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  1. Ysnar liked a post in a topic by Kodan in List your ships (Lets see how big our armada is)   
    Origin 315P
    MISC Freelancer MIS
    Aegis Vanguard ( Yeah baby! )
  2. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by Kodan in Kyrios or Lucius - for and against arguments   
    Transfering to a new server in order to get all our land together is what I see as the main motivator for wanting a switch.
    While I see the appeal for a guild town, I run acrosss one area in Vill completely owned by one guild, *cough [MH] cough* And I am extremely jelous. I want one. But that itself is not enough. The guild members ourselves do own land on Kiryos, we just need to organize it.
    Aside from smallish trade runs, guildies have pretty much been left to our own devices.
    If consolidating our land into one are is priority, perhaps we should look at a commerce path. Why not just Buy or Trade for what we want. This will require a focus on trade runs and Carts/Ships.
    A run from Arcum Iris to Solace or Villanelle is worth about 5 gold. Stockpile packs and wait for Ynystre to come out of war into peace, and it nearly doubles to 8 and change. If we do a large guild run of 10+ people thats 1/3 of the way to a TS log for a cart. We do it 3 times and there is our first cart. Cart = Exponential growth.
    Make connections with other guilds, find out when they are doing a Freeditch run, and tag along for extra guilda. Try for a merchant ship.
    We can do the same on Lucius and it would likely be easier, but for those of us who did spend time and money, it's not as easy as 'Just switch'. Dropping everything we have done in the last 2 weeks (and real money invested) only to start over from scratch is a very bitter pill to swallow.
    We can have what we want on Kiryos, we just need to pull together for it. By working together to actualy acomplish something difficult I think we will build a stronger guild because of it. If we take the easier road, what happens to us as a whole when times get tough?