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  • Birthday 07/16/1996

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    Frank West
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    Gecko Smasher

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    Tucson, Arizona
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    Covering Wars and getting the full story
  1. The Servers have been pretty empty lately at least for Franklin West assuming that i might be getting on at the wrong time?
  2. True i've just haven't seen a game die so quickly, lot to do on it too, oh well maybe when the heist come out the community will come back (if that's ever released!) we need a bench and some lighting to bring this game back, probably won't happen though.
  3. Hey Angry Army i've been playing Gta V since online was released is it me or are the servers significantly empty every server i've joined has only about 5-6 people when before it used to have max players on every server. Anybody else getting this or is it just me as much as I hated being killed constantly I kinda miss it XD. Thanks everyone any feedback would be much much much appreciated!
  4. Yes I too would like to see this Guild Wars 2 has been collecting dust on my hard drive XD as well as many other games!
  5. Happy Frank

    From the album Frank West

    I Made this is Source film maker was bored
  6. The Excitement Begins

    From the album Frank West

    Me once the angry army launched
  7. 1383876703706

    From the album Frank West

    Meanwhile in Gta......
  8. Looking Forward to see the Angry Army Grow!
  9. Looking foward to being in the agry army http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3btrlYZn81qlaqmmo1_500.gif