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  1. How many times did this actually happen? Even on the games that have been hyped up to the Nth degree there has still been copies available that you can just walk in and buy. What makes it even more amusing is that in the small print of nearly every pre-order it specifically states that 'This does not guarantee you a copy on release day' or words to that effect.
  2. Japan, Clearly.
  3. ^ Swords are my new favourite weapon in the game but fuck all the hassle that's needed to get the exotic ones.
  4. Not gonna lie, If they did one of these for Eevee I would so import it over.
  5. A game does not need a bolted on story mode to be good, Just like some games don't need a bolted on multiplayer mode (I'm looking at you miss Tomb Raider!) That being said they better have enough content out of the gate to warrant a full price tag.
  6. And now for something completely childish and immature .... But still funny.
  7. Oh I do so like a challenge! *Evil grin*
  8. Still needs more Fightin' Herds in here!
  9. I reapplied for the clan under my new account name. Sorry for the messing around.
  10. The Pokemon Company is now selling new Pokemon merchandise in Japan, but it's probably not what you'd expect. Available as part of the company's new Hip Pop! Parade Collection are a variety of butt-focused Pokemon items, including plushies, coasters, magnets, keychains, bags, and more. This is not a joke. look through the images below to see all of the rump-focused Pokemon items available to buy now. There's no word yet about if these will be sold outside of Japan.
  11. What if the girl that thinks I'm the dad isn't the mom?
  12. So after starting a fresh with a new PSN account (For reasons I won't go into here) I now finally have a Titan at Level 40 and have completed all the main story quest, Still need to get my light level up a bit but that will come in time. Currently working on getting my sword.
  13. That was a surprisingly good movie, much better then Rainbow Rocks in my opinion. Course they are now set up perfectly for the Equestria Girls series that they keep on talking about.