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    Mooresville, nc
  1. Hit me up Psn id genocidejack86, welcome to the angry army!
  2. Psn id genocidejack86 hit me and we can get our pirate/robot ninja on lol
  3. Shit even work on team strategies and game plans if we group up and go balls deep in a warzone match
  4. Ya that's why I wanna have the training grounds to work on sniper accuracy
  5. I'll be on around 530EST so hit me up
  6. I agree, I'd like to get use to the scouts last weapon the one you use in the single player, just need to get a feel for the 3 round burst it has
  7. I've resorted to just using the cameras mic up until I can use my pulse elite
  8. Psn id genocidejack86 hit me up sir
  9. When I get home I'll throw a few together and title them ajsa (class title) training grounds and have it designated to that class only and all maps
  10. Ya same here plus I really wanna get the hang of the scouts snipers, just to see if you need to lead off when you're strafing and shooting or if I've really gotten that bad at fps games lol XD
  11. What's up everybody, just wanted to ask anybody that plays kz mp and is new to it like myself what do you all think about having a ajsa class training ground? so you can practice a certain class before jumping into full on warzone?
  12. I really hope they do release it in the US
  13. Ok cool
  14. Don't quote me on this but I remember watching something about a possible bloody roar, look up miles923 it's this guy maximilian that is a huge fighting game enthusiast and he's got a rumor discussion video about BR for ps4
  15. http://www.polygon.com/2013/11/19/5124426/playstation-4-system-software-update-1-51-hits-today New patch released today. Has anybody noticed any difference?