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  1. i couldn't really get for both things with out atleast 25$ microsoft currency cause they charge tax luckily i bought the season pass fisrt but i was 2 bucks short from getting episode 1 so i had to go back to gamestop and buy a 5 dollar currency code
  2. aw sorry to hear that
  3. why what did they do to the with the season pass on psn?
  4. same here ive played it throught it atleast more than 4 times already but there just isnt enough clues oh well otta wait for that 2nd episode
  5. oh i guess your right ill just waited it out but if it has spoilers then what would be diference from playing the game and reading the novel like if i just play throught the the 5 episodes what would be the point of me going to read the novel since its basically the same? idk if it is different im just assuming
  6. might have to check out that graphic novel then i wonder what other fable characters theyll put in the game i am hoping they put alice from alice in wonderland and make some insane person or something that be cool
  7. could be it does say there thugs for hire on their fable entry maybe since bluebeard is out of town he hired those 2 to do his dirty work maybe? eitherway just gets me stoked the other 4 episodes
  8. yeah maybe it could be him i also wanna say that the tweedle brothers are involved in some way
  9. i think his name was bluebeard
  10. anyone else really pumped for episode 2 after what happened at the end of the first one also any interesting theory's on who might be killer?
  11. hello this is all new to me ive never really been part of something like this ill try and keep this short the names icy i play mostly any game my only method of playing is mostly 360 this computer is utter garbage to run almost anything XD i hope to have a wonderful time here in the ajsa