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  1. True... Gameplay will be sweet in Fallout 4. If the graphics are a little bit less, who gives....
  2. For that moment when u reach the Skulls jumping out of the Transport Vehicle.... Just let Quiet snipe the shit out of those cyberpunk-ish bastards! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikjCy_1MKa4 Not very useful, but them boobs and ass of Quiet.... Damn u Kojima... that woman is to hot for battle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh-uvnjUXVA
  3. Now that would be awesome!
  4. And that online mode that is coming AJSA must team up!
  5. Still going strong here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BY5cxUh9mM
  6. Now that would be awesome!
  7. I currently running PC also. If there are people here that wanna team up sometime, do find me on Steam -> Deadorb1t Also putting up streams and videos here: https://gaming.youtube.com/deadorb1tTV
  8. Putting some time in this one. Although the cutscenes from previous MGS games where nice and awesome. I like the more free sandbox in MGSV. Rather surprised since I didn't get onto the MGSV hype train.
  9. Just bought this one in the Steam sale. Now this game is something. Awesome team play (if everyone just accepts the leader) did some rounds and we picked a team leader each round. Lvl 31 in two days... Love the bank heists...
  10. Turned the graphics down also. Seems that there something is a bit of a time-out. Been playing for 20 minutes straight and sometimes there is a pop-up saying i need to interact otherwise i will be kicked from the game.
  11. Been playing a bit more lately. I am that Flanking Bitch that will fuck up there whole lane when they not looking. Deadorb1t#2483
  12. i just bought a gaming laptop MSI GS60. Saw this game.... is it any good? Looks like fun!
  13. Now that's messed up. If u used it for leaks and hacks. Still u bought the console! Feels like u rented it and the will cancel your contact if u fuck up... There goes another 400 bucks console. Shame on u Microsoft!