought Lords of the Realm Iii and whilst searching for a review, I found references to Total War. For a long while I thought Total War War was an inspired and original game. I also found a good walk through of the first Lords of the Realm. I would also like to view YouTube channels that showcase games that define their respective genre and are regarded as games you should play, if you want to understand a particular genre. Also games that brought life back to a waning genre.
  6. I wonder what the world would be like if David Hasselhoff became world president. Of course, this would mean that we would have come to regard patriotism as redundant and not compatible with a unified planet. What comes first, David Hasselhoff being world president or a unified world. It's sort of chicken and egg situation, a question that will puzzle all mankind throughout the ages...
  7. At the time of release I understood little about Hockey. My knowledge of this at times, brutal sport, is still meager, I am not interested in the finer aspects of the rules. And I have never delved into the history of the sport but when I first play NHL 94, I was completely transfixed by how entertaining and competitive the games was. I’ve played it in subsequent years and it was still as enjoyable as the first time I scrambled about the ice, struggling to match the merciless computer controlled teams. I’ve only just learned it was programmed by one person, that’s a damn fine achievement. It amazes me that one person was able to create a game that offers such excitement and challenge and NHL 94 still to this day, can stand toe to toe with any sports game, in terms of presenting players with a challenge that requires skill and judgement and patience. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=660713 Today EA is regarded as almost an ally of the Devil but back then, when I saw the Electronic Arts logo on a game, I knew I was in for an entertaining and compelling game experience. This is not just me looking through rose-tinted spectacles, the sports games EA produced in that era, were of good quality. In those days, whenever I got my hands on a game that had the EA logo, I would almost salivate at the thought of the joys I might experience playing that game. And I was rarely disappointed.